Why we'll NEVER fire Leg Arms

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This is why Leg Arms is the MVP of Welker Farms...stuff just gets done!
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Dustin Hill
Dustin Hill 2 dagen geleden
I finished your sentence on the blown out parts number on the truck seal. Happens "Almost" every time haha
Luna Silvermoon
Luna Silvermoon 5 dagen geleden
When he said ''the main problem with it iiis...'' I lowkey expected him to say ''it's green'' as a poke to Zach who keeps flaming on their red machinery xD
Curtis Bryce
Curtis Bryce 8 dagen geleden
It is wrong to harm the simple.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 10 dagen geleden
Lots of fun thanks for taking us along on your already busy day
Edward Barros
Edward Barros 11 dagen geleden
So Funny
Jack Willie
Jack Willie 11 dagen geleden
Dad bought the 4620 new around1971 ,,when delivered the driver raised the flat bed as high as it would go and cable lowered it that was quite a sight...when things were simple
Lookey Who
Lookey Who 12 dagen geleden
You did the right thing. No options on those brake shoes. They have to be replaced. Contaminated shoes will grab and stick. Very dangerous.
Lookey Who
Lookey Who 12 dagen geleden
You did the right thing. No options on those brake shoes. They have to be replaced. Contaminated shoes will grab and stick. Very dangerous.
OnTheWay 15 dagen geleden
If it ain’t broke, fix it till it is ! If it’s broke, just shut up and fix it ! 🤙🏻
Per Wallin
Per Wallin 16 dagen geleden
Dad jokes for days 😂😂🤟🏻
Hunter Sanderson
Hunter Sanderson 17 dagen geleden
#restore the 4520
number#1 youtuber
number#1 youtuber 18 dagen geleden
I have a 1973 830 johndeere and i would lkke to know what year that is
Sean ONeill
Sean ONeill 19 dagen geleden
Reese? 🥸
MrEvolutionR 20 dagen geleden
Is that a Milwaukee impact 🤩 finally.
Ronald Jennings
Ronald Jennings 22 dagen geleden
I am glad you got the tractor fixed Les carmes I hope you are doing well with your arm leg arms I'm glad you sacrifice yourself for us you're a nice guy it is really nice when you have a wheelchair it looks out for you👍 you have a great day my friend God bless🙏🚜
Joseph Arata
Joseph Arata 22 dagen geleden
Impact with an axle nut socket.... So you're one of those kinds of people...
Joe Vreeland
Joe Vreeland 22 dagen geleden
The 90 weight in those wet hubs will cling well to the bearings even if the hub get very low. The bearings are super tough and just replacing the seal is gonna do 'er.
David Messer
David Messer 22 dagen geleden
Sometimes your dad's sense of humor is shocking.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 22 dagen geleden
Oh snap 😂
Glen Granger
Glen Granger 23 dagen geleden
Looks like about a mid 60's early 70's deere
windage 23 dagen geleden
if you fire Leg Arms...who will star in the show?
Endagigropen 24 dagen geleden
There's something special with maintenance videos. Always enjoyable to watch 👍🏻
Tom Gluth
Tom Gluth 24 dagen geleden
Question to you Welkers. LegArms, just finished watching the video(excellent) and I am curious to know that the different machines that come to the shop for maintenance,repair, fabrication,painting,etc-is there follow-up on a computer program to follow the history of the particular machine worked on including parts,labor,supplies(oil,grease,etc.) and on your timecard(?) do you have to list the specific task,job and such ? Also, for all the Welkers, when in a field doing tractor work(seeding,plowing,harvesting,etc), do those hours/ machine used/task,operator followed on a program for pay, crop cost per acre and hopefully for a PROFIT report ? Thanks in advance if you have time to answer.
Edward Carberry
Edward Carberry 24 dagen geleden
You would likely find it easier /quicker to cut the angle if you put it open side down. I would not tack the expanded in place, as you have the open side up for the angle . Better to clean to paint and just to keep clean.
Sarah Welker
Sarah Welker 24 dagen geleden
T Works
T Works 24 dagen geleden
Gerwin Wentink
Gerwin Wentink 24 dagen geleden
Legarms maybe you need a tapeboss! You'll never forget a measurement again XD
353 Bandit
353 Bandit 24 dagen geleden
Got tired of not having an account on YT again so got a new one started. Thanks for the videos. Im Disabled with autism and many other disabilities and the videos help my weeks go better. Yes, i have worked in agriculture and related fields. Great to see a few farms with pride left in them.
Chuck Willcox
Chuck Willcox 24 dagen geleden
Tough guy welding without gloves
brock mahler
brock mahler 24 dagen geleden
It isn't a "Reese", it is a "race", like ace
George Case
George Case 24 dagen geleden
Never heard of a way to successfully clean brake shoes
Mark Nairn
Mark Nairn 24 dagen geleden
A Chevy alternator will fit that JD, I just learned that last year.
Jeff Hovey
Jeff Hovey 24 dagen geleden
Coke not Pepsi. hahaha
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 24 dagen geleden
What's up
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 24 dagen geleden
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer 25 dagen geleden
Love those days where you do a little of everything. I noticed Nick wanted nothing to do with it. ;-)
Jamie French
Jamie French 25 dagen geleden
Detroit diesel makes a red gasket maker, we used a lil bit on all our wheel seals and cut way down on issues like what your having. Also check the measurements on hub to seal to make sure its right seal. God bless
Pat Mac
Pat Mac 25 dagen geleden
Get extra wheel seals Welkers dirt, grime and mud out on the farm is not at all good for them. That plus save time goin to great falls or ordering them and finding out Missoula and Billings do not have them.
Vicki Osborn
Vicki Osborn 25 dagen geleden
Welker you are my favorite you tuber
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 25 dagen geleden
Thank you!
Carl Hepner
Carl Hepner 25 dagen geleden
The short you have about your pickup gas cap. It is the sensor in the gas tank. I had this happen to me. The garage explained to me how to put on a gas cap correctly. After a year, they replaced the sensor & the gas tank - problem went away.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 25 dagen geleden
Thanks for the help, I have heard the evap goes bad. I'll look into changing it!
Bulldog's Automotive Adventures
Bulldog's Automotive Adventures 25 dagen geleden
What I do on those shoes is take a little propane torch and warm them up, the brakes start grabbing and sticking when they get warm after washing them all off and it's because when the shoes get warm the grease seeps back out of them. I warm them up with a little propane torch and scrub them with brake clean, then I repeat until I quit getting grease out of the friction material.
twothreebravo 25 dagen geleden
19:23 I see that pipe rolling off the table and I see Leg Arms think about trying to catch it for a second....Just let it go my friend, just let it go!
DHG DARKNESS 25 dagen geleden
Looks like you need a new headlight adjustor on the truck
Matt Marrs
Matt Marrs 25 dagen geleden
Do yall have a loader for the 4520
denny marquart
denny marquart 25 dagen geleden
Was that original wiring harness on tractor
AncientSalt 25 dagen geleden
Just found out I needed a couple new hoodies. Welker Farms and Millennial Farmer just sold some hoodies. Just wish they offered high visibility green as I drive tow truck. But oh well. Also, anyone else turn their head/eyes away when seeing welding on video?
shermantank27 25 dagen geleden
What drone do you use? Can’t believe the quality
Tommy Humkey
Tommy Humkey 25 dagen geleden
You can call the “race” anything you want. Your awesome 😎
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry 25 dagen geleden
Glad to see you let the pipe simply fall to the floor rather than possibly rehurt your bad arm in an attempt to keep pipe on the counter
Richard G
Richard G 25 dagen geleden
Where would Nick be without LA to do all the mechanical work. Soak the brake shoes in rubbing alcohol.
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 25 dagen geleden
Great Job L-A! You are a handy son of a gun! Good job on those brakes. I've seen guys try and sand the oil off the shoes. But, your right. Once they've been oil soaked, and heat cycled a bunch of times, they're junk! Did Nick write the Dad joke this time? was'nt his best work! Hahahahaha Love you guys
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 25 dagen geleden
Sorry Bob LOL
towrecker 25 dagen geleden
should have done the seal on the other side , could have been installed incorrectly , and usually brakes are done per axle , prevention is not a bad thing ...
ginggur17 25 dagen geleden
Is it me or is the passenger side top headlight on the weird angle on my fave rig, the ole twin stack IH?👍👍🇬🇧🇺🇸
ginggur17 25 dagen geleden
Lol Robert, one day you will be on stage. A great job done Scott with your Dad, nothing worse than electrical problems, at least you have a spare Alternator, well, I hope you do? 👍👍👍👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸
Aaron Sanborn
Aaron Sanborn 25 dagen geleden
The problem is it's a JD
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy 26 dagen geleden
dang i love the 93
Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming
Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming 26 dagen geleden
Leg Arms has the dream job, get to work on stuff and play with heavy equipment and work along side great people. Wake up wanting to get at er every day. Good on ya bud!
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy 26 dagen geleden
gotta put that air sucker 3000 where its supposed to be
Farmer Kid
Farmer Kid 26 dagen geleden
In Montana do you have to have license plates on the front and the back of your vehicles? In alberta you only have to do the back
MIchael Olenick
MIchael Olenick 26 dagen geleden
Becsuse Leg Arms is a great mechanic and has a very smart mind.
Blue waffle cone
Blue waffle cone 26 dagen geleden
Lol, Im a canadian and live like a 3 hour drive from you guys!!! Cool! you even talk like us!
Caleb Weaver
Caleb Weaver 26 dagen geleden
Ok i actually laughed out loud at those jokes. 😂
Andrew Ash
Andrew Ash 26 dagen geleden
Did I see right that the old JD doesn't have a 3 point? Is it similar to how IH Made Wheatland Tractors without 3 point? Did it come that way?
Ronald Kimberlin
Ronald Kimberlin 26 dagen geleden
Put a new voltage regulator on it and it work Godly you been on nasty old case too long I forgot I work I'm a good tractor like John Deere
Wyatt Stephenson
Wyatt Stephenson 26 dagen geleden
Greatest farming videos on NLposts 👍
joey gaudet
joey gaudet 26 dagen geleden
The old Deere needs some new decals
Davd Hynes
Davd Hynes 26 dagen geleden
Paint job is really nice
Jake T
Jake T 26 dagen geleden
Leg arms please use jack stands or wood blocking as a backup if the truck falls off the jack.we want to keep seeing u on this chanel
Kirt Hedquist
Kirt Hedquist 26 dagen geleden
Bob’s puns are much brighter with the new shop lighting
Steve Dynan
Steve Dynan 26 dagen geleden
leg arms...al you mini um stock....
phantom wolf 6.7 l
phantom wolf 6.7 l 26 dagen geleden
You guys need to restore that old John Deere there's not too many of them left with the cabs on them like that
Fredo Rico
Fredo Rico 26 dagen geleden
Was the tractor they did an engine swap from a combine?
A Canadian in Europe
A Canadian in Europe 26 dagen geleden
I liked the 9370 so much, I bought the t-shirt !!
BigFoot Bubba
BigFoot Bubba 26 dagen geleden
WOW!! jus sayin.. all Dat boy and more...
Андрей Никольска
Андрей Никольска 26 dagen geleden
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Steve Trachsel
Steve Trachsel 26 dagen geleden
Appreciate the positive messages from Legarms! God bless
Clinton Emmert
Clinton Emmert 26 dagen geleden
Colton Anderson
Colton Anderson 26 dagen geleden
Has anyone else noticed at all Case Farms have at least one John Deere but John Deere farms never have cases
Colton Anderson
Colton Anderson 24 dagen geleden
Ya it is weird
Aydn James
Aydn James 26 dagen geleden
Yeah weird isn't it????😄
stumpy2816 26 dagen geleden
Kenny Spry
Kenny Spry 26 dagen geleden
You can Bead Blast the Brake Pads and it will remove the Oil from the Pads
Tyler Brinsfield
Tyler Brinsfield 26 dagen geleden
What about all the rocks in the cleanings?
Steve binns
Steve binns 26 dagen geleden
like the fact you fix as much as you can. also enjoy your older machinery
ZIMM HOLLOW FARM 26 dagen geleden
Those Johnny poppers always brack down 🤣
ponypwr 26 dagen geleden
Are you saying Reese? So your truck uses bearings and chocolate/peanut butter candy? Lol that would make it more fun! its RACE man as in drag Race, not drag reese...
Luke Webb
Luke Webb 26 dagen geleden
The new lighting in the shop is definately improved and makes a difference on your videos!
Brian Schwartz
Brian Schwartz 26 dagen geleden
You should get the snappy thingy that Zack uses all the time. Then things get done in a snap. Lol
Casey Seago
Casey Seago 26 dagen geleden
Key stock... And I also want a peanut butter cup.
ron Jessie
ron Jessie 26 dagen geleden
Looked like you almost needed A Toe truck. ; )
Ken Bryant
Ken Bryant 26 dagen geleden
Good job Scott. I agree with changing out the brakes on that truck.
Eric Beightol
Eric Beightol 26 dagen geleden
A broken Deere. Shall I feign surprise?? hahahahaha
Dave McDonald
Dave McDonald 27 dagen geleden
Been there done that on the seals, amazing how the things know how to do that. Great video, thanks and God bless you all.
Jerry Duffel
Jerry Duffel 27 dagen geleden
Why don't you rebuild that tractor that would be awesome ☺️
Zak 4Hesse
Zak 4Hesse 27 dagen geleden
Great episode!
Jim Van Der Linden
Jim Van Der Linden 27 dagen geleden
Do you guys get Snow in your area or was it a dry year?
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 27 dagen geleden
The main problem with it is... It’s a green tractor on a red tractor farm ? 🤨🤔 lol just kidding.
Tucker Hanson
Tucker Hanson 27 dagen geleden
It’s “races” not “reaces”
Company Phone
Company Phone 27 dagen geleden
What your describing with the left overs sounds like Gsps but not
End User
End User 27 dagen geleden
The lighting upgrade has made a world of a difference
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 27 dagen geleden
Leo McAvoy
Leo McAvoy 27 dagen geleden
Yeah, Leg Arms looks to be a keeper, even if he is family!!!! 🤣 🤣 🇺🇸
Big E
Big E 27 dagen geleden
Bod and his wisdom words.
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