BIGGEST wind STORM of the YEAR 75+ MPH!

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Welker Farms

2 maanden geleden

50,000 bushels in 3 days? Let's get at it! Grain elevators are at the mercy of the railroad and grain tranes can show up a week early or a week late. This time it was early and our elevator was in desperate need for bushels. So we hauled in a large chunk of what we contracted as well as finished up our pea contract with another buyer.
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Kenneth Scofield
Kenneth Scofield Maand geleden
Winds were clocked at 160 kmh.up here in Alberta that day.Good idea to hold onto the 3406 b, you definitely don't want to get into something with the def fluid.
Wayne Robinson
Wayne Robinson Maand geleden
Note to Legarms,, job planning 1st and danger access of what could possibly go wrong and finally no more short cuts we ain't made of steel
Ticdaniel Maand geleden
Nice coldstart Bob 👍👍
Micah Harman
Micah Harman 2 maanden geleden
Question. Why do you guys have bins scattered about and end up using augers at each bin rather than a group in of bins and a bin site with grain legs pits and overhead load outs. Just wondering
Dahlmasen 2 maanden geleden
I broke my collarbone 2 years ago in a snowmobile accident and I got the exact same plates and 6 screws like Leg Arms holding it together
Kenneth Carlton
Kenneth Carlton 2 maanden geleden
Leg Arms your driving my favorite truck you have . Glad your arm is feeling better .
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 2 maanden geleden
Welcome for the wind from oklahoma
Rob Peters
Rob Peters 2 maanden geleden
You almost earned the name Lefty!
Ken Sarauer
Ken Sarauer 2 maanden geleden
Not tarping the trucks while hauling, Hol hell you guys are idiots. After seeing those cold starts id never buy anything used off that farm.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 2 maanden geleden
Awesome to see your arm is healing god bless
David Messer
David Messer 2 maanden geleden
You do not want to be driving a semi around when their is 75 mph winds! It can easily blow you right off the road when you are unloaded. I'm glad they were smart enough to shut down the elevator.
Life On A Manitoba Farm
Life On A Manitoba Farm 2 maanden geleden
This is the second video I have watched so far. I like the way you guys think, throwing the option of buying another truck with a blown motor. Sounds like the truck has a few known issues, the unknown issues will show up if you keep driving. Great thinking. You do help other farmers feel good about farming.
Extra Stock
Extra Stock 2 maanden geleden
Good Machine Good Work sir!!
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer 2 maanden geleden
Sweet conveyor. Loved hauling wheat in the winter.
Pete Schiavoni
Pete Schiavoni 2 maanden geleden
Glad you all stayed safe. Nick, a glider is a truck with no motor, transmission or drive shafts. That would be great to grab one needing an engine.
iBelieve 2 maanden geleden
Gail Roon
Gail Roon 2 maanden geleden
Good to see that not all of u tube is against God
J Huelsmann
J Huelsmann 2 maanden geleden
Keep that 3406B. It will burn some fuel, but it will get you from point A to point B every time and plenty of torque. A glider truck is brand new with no engine or trans. Probably a bit more than you can justify. Just find one with blown engine and swap.
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats 2 maanden geleden
Hang on to your drawers
dregihtnek 2 maanden geleden
The word you are looking for is anemometer, a wind meter.
BILL Stecik
BILL Stecik 2 maanden geleden
A tip for broken bones . Drink 0 alcohol until healed . My dr told me ,have 1 drink , add 1 day
thedonleroy 2 maanden geleden
Yeah wind & tarps don't mix. A few years ago our local elevator was full & they were dumping corn on the ground. We had 40 to 50 MPH winds. A guy tried to open his tarp at the pile & the wind grabbed it. It tore out of his hand & took off like a sail. It also took the tip of a finger off with it. He learned a good lesson. Don't open your tarp in a big wind.
2010utube100 2 maanden geleden
No block heaters in Montana????
joe snyder
joe snyder 2 maanden geleden
Good to see ya back leg arms!!!
Phil Baxter
Phil Baxter 2 maanden geleden
Y’all need some chin straps for the caps.
thebohemianfarmer 2 maanden geleden
LegArms, when I broke my leg 15 years ago they put a rod and pins in it. Got back to wrenching on cars 2 weeks later. They told me to keep working it and doing things as much as possible because it helped the bone growth and the bones to fuse back together. All this time later I'm 100%, bit still get tingles and weird feelings in it. Makes a good weather barometer!
Marcus Sensabaugh
Marcus Sensabaugh 2 maanden geleden
That wind knock me over when I had to close a gate. Lol
Evan Watson
Evan Watson 2 maanden geleden
Was that tarp left open all night while it snowed? You’re fired! 😜
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
Yes, as it only snowed an inch or two and the grain was dry. We don't get compensated on dry grain.
Nickolas Burger
Nickolas Burger 2 maanden geleden
Whens the OLD WAGNER TRACTOR coming inside and being worked on, Mr. BOB.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
It got moved later as the coming video will show
Deb Lamb
Deb Lamb 2 maanden geleden
So glad your arm is doing so much better 😍😉💕
Gustav Andersson
Gustav Andersson 2 maanden geleden
we had that + 100cm off snow in 24hours
Chuter1421 2 maanden geleden
We hit 160km winds up in sask Canada the other day.
Glen Laughlin
Glen Laughlin 2 maanden geleden
Weird, you guys lost your hats to the " vac", but not the wind?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
I did lose one hat but didn't chase it. Would have been futile.
Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks 2 maanden geleden
What’s wrong with your Dodge 500s
Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks 2 maanden geleden
Thanks if u did sell them one day what might u want
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
They do run but need some brake work.
James Rounding
James Rounding 2 maanden geleden
That was a sucky pun.
Buster QHorse
Buster QHorse 2 maanden geleden
Be careful Leg Arms. Glad all was ok from the wind. Be well and god bless.
Isaac Weber
Isaac Weber 2 maanden geleden
LOL only 75 mph here in lowa we had 125 mph
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
I know. Saw the damage around Des Moines September 1st.
Matthew Long
Matthew Long 2 maanden geleden
Was he limping while walking at the end? Is he still having back issues?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
He's much better now.
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson 2 maanden geleden
so glad you are better leg arms
Emery Gentry
Emery Gentry 2 maanden geleden
How did you manage to tarp your load in that wind? I hate the wind.
Emery Gentry
Emery Gentry 2 maanden geleden
@Robert Welker makes sense!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
We didn't. Just hauled lower loads.
John Miller
John Miller 2 maanden geleden
I find y’all’s videos awesome I do concrete foundations on bins,towers, legs and pits in western Kentucky and surrounding areas keep up the great videos and God Bless
stumpy2816 2 maanden geleden
Anthony B
Anthony B 2 maanden geleden
Lost my hat in Dunkirk that day too. Crazy
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 2 maanden geleden
We need an update on the barb-a-rotor.
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 2 maanden geleden
@Robert Welker thankyou!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
It was sold for $9500 highest bidder.
hej hej
hej hej 2 maanden geleden
Peter Schüler
Peter Schüler 2 maanden geleden
I’m wondering do you need a truck driving license for hauling your own grain from your farm?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
No CDL license needed
Jon Solomon
Jon Solomon 2 maanden geleden
When the wind blows like that around here (TN.) I start looking at the skies for tornadoes! Have a good one!
John Sylvester
John Sylvester 2 maanden geleden
LOVE the orange safety glasses, Leg Arm!!!
Travis Randolph
Travis Randolph 2 maanden geleden
Just curious, do all of you have your CDL to drive the big trucks, or is there like a Farm Use Only exemption?
Travis Randolph
Travis Randolph 2 maanden geleden
@Robert Welker Nice, that’s pretty cool!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
Farm Exemption for us and our employees for our own products.
Payten Schwartz
Payten Schwartz 2 maanden geleden
Just haul grain with the Volvo
Hudson Rogers
Hudson Rogers 2 maanden geleden
Y’all need some John Deere and some gleaner combine and maybe add a claas forage harvester and a fendt 1050 vario
Island Life
Island Life 2 maanden geleden
Love the cold start video!
Byron F. Bingham
Byron F. Bingham 2 maanden geleden
I carry a metal shank in my left shoulder. It has been there 21 years and 10 months. I know how to be careful not being aable to lift a gallon of water above my shoulder.
Tommy Hayworth
Tommy Hayworth 2 maanden geleden
LEG ARMS it's good to see you back at work take care of that arm. I know how it is to be sidelined I went 27 years without my driver license due to an eye injury back up and going strong at 69 years old.
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson 2 maanden geleden
Grind a pound for me! 🤔🥴🤪😜
Van Man
Van Man 2 maanden geleden
This has turned into the ad channel
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
NLposts is heavy on adds. Have cut back some.
Avery 2 maanden geleden
The vac ate my hat
Ed Harrison
Ed Harrison 2 maanden geleden
Glad you are better leg arms Take it easy bro & STAY SAFE GOD BLESS TO. YOU ALL.. FROM MONROE GEORGIA..
Survival Bros
Survival Bros 2 maanden geleden
how come none of them are wearing searbelts???
Survival Bros
Survival Bros 2 maanden geleden
oh i see
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 2 maanden geleden
Two trucks only have lap seat belts.
Ryder Allen
Ryder Allen 2 maanden geleden
Love the channel and hope some day that I will be a farmer but I'm only 10🚜🐕
Caleb Herbert
Caleb Herbert 2 maanden geleden
been there legarms i miss an entire planting and harvest season cause i broke my back wrecking my truck on black ice
Mike P
Mike P 2 maanden geleden
I'm just curious it just seems to me that I saw a lot of waste on the ground, it seems like you guys lose a lot is that just me or my eyes that bad or or do you guys clean that up and throw it in the truck after all or is it just ground up I don't know I was just curious...
Mike P
Mike P 2 maanden geleden
@Robert Welker thanks Mr Walker, I kind of figured you guys didn't really waste it all just saw it on the ground, and there was somewhere in the Bible that said something about to leave a little bit behind in harvesting for the critters and the poor people so once again you all are following the Word!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
We do clean up unless is contaminated with small rocks. The residue feeds the antelope and rabbits for coby.
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 2 maanden geleden
Sounds like you guys were lucky that kind of wind can do a lot of damage and flip trucks glad you are okay
Richard G
Richard G 2 maanden geleden
You guys need farm safety training on a regular basis. Corny jokes 😖 Nice safety glasses LA. And no wind breaks. It’s not safe to work outdoors in 60 mph wind gusts. AgPhd
Somers Farm
Somers Farm 2 maanden geleden
I didn't mind hauling grain during the offseason, except when there was long lines, and unfortunately that was usually the case it always seemed, lol.
Ndrustad701 2 maanden geleden
Hey welker family we’re just road tripping through Shelby thinking it’s really cool how close we’re going to be to your guy’s farm. Anyway been a viewer since 2016 I think. Thanks for the endless hours of entertainment. I live on a 5500 acre farm in centeral North Dakota. Have a nice day 👍
FlynFarmer 2 maanden geleden
Love your Dad’s sense of humor!
Sheldon Pashby
Sheldon Pashby 2 maanden geleden
Yep everyone is forgetting the most important One. It’s not just making a living and good times. That’s Jesus. You only have this life if you don’t know Jesus as your Savior.
Karrie Falon Johnson
Karrie Falon Johnson 2 maanden geleden
Looks awesome Legarms. I just broke 5 bones in my foot sorta how you did your arm. Had a complete dolly leg set with the 5 cross members attached on my foot. Steel toes never helped landed way up on the bridge of my foot where no steel toe part is
CORBIN KUSTER 2 maanden geleden
Would you guys have considered demoing an ag-truck sprayer? BTW Scott you met my dad at that show :)
Jean Louis Binchet
Jean Louis Binchet 2 maanden geleden
Bon retour au travail Scott, quel changement de temps en 24 h!!!
Valley view Acres
Valley view Acres 2 maanden geleden
If that's the same system that blew through my back yard it crumpled a few empty bins......, the temps have been gorgeous but I could live without the wind.
Icenbryse 2 maanden geleden
We had the same, clocked in at 152 kmh. Blew the back wall of our old shop off the foundation and we will have to reshingle the one side of our house
Ben Hall
Ben Hall 2 maanden geleden
I think Robert needs to write a Dad or pun joke book!
Brandon Neisen
Brandon Neisen 2 maanden geleden
God Bless! Hey how many people can sit at there job and say "this is great" . Dying breed. Keep it up guys!
Dahlmasen 2 maanden geleden
I’m a truckdriver in Sweden and I love my job👌🏻
J & J Cactus and Succulents - Open by Appointment Only
J & J Cactus and Succulents - Open by Appointment Only 2 maanden geleden
Seat Belts Anyone? Stay safe and healthy:-) Thank you for sharing!
Harry Ballzack
Harry Ballzack 2 maanden geleden
“I think that’s the way I started this morning” Same here!!! 😂😂😂😳
Tom Bombardil
Tom Bombardil 2 maanden geleden
12:18 wow that thing does some nice cold starts man
Ed Meeks
Ed Meeks 2 maanden geleden
We finally got some snow in Eastern NC!!
Nick Allred
Nick Allred 2 maanden geleden
Going from northwest NC into southwest Virginia on I77 “Fancy Gap” wind blows trucks over surprisingly often.
Chelsea Severance
Chelsea Severance 2 maanden geleden
Ian P
Ian P 2 maanden geleden
legarms.... Out of curiousity, are you consiously using your other arm more now, knowing that you could stuff up your injured arm?
jamie allen
jamie allen 2 maanden geleden
you be right about a glider.
Andrew Meadows
Andrew Meadows 2 maanden geleden
Good to see legarms on the mend.
Mike Clifton
Mike Clifton 2 maanden geleden
That certainly was a bit blowy! Great to see Legarm (singular) back at it but fully aware how careful he needs to be, he's a fortunate man to have what seems to be a full working arm under construction. Be safe and well.
Bruce Rae
Bruce Rae 2 maanden geleden
Scott are you using a gyro ball to increase hand and arm strength ?.
Eger Viktor
Eger Viktor 2 maanden geleden
Guten morgen. 👍 ☕ ☉
Vinny Pinatelli
Vinny Pinatelli 2 maanden geleden
Glad to see everything is good on the farm man that wind was something else
C Mike C
C Mike C 2 maanden geleden
The dad jokes are strong with this one.
Bob Paterson
Bob Paterson 2 maanden geleden
Glad u chose the safe option o Vac acion during these troubled times 👍 as for the weather I guess that's somethin we all just gotta suck up 🙄😂😂
Kobus Booysen
Kobus Booysen 2 maanden geleden
You should upgrade to trailers with pups or tri axles. You guys will haul way more grain at a time
bob opsahl
bob opsahl 2 maanden geleden
They say if it doesn't hurt your hand it doesn't hurt the transmission !!!
LKSimbalvr 2 maanden geleden
glad your arm is feeling good LegArms
LKSimbalvr 2 maanden geleden
you should out some powerful LED flood light around your new bins so you can see what you are doing at night
Zak 4Hesse
Zak 4Hesse 2 maanden geleden
I remember when that wind storm came through here. We had gusts 80-100+... I live below the Billings Logan International Airport and it’s like the wind shoots down off the Rims and picks up speed... I’m glad y’all didn’t have any damage!!!
Kurt Schreiber
Kurt Schreiber 2 maanden geleden
Jason Clark
Jason Clark 2 maanden geleden
Do you pull the pup behind the semi? Or is it not feasible to. Now with Wiggles back are we going to be seeing a forth truck?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
We could but we have such a short haul.
Gavin Gibson
Gavin Gibson 2 maanden geleden
Good to see that you boy's are getting the loads of wheat out. Great to see Wiggles again and that you are all safe and well great video God bless
skyhawknz6204 2 maanden geleden
on the truck ideas front you have a second international as a tipper that looks like it was a tractor converted to a tipper why not convert it back and give yourselves to internationals to hall with
tristan games
tristan games 2 maanden geleden
Thanks for taking your time to feed and make people happy
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