BIG BUD 600HP Cold Start #shorts

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Welker Farms

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Waking up the fleet for plant 2021!

Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
This is called #shorts, think TikTok only on NLposts. NLposts is rolling out a special video category for clips 60 seconds and under.
THERAGEGAMER432 28 dagen geleden
she's cold! and plating is already here! time has flown
Crowell Beast2224
Crowell Beast2224 29 dagen geleden
Nice I like the shorts
Zedhead 29 dagen geleden
@Kris Agreed. 59 seconds would have been better!!! :)
Kris 29 dagen geleden
In my opinion the video is to short.
TryAdaptLearn 4 dagen geleden
The video and audio captured it well. Awesome machine starting.
Dark lord 3399
Dark lord 3399 10 dagen geleden
My most favorite bud
Pető István
Pető István 12 dagen geleden
RÁBA 320
Noxas5 20 dagen geleden
Stop making money, and start farming
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 20 dagen geleden
Wait, takes money to farm but it takes farming to make money...but one always needs more money than farming as farming will always cost more as time goes on. Make sense?
Keyth Forrester
Keyth Forrester 21 dag geleden
Roll the cole
lilmikeyab 24 dagen geleden
What do they run on those? Glow plugs or a pre-heat chamber? She fired pretty quick, though no idea what the temp was there... We had an old 73 deutz 9006 (if I recall). On cold days we used a tiger torch thru a 5 gallon pail aimed at the oil pan..and maybe a few shots of ether
Darion Chimko
Darion Chimko 25 dagen geleden
Is it just me or do the decals look realy faded
Brad Tyson
Brad Tyson 26 dagen geleden
More like big bud won't start
Timothy Welch
Timothy Welch 26 dagen geleden
Poor starter
Letzrockitrite 26 dagen geleden
Bud makes the best "geer" !
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 26 dagen geleden
Where there's smoke there's fire
Syd Syd
Syd Syd 26 dagen geleden
The EPA should get after the tractor manufactures!
Syd Syd
Syd Syd 26 dagen geleden
@Themasterofnothing Go Thats right! Federal Emissions have been out way before that!
Themasterofnothing Go
Themasterofnothing Go 26 dagen geleden
Yes because the EPA needs a crack down on a tractor made in the 90’s 🙄
Buda Farms
Buda Farms 27 dagen geleden
As my uncle would say pull out the choke
iBelieve 27 dagen geleden
Joe Kirwan
Joe Kirwan 27 dagen geleden
You forgot to rev the piss out of it 😁
DJ Kosloski
DJ Kosloski 28 dagen geleden
That sounded like me this morning...
Ronnie Hoyle
Ronnie Hoyle 28 dagen geleden
As I've never done tiktok it's different. Seems ok, could use as leaders to your main videos? Enough to get viewers interested and hooked?
Marty Cantrell
Marty Cantrell 28 dagen geleden
I watched both this, and the 525 #shorts. start up. I have but one question... Being you are in Montana, wouldn't almost every start be a "cold start" until like August? Asking for a fan...(By Fan I mean us-all. Texan for all of us)
Clint Hochrein
Clint Hochrein 28 dagen geleden
I love the smell of diesel an coffee in the morning.
Kevin Kevlar
Kevin Kevlar 29 dagen geleden
urbanberlin 29 dagen geleden
that video was to short
adam marcos
adam marcos 29 dagen geleden
you make us a nib at the start? executioner
The Admiral
The Admiral 29 dagen geleden
ya'll like to replace starters don't you.....🤣🤣🤣
jagarnaut singer
jagarnaut singer 29 dagen geleden
Mark Abramczyk
Mark Abramczyk 29 dagen geleden
Too short. Where’s the other 33seconds?
spliceon charlie
spliceon charlie 29 dagen geleden
roll some smoke
Bill Potmesil
Bill Potmesil 29 dagen geleden
Dang! Towards the end I thought the starter was stuck!
Timothy Hays
Timothy Hays 29 dagen geleden
Hey it did it without Glow Plug in a Can.
S&j Farms
S&j Farms 29 dagen geleden
Your farm simulator 17 may have socks tell nap or paradise it won’t go in my game can you make it so FS 19 you don’t have to update the game so I have to do is delete the game last night at PC who’s then all I have to do is look in the mud hole go to maps and download it
Jeff Bledsoe
Jeff Bledsoe 29 dagen geleden
Come on baby.....come on...... catch baby.......come on ...their you go baby nice ol girl.
Mike Brandt
Mike Brandt 29 dagen geleden
It’s alive
Acceptable Channel
Acceptable Channel 29 dagen geleden
turn phone horizontal to get full screen video. do it before recording you cant change it after. :) hugs love and bee safe yall :D
gunga din
gunga din 29 dagen geleden
Almost sucked one of those Dakota shale fracking fields dry on that cold start.
Cedric Broussard
Cedric Broussard 29 dagen geleden
Beautiful tractor!!
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 29 dagen geleden
Al Casey
Al Casey 29 dagen geleden
Just like me getting old. Hard to start in the morning and takes a while to warm and run properly 🤣🤣🤣
Mike I
Mike I 29 dagen geleden
Greta would say that is horrible, I would say that is awesome.
Ronnie Cumming
Ronnie Cumming 29 dagen geleden
What was the air temperature you started it at? and did it have glow plugs?
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson 29 dagen geleden
waking the beast! #bigIron
Ronald Jennings
Ronald Jennings 29 dagen geleden
Big brute did not want to start. But I heard it was hard on the starter. Oh by the way. I seen you up in the cab leg arms💪
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson 29 dagen geleden
Thanks for the short video. A new way to do things I guess. The old girl started up pretty good I thought, even turning over that big engine. Did good. Not bad at all. Thanks all. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
Nicolae Stoica
Nicolae Stoica 29 dagen geleden
Really nice
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 29 dagen geleden
BigBud the legend lives 💯
Joseph Palm
Joseph Palm 29 dagen geleden
Thats me in the morning when I have to get up for school!!
Jeffrey Kielwasser
Jeffrey Kielwasser 29 dagen geleden
Its alive! Its alive, said dr Frankenstein
Benabus The Third
Benabus The Third 29 dagen geleden
Almost thought this was a zip ties video!
Zedhead 29 dagen geleden
Big 'Ole Iron!!! Love the Bud's!
Joe Wirges
Joe Wirges 29 dagen geleden
Love it!! I own a 03 7.3 Powerstroke and every once in awhile my corgis will unplug it if its plugged in during the winter so it gets a nice cold start lol besides its only $700 for a new starter lol
Bowhunters 29 dagen geleden
And the slumbering Bear awakens !
budlvr 29 dagen geleden
Nothin short, about THAT MACHINE !
fisher h
fisher h 29 dagen geleden
Awesome. I feel like Big Bud starting up when I have my morning coffee.
D H 29 dagen geleden
I love the smell of a 600HP diesel engine in the morning
samelewis 29 dagen geleden
Those good ole Montana batteries. Better then them Minnesotan ones.
Paulman50 29 dagen geleden
Shorts or no shorts big buds is what we want to see.
Leevi Penniman
Leevi Penniman 29 dagen geleden
Straight pipe it
Simon Perry
Simon Perry Maand geleden
ITS Alive the Monster Wakens
J. A. G.
J. A. G. Maand geleden
Sounds like an 855...I guess I don't know what I was expecting but...not sounding like an 855?
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms 29 dagen geleden
@J. A. G. I understand.
J. A. G.
J. A. G. 29 dagen geleden
@Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms I was meaning the engine...the Cummins 855 and the Cummins 1150...Since they were used in a lot of things, we have 3 855s, one in a Versatile, one in a Ford Semi, and one in a Case combine. I had never heard a 1150 "cold start" so I figured it would sound a bit different than our 855s "cold start" since it is a bigger engine(like how the IH DT466 sounds different from the AC426)...but it basically sounds the same.
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms 29 dagen geleden
@J. A. G. the tractor.
J. A. G.
J. A. G. 29 dagen geleden
@Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms Machine?
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms 29 dagen geleden
@J. A. G. I’ve never been around either of them, so I would not know either without looking up the machine.
Britt Blanton
Britt Blanton Maand geleden
Awesome guys, those Big Buds were the best tractors ever made 👍
Damien Jordan
Damien Jordan Maand geleden
She really did not want to be woken up!!
Crazy Russian Gamer
Crazy Russian Gamer Maand geleden
Yes! I smell planting soon!
ginggur17 Maand geleden
Bud on the shelf, yep, I’m sure I’ve nailed it this time Nick.😂🤣😂🤣🙏🙏🇬🇧🇺🇸
still Living
still Living Maand geleden
I will be honest, I unsubbed from a channel who started putting these shorts out. I don't mind watching ad's for a normal length video, but I will not do it for a 45 second video, let alone a 27 second video. I do not use ad blocker because I feel you are entitled to the revenue from the ad, and I also watch the content you promote to help your channel. I am a Christian, and that has nothing to do with my stance on this, but it is why I don't block ads. The best youtube channel hands down is Andrew Camarata, and he doesn't try to sell you anything, no intro, no outro, and his last video was over three hour's, and I know that he would never waste my time for a short as they are called. Andrew also said in an interview with Sid Phillips on why he makes video's, and why he eventually monetized his video's after he dropped a 400$ camera off his shipping container castle. Your time is important to you, but mine is important to me. I love you guy's, especially your dad, because I am closer to his age, and I was touched by the video where he said that he cared about the viewer's when a viewer made a comment that these people don't care about the viewer's. God bless, and please consider my thoughts on this subject.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
I didn't realize ads played on shorts, it is so new I am still learning. Glad you told me as I have been trying to find this out. Yes I don't want ads on short videos like this. It isn't about making money, it is about reaching out beyond current subscribers in hopes to draw in a new audience. NLposts recommends shorts to new audiences just like it does stories and regular video posts.
bilal khan
bilal khan Maand geleden
2ffeqqqqwwssszsasaasa éccxxxdf11111www1è111qdxs
Anthony Klein
Anthony Klein Maand geleden
WAIT WHAT?????? you didn't instantly wrap the engine up to MAX rpm, what were you thinking?!?! LoL
racerdad Maand geleden
Yessssssssssssd BIG BUD!!!🇺🇸
MinerGate Maand geleden
portrait videos are fun *sarcasm*
EpsilonGoods Maand geleden
Scruffy 61
Scruffy 61 Maand geleden
Getting ready for spring work i take it.
G Unter
G Unter Maand geleden
That's huge! Gotta love YT or I'd never get to see this stuff or get your sweatshirts , it's like little hidden gems. Like this farm wife and the products I buy from her and farm focus or my favorite homemade maple syrup from PA young dairyman. Omg I ordered the dark maple syrup and I'm addicted. It's delicious. Now if I could only find dry salted peas hint hint lol
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage Maand geleden
#great Big Bud cold start
david wagner
david wagner Maand geleden
That is going to set off the Simply Safe carbon monoxide sensor.
Clunk Maand geleden
"inhales" Mmmm, Carbon Monoxide.
Henry Smiglicki
Henry Smiglicki Maand geleden
IT'S ALIVE !!!!!
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson Maand geleden
I have a way to make a 3 point quick hitch system for that big bud. . An the hydraulic system will hook into your remote system on the back . An operating in cab. .
Bass Hunter
Bass Hunter Maand geleden
what a tease that was cant say it . really that was mean
PIPER DOUG Maand geleden
I'd raise you an 8970 JD waking up it's N14 POP!! POP!! POP!!
Gord Mcdonald
Gord Mcdonald Maand geleden
Oh here you got me all excited that it was a feature full length video and it's just a teaser. I'm sorry but I don't think we can be friends anymore. Hahaha!
David Ruff
David Ruff Maand geleden
Need to bring back "spot the Mini Big Bud."
Crushing Vanessa3
Crushing Vanessa3 Maand geleden
Sure hope the batteries good. Is that how to cold start a diesel? keep cranking till it fires? don't touch the accelerator?
Dominik Gabler
Dominik Gabler Maand geleden
Awesome 😍👍👍👍
Brian Casey
Brian Casey Maand geleden
How dare you, how dare you! 🤣
Bob Goat
Bob Goat Maand geleden
Looks like there might be a little exhaust leak near turbos or exhaust pipe?
Sam Hanson
Sam Hanson Maand geleden
Did you use ether? I don’t know about you, but I could swear I almost smelled 👃ether when you were starting the Big Bud! 🇺🇸😁😎 Safe planting! 👍
dale stpirerre
dale stpirerre Maand geleden
That was quick (and yes that is also what she said 🤣 🤣)
FARM DUDE Maand geleden
either either either either get it
Pascal Deschamps
Pascal Deschamps Maand geleden
Bobby Patrick
Bobby Patrick Maand geleden
Big Bud is about to get put back to work
Olaf Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt Maand geleden
Yay! It lives!!!😃👍🏻
Cary Holt
Cary Holt Maand geleden
Nice. Did the oil leak you had on this tractor last Spring subside? I haven't heard of the leak mentioned for a while now but I also don't recall ever hearing of it being fixed? If it was, I may need to go back and browse through the videos again.
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Maand geleden
Cold starts never get old
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Maand geleden
Great video Welkers
Robert G.
Robert G. Maand geleden
Just how I feel some mornings...slow to start and grumbling when my engine is moving.
Edward Hazeldine
Edward Hazeldine Maand geleden
i think i know what that beast is out for is something stuck
Sawyer Statz
Sawyer Statz Maand geleden
That Sounds Awesome
FatBoyObese Maand geleden
only a Big Bud 16V-747 cold start beats that
Dominik Piškorić
Dominik Piškorić Maand geleden
Planting 2021 starting or not
Nicholas Hartsock
Nicholas Hartsock Maand geleden
I think that this is the shortest and coolest video that you guys have out out yet😂
Andrea Uberti
Andrea Uberti Maand geleden
A WOW !!! Very cold !
Stefan COUGAR Enered
Stefan COUGAR Enered Maand geleden
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