BIG BUD 525 HP 2021 Startup #shorts

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Welker Farms

29 dagen geleden

This is called #shorts, think TikTok only on NLposts. NLposts is rolling out a special video category for clips 60 seconds and under.

Will Slagle
Will Slagle 13 dagen geleden
My 8440 was sitting outside all winter and fall and it started up faster
dk Blackbeard
dk Blackbeard 16 dagen geleden
525 horses of freedom right there.
happyhaybale 18 dagen geleden
Let's get this show on the fields.
Hayden Lynds
Hayden Lynds 20 dagen geleden
They are not sleepy at all. They are hungry!!!
Endagigropen 24 dagen geleden
What a beast!
timo brandsema
timo brandsema 24 dagen geleden
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 26 dagen geleden
Go BIG BUD! are you ready to play in the mud
Gert VC
Gert VC 27 dagen geleden
Great short vids. Now one from the most awesome but sometimes forgotten BUD on the farm. Give that 435 some love and screen time please. The lines and curves on that BUD are just wonderfull.
iBelieve 27 dagen geleden
Charles Kawski
Charles Kawski 27 dagen geleden
Out here in the eastern states we have block heaters and glow plugs.
DAVID PAYNE 27 dagen geleden
all ways good videos, how many acres do you have.
Cedric Broussard
Cedric Broussard 27 dagen geleden
Hell yeah!!
AJ Deere T680
AJ Deere T680 27 dagen geleden
My favorite one of all!
Davie Milne
Davie Milne 28 dagen geleden
Getting ready for seeding which is the main reason we subscribe to Welker Farms, to see some rolling coal, big seeder, epic drone videos!!!!
CuriousEarthMan 28 dagen geleden
thank you! Horiz. frame?
Olaf Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt 28 dagen geleden
No smoke, no power! 😉👍🏻
David Kessen
David Kessen 28 dagen geleden
It's great to see the Buds stored inside over winter and being protected from the weather extremes. That will pay off very quickly.
ryzo mcgregor
ryzo mcgregor 28 dagen geleden
NLposts stop making creators trying to be bloody tick tock we actually have a concentration level that lasts more than 30 secs,
Dal Adams
Dal Adams 28 dagen geleden
Alex Lock
Alex Lock 28 dagen geleden
I'm getting so excited seeding
Ciel Phamtomhive
Ciel Phamtomhive 28 dagen geleden
There is nothing like a Big Bud start in the morning
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 28 dagen geleden
Mark Skinner
Mark Skinner 28 dagen geleden
Shame about portrait mode :(
Rune Jensen
Rune Jensen 28 dagen geleden
Make the video longer
Kristian bjørge
Kristian bjørge 28 dagen geleden
You should upgrade the appearance of those two tractors in the clip, with black paint on the window posts on the outside, like the other one. It will look alot newer.
Tommy Faber
Tommy Faber 28 dagen geleden
Why did 45 people dislike? It’s just then starting a tractor😂
Galaxy A7
Galaxy A7 28 dagen geleden
@Monti Dell I get that ( the tiktok idea) and thats oke :) But why the notifications? Anyway.. its stil sweet content. Have a great day.
George Underwood
George Underwood 28 dagen geleden
Now 52 people disliked
Monti Dell
Monti Dell 28 dagen geleden
@Galaxy A7 its a short... its literally the entire point, a SHORT
Galaxy A7
Galaxy A7 28 dagen geleden
Will, i disliked because i get a notifacation for a 26 sec video (??) clip.. whats the point in that? They make good 10min + video's.. stick to that :)
The Slash Man Rc
The Slash Man Rc 28 dagen geleden
She is almost as bad as the 600!!!
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage 28 dagen geleden
Great #short
Russ Haper
Russ Haper 28 dagen geleden
Need to get that Series 1 cranked up and show her some love out in the field. Tis’ my favorite.
Dillon Odom
Dillon Odom 28 dagen geleden
I think you guys need to put a straight pipe on one of those buds.
Varrig's Channel
Varrig's Channel 28 dagen geleden
Thanks for these shorts! I know you are busy as can be right now! Take care and God bless!
budlvr 28 dagen geleden
So unfair, you Big Teaser !!!
Steve Hammond
Steve Hammond 28 dagen geleden
I like it but maybe it's too short...
sebastien lanthier
sebastien lanthier 28 dagen geleden
Not a happy bud starting cold
Steve Rone
Steve Rone 28 dagen geleden
Love your videos guys but the shorts aren’t enough for me I deff hit the notification bell years ago
Andrew Ruble
Andrew Ruble 28 dagen geleden
Gotta be an awesome feeling sitting on so much power when she wakes up! Looking forward to them in the fields soon. Spring will come.
Ethan Atkinson
Ethan Atkinson 28 dagen geleden
Dumb question, but what's the backwards towhooks on the front for?
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson 28 dagen geleden
Did real good on start up after the winter months. Big motor to turn over after long sit. Thanks. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
Dave in MD
Dave in MD 28 dagen geleden
Just saying, I hate this shorts thing.
Crowell Beast2224
Crowell Beast2224 28 dagen geleden
Took a minute to start, what an engine
Galaxy A7
Galaxy A7 28 dagen geleden
Its only a 26 sec video. Hahaha
Devdoesitbest 28 dagen geleden
She's so glad she gets to play outside
Bowhunters 28 dagen geleden
The Bears are awakening from their deep slumber !
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 28 dagen geleden
Was this the first year all the big equipment got put inside outta the weather
Jeremy Swindell
Jeremy Swindell 28 dagen geleden
nice startup
Sawyer Statz
Sawyer Statz 28 dagen geleden
Great video
Jeremy Mullen
Jeremy Mullen 28 dagen geleden
The beast has awoken 🚜🚜🚜👊
gunga din
gunga din 28 dagen geleden
Nothing like the sound of a turned up KTA cranking up cold start.
David Ruff
David Ruff 28 dagen geleden
Bring back "spot the Mini Big Bud."
J L 28 dagen geleden
Beautiful machine. Just picked up a case ih magnum myself. It’s got a 12v motor. It’s pink and made by peg preggo. It spins the wheels better then any other vehicle we own 🙁
Phil John
Phil John 28 dagen geleden
Ahhh rolling a little coal and getting ready for spring.
Tyler 28 dagen geleden
I love big buds that’s how I found this channle acctualy about 3 years ago
Josh's Adventures
Josh's Adventures 28 dagen geleden
Same here. The buds brought me here about 3 years ago too.
Farmer Kid
Farmer Kid 28 dagen geleden
Is this from older videos?
The Yard Dogs
The Yard Dogs 28 dagen geleden
It's time to get the show on the fields. Carl
Tyrone Ismyname
Tyrone Ismyname 28 dagen geleden
Shorts are silly.
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen 28 dagen geleden
Great video Welkers
Robert Slack
Robert Slack 28 dagen geleden
Henry G
Henry G 28 dagen geleden
Getting those bad boys ready for spring awesome 😎!!!!!!
David Schick
David Schick 28 dagen geleden
It would look great pulling a Kinze.
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 28 dagen geleden
Indiana Hoosier
Indiana Hoosier 28 dagen geleden
Nothing better than the smell of diesel smoke in a barn ...
Ryan Moten
Ryan Moten 28 dagen geleden
Adventures On The Farm
Adventures On The Farm 28 dagen geleden
It’s Alive!😂
Asmr Head
Asmr Head 28 dagen geleden
Not a fan of these cluttering up my subscriptions feed (not just you guys, I see a lot of creators playing with this idea). My thoughts: if I wanted Tik Tok zero attention span content I'd be on Tik Tok.
Galaxy A7
Galaxy A7 28 dagen geleden
So true
David Duma
David Duma 28 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms Yeah, not a fan.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 28 dagen geleden
NLposts is pushing creators this way. I wish there was a an option to do shorts that go directly to a short category and do not notify subscribers. I'm testing it out but honestly not sure I like it. NLposts is investigating a bunch into this new system. Time will tell if it works or not.
Clint Hochrein
Clint Hochrein 28 dagen geleden
Jay C
Jay C 28 dagen geleden
Sweet as a nut......💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😍😍😍🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Jakob Rebeki
Jakob Rebeki 28 dagen geleden
nice, you can even feel the ground shake over here in the UK....
country life
country life 28 dagen geleden
I like big buds I have never seen them in person
Tom Keating
Tom Keating 28 dagen geleden
Tier 4 EPA engine?
CountyLine Farming
CountyLine Farming 28 dagen geleden
Nice Video Nick keep up the great work!
WiNgNuT 28 dagen geleden
Ryan Moten
Ryan Moten 28 dagen geleden
Ok I don’t care
Luís Nunes
Luís Nunes 28 dagen geleden
Hello! The beasts are awakening...
Idaho Sparky
Idaho Sparky 28 dagen geleden
Waking up from a long winters nap!
Stayten H
Stayten H 28 dagen geleden
The name always gets me hahahah🤣.😃↘️💖💛“GOD isn’t angry like some stern police officer. He is kind. GOD’s mercies never grow old. His Heart never darkens nor does it ever turn cold. His kindness NEVER runs out. His disciplines are never ill-timed. Certainly his love never dries up or suspiciously fades.”
Remmie Max
Remmie Max Maand geleden
Stop it! Stop it! This is torcher !! 🤣
Timothy Bailey
Timothy Bailey Maand geleden
Has there been a video telling the history of each of the Big Buds on the farm. Date acquired. From whom. Who bought them. What tractor did it replace.
Cole 18 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms that would be a GREAT video! I'll look forward to it!
Blaine Hooks
Blaine Hooks 23 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms could you guys give me a shout out in your next amazing video
Timothy Bailey
Timothy Bailey 28 dagen geleden
@Abang Bess I’d like it from the horses mouth
Abang Bess
Abang Bess 28 dagen geleden
There is one vlog by inventive farmer, nick and Bob gave a bit of history to the 3 big buds
Philly Hillbilly
Philly Hillbilly 28 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms i admit it, that would make a awesome video, as nice as you guys are , and the great work you do.... i have to admit i give a little extra smile when the thumbnail has a Big Bud in it.
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