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Here we go! Firing up the cleaner first time! Can we pay for 1/3 of the machine in savings this year alone?
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Lonnie Maynard
Lonnie Maynard Dag geleden
My dog will only go out between my feet also.
Lnmwr 6 dagen geleden
1:35 Just curious about the two turquoise trucks in the background. Obviously they are box trucks so that's not what I mean when I ask what are they? Do they run? Curious about the backhoe sitting next to it and the white truck to the right of the backhoe as well.
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 8 dagen geleden
Yes let it rip money machine saver.
RobobloxGamer 9 dagen geleden
Hey Nick aka Hollywood, You call them peas, but I'm used to green peas. Are these what they call Chick Peas?
Timber Tramp
Timber Tramp 9 dagen geleden
“Labor pains”....lya, kinda just deal with it, then boom...its over”....🤣🤣🤣the wife will have something to say about that!😳
Richard Poe
Richard Poe 13 dagen geleden
You guys need stockpile about a 1000 tons of gravel.
the shade tree welder
the shade tree welder 20 dagen geleden
have you guys considered using snow chains for extra grip and because they most likely wont "slick" over
Gabe Dalley
Gabe Dalley 23 dagen geleden
Geese? You mean Cobra Chicken
the worst Hokage!
the worst Hokage! 27 dagen geleden
What side by sides you runnin
Captian Price
Captian Price 28 dagen geleden
Getting rich out of the ditch ha . No that's disappointing that ppl would do that
Logan YouTube
Logan YouTube 28 dagen geleden
Freaking dirtbags, just going and dumping their garbage on other peoples property
B C 28 dagen geleden
Grain bin sensors are the best, no more climbing bins
Paul Motyka
Paul Motyka 28 dagen geleden
love the slow-mo
7curiogeo 28 dagen geleden
Looks like you really need to work on your drainage big time. And really way more equipment mainence.
Ml B
Ml B 29 dagen geleden
LOL... Good video... part farmer, part comedian...
Jeff Paggett
Jeff Paggett Maand geleden
You can keep some of the geese. #canada
jon steffen
jon steffen Maand geleden
Happy late birthday Nick!!
David Audet
David Audet Maand geleden
Think yall need some yankum ropes
Brad Klingensmith
Brad Klingensmith Maand geleden
I lived on a horse farm, besides the garbage, dogs, and cats being dumped we once came back to 4 additional horses in our pasture.
Travis Tharp
Travis Tharp Maand geleden
Yea I think Iowa Missouri and Texas took all y’all’s snow lol
Keith Cambidge
Keith Cambidge Maand geleden
Fly tipping is really bad in the Uk at the moment 😡
Jeff Maand geleden
The winds must of blew that junk there lol
Cameron Velthuis
Cameron Velthuis Maand geleden
I didn’t know that you guys were growing appliances.
Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Maand geleden
Caught a friend of mine dumping a pickup load of trash on my neighbors ditch, I was on the phone with the sheriff when he finally stopped running from me. I asked if he wanted me to give the sheriff his name or go pick up his junk. Guess what he did.... lol
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Good man! Keep him in line!
Jack Price
Jack Price Maand geleden
11:40 Every OSHA person just had a heart attack.
Justin Mills
Justin Mills Maand geleden
You need to get the guy that has the Chanel Smarter Every Day come video your combines at work with his slow motion camera. Cool guy and Chanel.
Justin Mills
Justin Mills Maand geleden
Less then 5% of the population creates a lot of jobs in law enforcement, jails, prisons and everything that locks things up. We still live in the Greatest Country in the world. Bar none.
s healy
s healy Maand geleden
Any chance cleaning wheat in your new cleaner or does wheat take allot more air scalping?
eric dalman
eric dalman Maand geleden
lol so we had some one do the something and left his trash on are fields. looking threw his trash he threw out some mail with his address on it . So we picked up the stuff he left and Dump on his front yard in the middle of the night. Can't stand when they do it.
Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest
Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest Maand geleden
Looooooooooooove the drone shots.
russ snively
russ snively Maand geleden
Someday you can put those little bins on hoppers
Kent Dolezal
Kent Dolezal Maand geleden
I'm done with winter! Had a LegArms moment yesterday. Go run off a snow covered road with my garbage truck and rolled into a steep ditch. The car was all the way over the yellow line and I swerved to miss it. The driver never turned around and came back, they had to see me fish tailing over the road in their mirror! I was trapped in the cab, My legs were penned in and I couldn't get them out. The microphone for 2 way radio was almost in my lap so I could call for help on the radio! It rolled on the driver side and yet somehow my driver's door was open so I could pull myself free, By the time the 1st responders arrived I was out. My cell phone was also just by my legs. I was taken to a local hospital and had x-rays and cat scan done but nothing major. Just very bruised real bad on my legs, Hard to get up and walk but I am doing OK. It just wasn't my time, God was with me!
OO Maand geleden
💥👍👍 Good job! 👌
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Thanks! 👍
Allen Hrubes
Allen Hrubes Maand geleden
A muddy yard and messy truck would drive Dougo Larson up the wall. Thanks for the video Nick.Take care and be safe.
Brandon Salmen
Brandon Salmen Maand geleden
Happy birthday, Nick! Hope mother nature gives you the gift of an early Spring this year. :D Also... just a thought... maybe you guys need a new Case 9250 combine with automation, to clean up those peas a bit more and avoid having to clean them afterwards? XD
Dejno Acres INC.
Dejno Acres INC. Maand geleden
I am looking at buying a go pro I was wondering what you found to be the best if you have used one. nice work on the videos keep up the good work!
Сергей Яковлев
Сергей Яковлев Maand geleden
Hello, my name is Sergey zavut I am from Russia, education university, engineer. Do you have a job for me?
DRC drdoct
DRC drdoct Maand geleden
As someone who has worked in the milling business all his life... You really need to get a good air system on that cleaner with a cyclone. It looks like half of what you're cleaning is blowing everywhere into what you just cleaned. But Air is the secret to cleaning grain. If you set that up in a building you could clean day and night with a lot less dust and mess.
Hobo hog
Hobo hog Maand geleden
Once again never a let down ... I can't wait for farm painting this spring and summer, in my early days didn't know respect for the effort that farmers put in till I started watching ag vlogers ;thank you
Hobo hog
Hobo hog Maand geleden
And then all respect I am not on a Gypsy painter crew 100% local
tony bauer
tony bauer Maand geleden
Hey leg arms haven't been around since your arm incident I hope all is well with that you look to be back out on ur feet !
lance litchfield
lance litchfield Maand geleden
Make an electromagnet out of the microwave, you can clean up the shop withit or use it to clamp something down
Jeffrey Murdock
Jeffrey Murdock Maand geleden
Well you got the Washington part right. Lol
Carter Link
Carter Link Maand geleden
Happy Birthday Nick !
elitetwo1 Maand geleden
Kenny Garcia
Kenny Garcia Maand geleden
That is so cool scene in slow motion
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker Maand geleden
You guys ain't nothing but a bunch of....Pea pickers...Picking them pea's....O'yea...Thanks very much guy's Blessing all around for u'all's...!
tcrasey Maand geleden
Looks like you made it through the winter without having to make any major repairs or overhauls on anything!
Brian Schwartz
Brian Schwartz Maand geleden
I can’t believe you have people like that out there.
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul Maand geleden
We once found a microwave in our ditch, the inside was clean It worked and we still use it!
Jason Wierenga
Jason Wierenga Maand geleden
How do you work the brakes on the pup with the SxS?
OliverNate Maand geleden
I've "bin there" also, I really enjoy Bobs jokes makes me chuckle everytime. Your seed cleaning setup kinda reminds me of my operation when I shell ear corn in the spring. With all my fancy camera equipment hopefully be able to make a decent video to load onto my channel this spring, my setup kinda makes most shake their head but if it works it works. Still way to muddy here though and now 4-6 in of snow on top of the mud.
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough Maand geleden
Happy BD Nick. Great day for it!
Ryan Eick
Ryan Eick Maand geleden
Awesome job on the cleaner guys!
VW Insanity
VW Insanity Maand geleden
Amazing work y'all rock! Love the comment at about 2:51 👊👊👊👊👊
rb3248 Maand geleden
I think the red Pete might need a new shifter lol
Learning the old school In the new school
Learning the old school In the new school Maand geleden
I liked this video just because of the jab at the people in Washington, couldn’t agree more with you nick!
Roy Terpstra
Roy Terpstra Maand geleden
Geese are going back to Canada ! I'm glad they are coming back too , I wanna get back on the land !!!!
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry Maand geleden
Let’s hope you get a TON OF GRAVEL to help with your mud situation.
Valley view Acres
Valley view Acres Maand geleden
a deuce and a half would be a nice thing to have for a few weeks of the year wouldn't it?
Dana Sheets
Dana Sheets Maand geleden
love the puzzles
Cedric Broussard
Cedric Broussard Maand geleden
Hell yeah great machine!!!
wudwurkr Maand geleden
Happy belated Birthday Nick!
henry holliday
henry holliday Maand geleden
lol I take peoples old tvs from the garbage for scrap metal
bambanarni Maand geleden
Fly tipping boils my piss!! Nothing makes my day more than catching some scrote bag topping!! “GER ORF MOI LAND!!!” On the up side there is always loose change in the back of dumped sofas! 💰
Sawyer Statz
Sawyer Statz Maand geleden
Happy Birthday
markrandall1969 Maand geleden
Fly tipping is the scourge of the countryside
John C
John C Maand geleden
If you have a diamond tooth / spike tooth harrow, I'm talking old school equipment, drag it through to mud, to level the ruts and help drain the water. Don't drive fast.
Harley McCorcle
Harley McCorcle Maand geleden
Happy Birthday Nick
Jordan Klooster
Jordan Klooster Maand geleden
You guys should slow down the orange conveyor so there isn’t as many peas bouncing out but then your fan wouldn’t work.
fbh31118 Maand geleden
Looks like the cleaner worked great!
Billy Braswell
Billy Braswell Maand geleden
Happy birthday Nick
Chad Willoughby
Chad Willoughby Maand geleden
As Zack would say sloppy lol
Will Maand geleden
nice subtle jab at the government, i see what you did there.
Bruce Judkins
Bruce Judkins Maand geleden
Need a yackum
Bruce Judkins
Bruce Judkins Maand geleden
Happy birthday
Bobby Pool
Bobby Pool Maand geleden
I feel your pain on the trash people throw away in the country.
Starky Talks
Starky Talks Maand geleden
So, I'm new to your channel but hear me out. I think your next project should be a giant trebucet and launch the last stuff dumped on your property back at the next people dumping. just set the trebuchet up to motion detection, it'll be fiiiiine
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
😂 👍 👌
Brad Morgan
Brad Morgan Maand geleden
We got a stove dropped in one of our fields this time if you need it to go with the microwave!
Macentropist Maand geleden
What do you do with the “pea chaff”
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
We sold it for animal feed. Everyone is happy 😁
Macentropist Maand geleden
What is the price difference between clean and dirty peas? At the grain elevators
Macentropist Maand geleden
HBD Hollywood
David Rucinski
David Rucinski Maand geleden
Was that an airplane I heard running at the end of the video?
Jerry Santos
Jerry Santos Maand geleden
Those Dirty Green Rats! Good thing you cought that. 😎👍
Hairy DairyMan
Hairy DairyMan Maand geleden
I've feed our milkers seed cleanings through a PMR system. The inconsistency was a little bit of a problem but it was a good situation for both the seed cleaner and ourselves
Pat Toohill
Pat Toohill Maand geleden
There's a lot of good stuff you can salvage out of a microwave
William Davis
William Davis Maand geleden
Y’all hay all those great to straps... what the hell !!... there should be no stuck vehicles on that farm but for a few minutes 🙄🤨..lol. Love pops and his dog! Was that throw telling Zach to come get his ugly green toys he left when he visited. I think he was trying to get your children turned to green,.. aaaagggghh!!
Richard Radawetz
Richard Radawetz Maand geleden
Get a 1/2 windshield for the side by side. Work really good
paul who
paul who Maand geleden
Good video. Brings back many fond memories of growing up on farm Thanks u. Peace
Steve Alaskaman56
Steve Alaskaman56 Maand geleden
Holy smokes that’s allot of extra effort. I presume that this is offset by higher prices paid for cleaned peas vs non-cleaned peas? Given all the work you’ve got to do, I can’t imagine that you’d be out there doing this if it wasn’t economically viable....right? Love watching you guys from Eastern Wa.
Bill Potmesil
Bill Potmesil Maand geleden
Happy Birthday!
John Pozerski
John Pozerski Maand geleden
Do you still have the jd skid steer
PNW RC Maand geleden
Happy belated birthday, Hollywood! That cleaner looks to have did what it was bought to do decently.
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman Maand geleden
Big Bud Bob Pun Score == 2 (Bin there, done that) (Will hopper to it) Nice work Triple B!
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman Maand geleden
The cleaner and the mods look like a good investment! Nice work Welkers!
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman Maand geleden
Schlopy mud
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson Maand geleden
Watching the aerial view my mind immediately went to the old days of threshing wheat from the shock and shelling ear corn from the crib. Clean grain wagon, small tailings pile and large tailings pile. Everything has to go somewhere when you separate it. I’m glad I was able to see those operations when I was a young farm boy. Really made me appreciate the technology I was using when I ran the farm. I miss the big work crews, shared equipment and the neighborhood cooperation. The large meals weren’t bad either! 😋
Richard G
Richard G Maand geleden
Don’t you have electricity at the grain bins. Love how Nick would know what labor pains feel like. Maybe you need a setup like they have at the grainy or coop’s. So why not setup your seed cleaner next to the bins that you are going to use to store the clean seed. Looks like you need some gravel around your bins instead of tearing of the equipment in the mud.
William Savage
William Savage Maand geleden
Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood...
ducky hunter
ducky hunter Maand geleden
Those are some clean peas
Jim Newell
Jim Newell Maand geleden
I thought last year (or before) you guys resurrected a power generator. Use that as your power for the peas cleaner.
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