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Unlike the majority of agriculture in the United States, small grain producers often reuse their own grain for the seed. This can be financially beneficial and provides security within the operation. Each crop is different and it takes specially designed machines to properly clean out unwanted material and size the kernals. These machines can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are very complex. Fortunately we got a good deal on this GCS screen grain cleaner. This cleaner will be setup to remove rocks, pea splits, light chaff, and size peas. After just a few years it'll pay for itself and give us more control of when and where we clean. But like anything, this is a new endeavor for us and time will tell if the investment was successful or a failure.
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
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Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 27 dagen geleden
I have already subscribed to Robert Welker's channel and your channel getting a bit closer to 500,000 subs. God bless
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 27 dagen geleden
Great to see the cleaner getting worked on the chick peas deserve a machine clean. God bless
MAX The Invincible
MAX The Invincible Maand geleden
@Daniel Hostetler it just made out of wood and it would just probably brake and later just rot and be no good
CORBIN KUSTER Maand geleden
ha didn't need to say that. My grandpa and I have been watching for years now! Tell Scott he met my dad :)
Joshua Schultz
Joshua Schultz Maand geleden
Subbed all day long 👍🏻
Timber Tramp
Timber Tramp 9 dagen geleden
But the small family business that you were using won’t be able to count on that income any longer....unless they’re turning away people as it sits...
Desert Dweller
Desert Dweller 15 dagen geleden
Great work, great family. It does not get old watching Welker Farms videos. Gob Bless
charlie kelo
charlie kelo 26 dagen geleden
I am very proud of you boys working with your DAD. Remember he has a lot more aches and pains , both mental and physical take car of him. I lost mine long ago. Still miss him and his wisdom. and direction. Take care of POP.
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 27 dagen geleden
Yay lets get this cleaner one step closer to working hard. God bless
theda850two 27 dagen geleden
Hey Hollywood,, You are not 17 anymore, so your pickup does not need to sound like a 17 year olds :)
first last
first last Maand geleden
Invest into a metal cutting saw. They last longer and cut better and no hot shaving going all over the place. In a shop that cuts as much metal as you guys do it's well needed. Well worth upgrade.
Ol' Dad
Ol' Dad Maand geleden
Farm kids don't mess around with aquariums, they have tanks.
Jack Bannock
Jack Bannock Maand geleden
You guys need the auger swivel pieces off of a Flexicoil aircart to make the swivel you need for the cleaner. That's what we used for our cleaner, worked good
Kathleen M
Kathleen M Maand geleden
Awesome 😎
Ray Dowling
Ray Dowling Maand geleden
he said aft.
Foodways Distribution
Foodways Distribution Maand geleden
If i eat some of that yellow peas that gone through that cleaner, will i get high?
NDSportsman NDSportsman
NDSportsman NDSportsman Maand geleden
What did all the down time turn Leg Arms into a slacker? haha
Red E
Red E Maand geleden
Nice bucket! 👍 And probably been said but I was thinking ice fishing house for crank down/up axles!
Kenneth Scofield
Kenneth Scofield Maand geleden
Looks like nice welds 👍 hope it works for you!!
Gail Roon
Gail Roon Maand geleden
Should be faster than an old fanning mill
FlynFarmer Maand geleden
What did you get at Scheels?
Steve Kegerreis
Steve Kegerreis Maand geleden
I couldn't hear you truck start ! I know it did because it's a GMC but I still couldn't hear it
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Maand geleden
Check out Larson Farm’s video on their new exhaust for their trucks. Company was out of Montana.
russ snively
russ snively Maand geleden
What is with farmers and white trucks? Put some paint on that thing!
Dan Finley
Dan Finley Maand geleden
Fun project with the pops thanks for sharing god bless
DefinitelyNotWhoYouThink Maand geleden
Every family farm in North America has that one old building that keeps decades of potentially useful parts in it that eventually get incorporated into new fabrications. We affectionately call ours "The Black Hole".
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
It's true. Love the expression!
goodiezgrigis Maand geleden
I dont know what happened to Scott, but seems he had some kind of revelation since the nasty accident and is doing some soul-searching as he is not as much in the videos lately. Hope he is doing okay.
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 27 dagen geleden
@Robert Welker Good to know he is back. God bless
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
He's back from New York. Now on to the shop projects.
Wayne Robinson
Wayne Robinson Maand geleden
Nick - - - put a Armytrix exhaust on they have a good sound and add a bit more hp to
Mitch Lecapoy
Mitch Lecapoy Maand geleden
Just make pull out Jacks on 4 corners like how light plants have, makes a large foot print out and is adjustable with 4 jacks like you have on the front, so technically youd have 5 points of contact on the ground
David C
David C Maand geleden
Yes you have to supply air to the feed box google is your friend to find information on your scalper. Need solid foundation for it to work right
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker Maand geleden
A NOTHER TO HERWAY DAY fish and all...Thanks yu'all's
Jim McLean
Jim McLean Maand geleden
Sorry Nick it should have said between yourself your father and leg arms will all put your heads together and figure that screener out I like the idea what you're doing but for a heat screen you may want to put a smaller one in so the wheat drops are in the chaff blows or the wheat blows out and that chaff stays behind balls in the floor or something but I'm sure you guys will get her all figured out like he did that rotor smoker that was one cool idea in Case IH came out with and you guys did the work and Tony Fast "aka Fast Ag Montana" helped you on it and it look like it turned out awesome
Philip Grubb
Philip Grubb Maand geleden
Where’s Scott at he’s the one that needs to be doing the welding his looks better nick Lol 😂
Jim McLean
Jim McLean Maand geleden
You guys will figure it out nick between you me leg arms , your father you make it work
Alex Jeffries
Alex Jeffries Maand geleden
That screen has to have a good bit of material on it to work good
Henry McCabe
Henry McCabe Maand geleden
You should put a hydraulic jack on the back end for taking the wheels on and off.
Tim Baltzer
Tim Baltzer Maand geleden
Larson farms put some aftermarket exhaust on there trucks form a company in Montana.
racerdad Maand geleden
I’ve only seen that on a cutoff wheel when the mounting nut/washer is left loose and the disc is spinning on shaft with washer flopping around?!?
lobbyrobby Maand geleden
So what happened to the air cleaner. We're thinking about trying one of those? Did you not like it?
lobbyrobby Maand geleden
@Robert Welker did you try it on wheat or beans?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
We demoed it a couple years ago but decided against buying. It did work well for peas but needed a scalper to remove rocks.
Chris Cummings
Chris Cummings Maand geleden
If you are thinking of upgrading the exhaust on your truck look at the flowmaster flow fx cat back system. Just installed it on my 2014 Silverado and it sounds great. Only down fall was the sound with the afm system turned on. Bought a tuner to shut that off and now it sounds great all the time!
Jeffrey Broadbent
Jeffrey Broadbent Maand geleden
By the title I thought you bought a rock picker.
Norm Nielsen
Norm Nielsen Maand geleden
It's -10 and the dude is wearing a sweatshirt. What kind of super human is this?
Michael Waters
Michael Waters Maand geleden
You used a jack to hold up the drawbar! For shame! :)
EHanson814 Maand geleden
Larson Farms got you on the exhaust. Sorry Sir!
Dusty Martin
Dusty Martin Maand geleden
Put bull dog hacks on all four corners and you wouldn't have to take the wheels off and it would be easy to level it
William Gleaves
William Gleaves Maand geleden
Put a shelf to hold the rail road ties on the tongue
Ken Miller
Ken Miller Maand geleden
Hello!! From The Dalles,OR.
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry Maand geleden
Need to talk to Larson Farms about exhaust modifications and they just did three half ton trucks with awesome results.
World through a windshield
World through a windshield Maand geleden
the company that did it was out of Montana to boot
Jacob Teter
Jacob Teter Maand geleden
Neat stuff! The creativity you all have to come up with things is amazing!
Nathan Otremba
Nathan Otremba Maand geleden
Why dont you want the smaller peas?
Nathan Otremba
Nathan Otremba Maand geleden
@Robert Welker awsome thanks for the answer
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
@Nathan Otremba yes
Nathan Otremba
Nathan Otremba Maand geleden
@Robert Welker ahhhh I see now, thank you. So the small peas go back in a bin and get sent off to the market?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
They are fine when marketing but for seed we like consistent size. Small peas are weaker in emerging.
twothreebravo Maand geleden
17:15 Tires really holdin air! 18:30 No it ain't!
Gloppie 3
Gloppie 3 Maand geleden
Awesome video, its a joy seeing the kids. Future farmers.
wbball15 Maand geleden
Nigel Gribble
Nigel Gribble Maand geleden
Would you guy's ever build a bigger heated shop that you can get the combines in and have better head height?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
We can get the combines in the south half of the shop. The door is 15' high.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Maand geleden
Probably leftover Hemp stored in it. A couple dozen bushels of peas will clean out the screens.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Maand geleden
They call the shaker mechanism a Gyrex, Nick. Used this system to seperat different grades of coal. Noisy as He%l, but does the job. Nice buy there youngun.
Green thumb
Green thumb Maand geleden
June FBI shows up at Welker farms asking about new species of wild wood weed growing around building site, low in THC but none the less invasive and of concern to others who get bored guarding White House, ha, lol...
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Always ready for a "smokin' hot deal" 😊
SGT Stedanko
SGT Stedanko Maand geleden
Hey guys, I've been subbed to your channel since the beginning and have made quite a few donations. I was thinking since we're pretty much friends now, can I bring the family over and have dinner with you guys?
SGT Stedanko
SGT Stedanko Maand geleden
@Robert Welker Well what did the wives say? I'm a huge supporter of your channel. Just thought I could meet the folks behind the camera
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
That wouldn't be our decision to make. The wives have final say. Just food for thought 😊
doug valdivia
doug valdivia Maand geleden
ol bob is the fastest fabber around
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Until Legarms comes back. Then it's "dad... let me fab this.....OK?" 😁
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Maand geleden
This is a whole lot fancier than the old Clipper 2B cleaner my Dad had on our farm. this is it...
Brandon M
Brandon M Maand geleden
Granted I had a hemi but my banks monster exhaust was excellent, very unique throaty deep sound
Macentropist Maand geleden
More ads please
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Sorry for the ad numbers. It seems if NLposts is trying to make up lost profits
Michael Geelan
Michael Geelan Maand geleden
After watching the video I thought back to the few weeks I’ve spend out on the ice and how the ice fishing / spearing shanty drop frame I have would have been great for the unit. It’s easily portable and drops to a solid base with little effort. Check out the link ... here in WI there’s a few local shops that have built ideas.
gray jack
gray jack Maand geleden
Never let a farmer use a torch, scrap steel, and welder! Trust me they will void a warranty in a heartbeat! P.S. I forgot garden hose!
Jeff Maand geleden
Awsome kids.. God Bless
Big E
Big E Maand geleden
Kiddos are so sweet. Cool video 👍😎👍😎👍
Gerald Roth
Gerald Roth Maand geleden
You guys are awesome. No challenge is too great.
Logan Jeter
Logan Jeter Maand geleden
What's a farmer's tool if it ain't modified
Keagan Swenson
Keagan Swenson Maand geleden
Wouldn’t you want all the peas. More peas more money
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Typically yes but when we are making seed peas we want only the largest and most intact peas we can get to help with germination.
Chrissy Francis8
Chrissy Francis8 Maand geleden
@TonyFast had QUITE the set up when he cleaned grain? I think, can’t remember. There were trucks & augers coming & going. I also learned everything I know about Hemp through Tony!
Chrissy Francis8
Chrissy Francis8 Maand geleden
I know a guy that can clean up those 70s rims for you....
Edward Jacobsen
Edward Jacobsen Maand geleden
You guy’s are amazing fabricators
TheWheelinranger Maand geleden
Larson farms guys just had mpi exhaust out at thier shop doing thier pickups...they say those guys are out of montana
Norberto Figueroa
Norberto Figueroa Maand geleden
What a great video! God Bless the Welkers.
Bruce Irving
Bruce Irving Maand geleden
McGyver has NOTHING on the ingenuity of farmers. "This doesn't quite fit what we need...... Now it does"
Billy Roberts
Billy Roberts Maand geleden
I am shocked u didn't try to put hydraulics on th axles so u could left the wheels all th way off the ground . So u can save ur back ?
Billy Roberts
Billy Roberts Maand geleden
@Robert Welker I hear ya but was a very cool build anyways
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Thought about it but this is only used once a year
Ken Crouch
Ken Crouch Maand geleden
I saw the MM U in the garage- good thing to see it is in side now!
Jessica Saltzman
Jessica Saltzman Maand geleden
Random thoughts from pitman pa and Saltzman Brothers Farms Inc. What about maybe putting a swivel wheel with a spring similar to a gate one on the bottom of the auger to take some tension off of the arm? Mrs James Saltzman
LGL_137 No Name
LGL_137 No Name Maand geleden
One assumes there's 220-V supply at the intended locations of use.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Yes there is.
Texas Marine Of Humble
Texas Marine Of Humble Maand geleden
Nick, If you will go to Mike Millers site, and look at his video called "Cleaning Seed" you will see this unit properly set up and how it works. I could write it all in here but it would be better for you to see his setup.
ken carr
ken carr Maand geleden
t is always could be ?? LOL
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson Maand geleden
Thanks for the video. This new machine you have is really interesting. I would think when you have it all figured out and setup, it will do the job for you. Does not look used, good going you were able to get your hands on it, good going Welkers!!! Like the modifications you are doing to it to make it mobile. Very good. All of you are very handy in the shop getting things figured out and most important, done!!! Thanks for showing us how it is designed to work. Bet it will do the job for you. When you have it completely ready, please show us the operation. This was a great video. Appreciate your time and talking us through the video. You all take care. Stay warm. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
brittfarms2018 Maand geleden
Are yall gonna clean as it enters the bins from the trucks or go back later and clean and put into a different bin as it gets clean
brittfarms2018 Maand geleden
@Robert Welker I had that feeling. I know nothing about peas..that not our area specialty this area have is wheat soybeans,corn, in my area
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
The latter. We concentrate at harvest for harvest. Good question though.
Clint Hochrein
Clint Hochrein Maand geleden
Pretty cool machine! you could also have your coffee with creamer stired an mixed drink on their also.
Cheopis Maand geleden
Someone else mentioned the goldfish below, but I am curious. I know some livestock farmers keep goldfish to put in water troughs and livestock water pools in order to keep mosquito populations down. Is that what you guys do as well? Keep a breeding stock in the warm shop overwinter, then restock nearby ponds and pools with the fish for the warmer months?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
No, I have a pond next to my deck. They have to go in 6 months of the year or they will be a martini fish ice cube.
Art Ayers
Art Ayers Maand geleden
I hope that seed cleaner will do the job you want it to...
scott wilhelme
scott wilhelme Maand geleden
Build an ice shack chassis!!!
iBelieve Maand geleden
iBelieve Maand geleden
@Welker Farms haha nice
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
I was waiting for your comment! 😁 👍 👌
Ashland Gun club
Ashland Gun club Maand geleden
Would you come get your weather, is laying in my yard drunk.
Steven Owen
Steven Owen Maand geleden
Feed the grain into it with an auger with a screen built underneath it. Thatll sort out a lot of the undersize grain before it even gets to the cleaner..
Ted B.
Ted B. Maand geleden
Farm videos are always improved by kids.
Marcus Kloepping
Marcus Kloepping Maand geleden
Please buy some Loctite 290 wicking grade thread locker and hit every nut on that beast.
GreenWarfare Maand geleden
just thinking about something... if that frame will shake, auger mounted on that will shake even more and it may be unstable and spell grain around
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Possible. Will soon see
bradh74 Maand geleden
Kids are cute!
B C Maand geleden
Hemp is easy to grow though. LOL
Gierok Farms
Gierok Farms Maand geleden
I love cleaning grain in the spring. We clean and plant our own oats!
Outragous Bob
Outragous Bob Maand geleden
Looks like gold rush Montana style!
joe snyder
joe snyder Maand geleden
Maybe an idea to build a square tube frame to mount on the bottom of the dryer then fabricate an axle with air bags that way you can just dump the bags to set it on the ground, then put trailer jacks on each corner to level it up.
aXe Maand geleden
Could you put two more jacks in the back corners and crank them down to level everything up when you get where you're going?
Paul C. Sachse Jr.
Paul C. Sachse Jr. Maand geleden
Might want to put some triangle gussets around the area where your A frame hitch meets the frame of the sifter.
Powder River
Powder River Maand geleden
I’ve been through Great Falls, I too did some shopping there as well.
J L Maand geleden
18:53 the 44 year old rubber didn’t make it :(
Ant R
Ant R Maand geleden
Sad for the hemp farmers
Mathew page
Mathew page Maand geleden
Lost me at Westfield augers
Mathew page
Mathew page Maand geleden
@Robert Welker the old Westfield augers we used are great but the couple new ones just weren't as good so we had a go at Meridian augers and its been unreal
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Curious. What is your favorite auger brand?
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson Maand geleden
so it just a trammel
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