It's RARE and it's RED | Limited Edition CASE TV380 Skid Steer!

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Welker Farms

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It was time for a skid steer upgrade. This rare CASE TV380 is special in that only 175 of were made to celebrate 175 years of CASE agriculture. Used on a farm in Iowa, we had it shipped to Montana where it will now live at Welker Farms!
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Thanks for watching!
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 27 dagen geleden
Great video I am so happy for you guys you deserve a new skid steer our family business has some case excavators they are pretty good stuff. God bless
EastxTim Maand geleden
Thanks for making video!
Lance Grambo
Lance Grambo Maand geleden
You will have to “notch” the centers of your forks and other high back attachments. All of the Cat skids I ran had them so the doors would open. You have more of a dozer stile track so even with new tracks it will still be a rough ride. Once you are use to it though you don’t even notice it anymore.
Dead Gaming
Dead Gaming Maand geleden
The tracked machine are ruffwr traveling but better working and it is because the rollers dont squish like tires
NOLAliving Maand geleden
Hey I found you guys NLposts when I downloaded your map on fs19
Skid Steers Direct
Skid Steers Direct 5 dagen geleden
That's a good-looking and powerful machine! 👌🏻
Dick Goodey
Dick Goodey 10 dagen geleden
After your rave reviews of the JCB just a year or so ago, why are your now returning to the last century. Is your life not worth as much now?
James Thomas
James Thomas 14 dagen geleden
Dang that things is almost double my skids hp! My jd240 is at 51. But mine doesnt take def.....have fun with that. 😁
Kim Blåstein
Kim Blåstein 20 dagen geleden
Hey nice machine a tip would be to look in to getting the 4;1 bucket that chris ( letsdig18) did a video on the red Australian one it would match that machine nice and i Guess it would help you on the farm to its quite bigger then the one you have on in this video
Cotefarmer33 22 dagen geleden
Mint, I wish our tv450 case skid steer came in red lol
Dusin Bonnema
Dusin Bonnema 24 dagen geleden
Probably can take the door off. Gehl can and comes with a plug to go over the wires so everything still works with the door removed.
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 27 dagen geleden
Now you guys have got no excuse to not do any skid steer work around the farm. God bless
Jacob Carry
Jacob Carry 29 dagen geleden
That Case skid steer looks awesome! Hopefully it lasts a long time.
clark2261 29 dagen geleden
We take our door off during summer season on our sv380
Ian Kaufman
Ian Kaufman 29 dagen geleden
Nice John Deer
Dan Finley
Dan Finley Maand geleden
Good looking skid steer god bless
Nick Mealey
Nick Mealey Maand geleden
That’s a huge side by side
OGRE Jones
OGRE Jones Maand geleden
But its a case... I'd rather use a spade. And I own one.
Ron Topping
Ron Topping Maand geleden
Congrats on new used machine. I think they great machines I just cant stand visibility out the front door and rough ride.
PAYNE KILLER got deleted
PAYNE KILLER got deleted Maand geleden
I love my Bobcat T770 but the door drives me insane, you can't get out of it unless the boom is all the way down or up. Every skid steer should have excavator style front door like Kubota has. It has suspension on the tracks and ride control so it doesn't chatter like most track Skid steers. Don't let them idle long emission systems will plug solid. I leave mine idling 1500 rpms in winter.
The farming Man
The farming Man Maand geleden
You know your gonna have to make the IH out of cardboard
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Maand geleden
With the glass on the door
Mason R
Mason R Maand geleden
You can take the door of pretty easy
Cairn Creek
Cairn Creek Maand geleden
I love my John Deere 333G, but that case is pretty handsome! Good luck from Southern Ohio.
Ron Kistler
Ron Kistler Maand geleden
Made a mile from my house in Wichita
Andrew L1
Andrew L1 Maand geleden
I’m glad you didn’t get my old one, I had number 137 and had nothing but problems. Case had to take it back at just over 600 hours.
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers Maand geleden
Also the same as the new holland ones
Danny Walker
Danny Walker Maand geleden
Life on the farm. Good looking skid steer.
Brian Watts
Brian Watts Maand geleden
Cases ride hard with tracks. What you guys are feeling is normal. Asv rides so much better
[REDACTED] Maand geleden
I don’t like case construction skid steers but this is next level and beatiful
[REDACTED] Maand geleden
Wow nice bobcat lol
A Girl And Her Cows
A Girl And Her Cows Maand geleden
wow nice lookin skid steer
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman Maand geleden
Big Bud Bob Pun Score == 2 (Skid row, Dear John letter) Triple B is back on his game!
Grant DuBridge
Grant DuBridge Maand geleden
Couldn't you keep the girls raised above the cab to get out? It's a good thing you only have a tiny amount of snow. If you had a decent amount you would need a push bar.
Steve Pettifer
Steve Pettifer Maand geleden
I bet Tom Pemberton is drooling over that shiny new machine.
MARKY SPARKY Maand geleden
Prefer CAT skid steer
Leland Beaudry
Leland Beaudry Maand geleden
IS he saying that A john deere is better?
John Kolb Jr
John Kolb Jr Maand geleden
Have fun using def
single decker jack
single decker jack Maand geleden
They not rare i got one on my fram there not a lot of thrm but i wouldn't say they are rare
Lonely Giraffe
Lonely Giraffe Maand geleden
Отличное видео
David Eberly
David Eberly Maand geleden
I run mine in H controls because it is more precise for me. Unless I am driving it a ways then I swap to ISO so I can use one hand to watch Welker Farms Videos. Jk maybe....
Thomas Kroll
Thomas Kroll Maand geleden
8:32 expected you to roll into an ad for World of Tanks :)
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Missed opportunity! 😂
TCarstens1 Maand geleden
No chain over the bucket in transport? Tisk tisk lol
Jacob Bishop
Jacob Bishop Maand geleden
Your almost as good as the man you now that green guy u let use your quadtrac
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Don't bring up THAT guy... 😂 Jk
Arend Janssens
Arend Janssens Maand geleden
At 6:50 I have a New Holland version of that and I've never seen the engine temperature that high ever
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
We'll take a closer look, no alarms were going off but if it is higher than normal we need to investigate!
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson Maand geleden
Stealing Zack's tricks are yea now!
GrandWagJeep Maand geleden
The "meow" really made the old one
Bigfoot Dude
Bigfoot Dude Maand geleden
Great video and what an awesome machine. Now all you need to make it the perfect winter time machine is a snow blower attachment. Super glad to see the new blessing you guys found. God bless
Stoney Ridge Farmer
Stoney Ridge Farmer Maand geleden
Bhahhaha....I thought I had big trailer problems...just to rub it's gonna be 55 degrees here on the Stoney Ridge today!
Stoney Ridge Farmer
Stoney Ridge Farmer Maand geleden
oh baby....I'd love to have that machine on our place!! Awesome little loader! Hope ya'll are staying safe up there in the great white north. Josh #stoneyridgefarmer
EastxTim Maand geleden
Stoney ridge farmer josh its almost 70 in east Tx loving it
Boe Wetherell
Boe Wetherell Maand geleden
Do a case vs JCB
Debbie Hill
Debbie Hill Maand geleden
The Cornstars have also got one👍
Da Boonies
Da Boonies Maand geleden
Clifford! That's a good name for it haha
brett knighten
brett knighten Maand geleden
So limited edition means impossible to fibd parts
Puuhis Maand geleden
Puuhis Maand geleden
holmikehol Maand geleden
Case are Fiats😂 Thats new. CNH Global (Case//New Holland) owned By Fiat Industrial. Btw Fiat cars are sooo..I woud not buy a Fiat. Tracks or and cons...thats not new. With tracks this Case so close to the ground...feel a bit sorry for your body/back. Sometimes every improvement does not really is an improvement on all areas..matter of give and take😉
Nik Olsen
Nik Olsen Maand geleden
Hey Nick, your new rear shocks on the truck were put on upside down. Could be the air bag issue
Rick Willert
Rick Willert Maand geleden
I have a TR270. The track machines are a lot more rough riding (and noisy) no matter the track style or how old or new the tracks are. It never will be as smooth as a wheel machine.
Noak Knapp
Noak Knapp Maand geleden
I see you upped the game with the finger snap. How’s anyone going to top that?
Morpheen999 Maand geleden
One you get use to the Pilot controls, you'll never go back
taz mcrobie
taz mcrobie Maand geleden
It looks the same as the new Holland a run at work there should be a plug on the right hand side that you can plug it in and take the door off so it doesn’t waste a safety feature so you can run it without the door
Spencer JHOG
Spencer JHOG Maand geleden
With all the remotes it is a perfect setup for one of the trick snow pushers. Need to get some manufaturer to let you demo one!
Ronald Kunkel
Ronald Kunkel Maand geleden
Hurts to say John Deere ,O I get it Case is sponsoring you - enough said
Ken Gordon
Ken Gordon Maand geleden
A big High Five to the drone operator!
David Messer
David Messer Maand geleden
Your dad always lifts my spirit. He is a deere man. How much did you have to fork over to get this thing? Was it on your bucket list?
Rockport1911 Maand geleden
Replacing one Skid- steer with an identity- crysis with another one that had also doesnt know which company is responisble for it :)
TheAird2 Maand geleden
Were is the deer it was my fav😭
Tyler Tolliver
Tyler Tolliver Maand geleden
My dad works at titan machinery
Colton Grundy
Colton Grundy Maand geleden
She's a beauty. There's just something about red equipment that gets a guy all hot and bothered.
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin Maand geleden
U guys need a snow blade
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Maand geleden
Put the back-up camera back on it! the previous owner should never have taken it off! it will save lifes believe me. Make sure you high pressure wash it after each use otherwise all the dirt and mud builds up and just wears out drive lines and other components. Tracked skid steers are a lot smoother ride that ones with tyres! believe me! skid steers with tyres bounce up and down all over the place and are not as stable.
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens Maand geleden
Your gonna have to take it to Cole's to wash it.
LKSimbalvr Maand geleden
looks good kinda thought you would go with one of those JCB teleskids like you demoed a while ago
JayBernie Schoep
JayBernie Schoep Maand geleden
JayBernie Schoep
JayBernie Schoep Maand geleden
Don’t forget millennial farmer logo
JayBernie Schoep
JayBernie Schoep Maand geleden
Bob if you and boys want bigger bucket you can look up Miller Loaders and Grab Tec loaders with hydraulic grabber on it.
Got Juice
Got Juice Maand geleden
Congrats on the TV380... I bought a new to me one as well!!! Love the machine!!! Hi Flow, and all the toys!!!
Hessel Annema
Hessel Annema Maand geleden
Just add some mud flaps. Thatcher will stop most off the mud
Jay Farmer
Jay Farmer Maand geleden
One more reason to buy Deere. They're not owned by Fiat. Solid, stable, still John Deere.
Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis Maand geleden
Nice. Love the red!
Noel Martin
Noel Martin Maand geleden
I love the upgraded "millennial Farmers " "Finger snap!!" Great upgrade!! LOL.
Ronald Schuster
Ronald Schuster Maand geleden
I love your new Red “ CASE” - trac loader , it’s Beautiful , it’s Rare , glad it Found a New home at my friends at WELKER FARMS in Montana Have a good one - from. Ron in Texas.
Yousef Jesri
Yousef Jesri Maand geleden
I was going to say it didn't look brand new. We just updated/upgraded from our 2013 SV250 to a 2020 SV280B, I think they are liking it, enclosed cab is nice but different for sure! Also updated/upgraded our '17 221F to a '20 321F. The new tech is definitely different haha!
Shane Jonseck
Shane Jonseck Maand geleden
Skid steers look good in red
Steve Giather
Steve Giather Maand geleden
Do not get your hopes up. With new tracks it will not ride better. And they will still be noisy
iBelieve Maand geleden
Jeremy Spencer
Jeremy Spencer Maand geleden
batco auger from my home town in illinois
Ole Anderson
Ole Anderson Maand geleden
You really need a wide snow box for clearing large areas. All the snow removal contractors use them with skid steers on commercial parking lots.
Daniel Mccrory
Daniel Mccrory Maand geleden
Its just a newholland painted red and I bet if you peel of the case sticker it might say new Holland
KujoB6 Maand geleden
Richard Russell
Richard Russell Maand geleden
From wife still says NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE :)
Harry Holtom
Harry Holtom Maand geleden
I thought I was watching Welker Farms until someone clicked their fingers aka millennial farmer and something appeared. Please don't do that too often, that's not how farming works.
Chase Janus
Chase Janus Maand geleden
Nice thing about tracks... way more traction and if you gotta get something in a soft spot you will notice a big difference
dr smorn
dr smorn Maand geleden
jcb wins in my opinion
Baconmanliest Maand geleden
If the ground is frozen tracks are very rough
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer Maand geleden
Congratulations on the new purchase. Looks like an awesome machine. I'm sure John Deere appreciated you naming the old skid steer "BobCat".
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer Maand geleden
@Welker Farms I laughed so hard I about fell of my chair. You do know how to make an entertaining video.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Thank you! We mean good fun in it and am not in any way bashing JD. ☺
Blockstacker561 Maand geleden
be careful, skid steers are one of the most dangerous pieces of heavy equipment.
rrmtn farmer
rrmtn farmer Maand geleden
Great addition, the tracks are far from wore out, they do ride very rough compared to the wheeled skids as you are hitting each bump twice as often as on wheeled skids
Wran Ther
Wran Ther Maand geleden
Well now it sure does seem as tho productivity for your old johncat bobskid steer has ground to a halt! -Bob...
Eli Summy
Eli Summy Maand geleden
Tracks will always be more of a rough ride because of the small wheels along the bottom. Nice machine !!
Trinity Dairy
Trinity Dairy Maand geleden
Love the red!
Ethan Fazakas
Ethan Fazakas Maand geleden
souldove got a JCB
george touponse
george touponse Maand geleden
Nice machine ,you will love it, the tracks are so much better than tires, more stable better traction , I have 2 cats a 289d xhp, and a 299d hxp , the reason the door swings open is bc new regs in osha with air quality the swing door is much better sealing than lift up door, or so is stated by my cat rep, cause i had the same bitch re not being able to get in and out with attachment like the headache rack on your forks, but you get used to it. get yourself a 10' snow pusher box, with backblade capability you will LOVE IT. best of luck to you boys
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