What's INSIDE the BOX?!? | 'RedE' for MASSIVE UPGRADES Part 1

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Our Flexicoil(CASE IH) Air Carts are nearly 15 years old and fertilizer has taken its toll. These carts used pressurized metering systems so any air leaks can cause irregularities in seeding rates. Ours were flush with holes and needed to be rebuilt or replaced. Red Engineering not only showed us there is a stainless steel option but came out to help with the tedious install. Here we go!
And yes the Red in RedE is because of the twin brothers red hair 😂👌. If you need air cart repairs check them out here.
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Chris Darting
Chris Darting 11 dagen geleden
Some of those parts look like mini MLRS missile cartridge! lol
m ti
m ti Maand geleden
raise the roof, have a good time
William Carr
William Carr 2 maanden geleden
10:33 where do you find bump caps!
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer 2 maanden geleden
Just like little kids on Christmas morning. I remember doing everything we could to keep the fertilizer from rusting the iron. Nothing worked. Looks like they figured it out here. Spring is going to be a whole lot smoother.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 2 maanden geleden
You have trouble with storms and cold. It's not fun for you.
iBelieve 2 maanden geleden
Antti Perälä
Antti Perälä 2 maanden geleden
You guys have SO nice shop, just imagine all the things I could work on in there :D
Alasdair Trimmer
Alasdair Trimmer 2 maanden geleden
Why don’t they make all of this stuff out of plastic??
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 2 maanden geleden
Grain and or fertilizer can be highly abrasive and plastic doesn't last long unfortunately.
Anton Budziszewski
Anton Budziszewski 2 maanden geleden
i like your bobcat
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 2 maanden geleden
Are you still planning on doing any kind of restoration to the Wagner
Marlow Nash
Marlow Nash 2 maanden geleden
Matt and Jesse are the best guys in the business! - Marlow Nash
Matthew Corbett
Matthew Corbett 2 maanden geleden
So what is the cost of the upgrades ??
Diesel Freak
Diesel Freak 2 maanden geleden
You Need a Martin!!!!! Welker Farms.......
Donkei dominate
Donkei dominate 2 maanden geleden
nice videos guys, i have to ask, when is the Wagner WA-4 project comming on, i love the restoration videos and i learn alot of watching them
Debbie Lamb
Debbie Lamb 2 maanden geleden
Amazing when you love you job so much you just work all hours 👍🙏💕😉
Debbie Lamb
Debbie Lamb 2 maanden geleden
When guys come out like that do you make sure they eat and sleep ???
James Smith
James Smith 2 maanden geleden
So why did the manufacture not use stainless steel to begin with?? Oh, that’s right. Because it would make sense. After farming for over 50 years it still amazes me that ag manufactures will construct equipment and parts knowing that other materials should be used but they go with the stuff while strong is not going to hold up long term. Now with the equipment costing ever more we should expect more from them.
Ken Stewart
Ken Stewart 2 maanden geleden
It’s called built in obsolescence. Thirty years ago I was told by my IH dealer that it was coming as a part of marketing and sales, so all companies can sell more to farmers who cannot do a thing about it.
Jacob Hawk
Jacob Hawk 2 maanden geleden
gust use flex tape
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 2 maanden geleden
zavy z
zavy z 2 maanden geleden
That is one hell of a project they should make them out of stainless to begin with!!
Midwestdoug36 2 maanden geleden
To be continued! Awwww.... I can’t wait!
Farmnorway 2 maanden geleden
If you say its cold one more time i will snap. Its -32 C herein norway
Jay H.
Jay H. 2 maanden geleden
wait a min... hat hard hat? really a thing ??????
Jerry Luce
Jerry Luce 2 maanden geleden
Why didn't they use stainless to start with? Another $1000? Big deal!
Cap 2 maanden geleden
I bet ya wished you had Tony Fat Ag there to help ya with that Nasty Job!!! lol
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 2 maanden geleden
What's up
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 2 maanden geleden
Ham68 2 maanden geleden
Any concern of melting a hole in those tanks cutting those bolts out? Simply Safe just proved how good they are. Engineers should have to spend a LOT of time out in the field during ALL types of weather conditions so, they know exactly how it feels when you have to work on something, specially during cold temp season(s). Then they might actually design something that's easy to work on, like how the old antique equipment was/still is. Cheers :)
Vitaliy Kramarenko
Vitaliy Kramarenko 2 maanden geleden
+ Україна.
Morgan Sedge
Morgan Sedge 2 maanden geleden
GUY'S you should all be wearing safety glasses ! ! !
William Davis
William Davis 2 maanden geleden
Why couldn’t you back in on the other side of shop to drain it?.., well you did it...
Flemming Nielsen
Flemming Nielsen 2 maanden geleden
I seeded with one of the first prototype of those air carts 🇨🇦
Ethan Laux
Ethan Laux 2 maanden geleden
How many acres do you farm?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
Mike P
Mike P 2 maanden geleden
Just a couple of quick comments please note that came in a Ford they left in a Ford let's face it Ford's the best truck ever... now as to the rest of it I learned so much from you guys my mind is continually blown you're an amazing family.
PNW RC 2 maanden geleden
WOWZERS! This is a MASSIVE undertaking. HOPEFULLY this project once completed gives you guys years of reliable service. We'll anxiously await part 2!
rollie e
rollie e 2 maanden geleden
Should have got Derek from Vice Grip Garage to help
Corey Brueckner
Corey Brueckner 2 maanden geleden
Stainless steel was produced (discovered??) totally by accident. Thank you Harry Brearley. High chromium, low carbon steel equals no corrosion. Warning: The acting in this NLposts video is not the best, but it tells a good story. nlposts.info/past/q4DSva7Jg5ud2Hk/video
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 2 maanden geleden
What a great team wow getting it done god bless
wyatt miller
wyatt miller 2 maanden geleden
Need to do the Wagner restoration
wyatt miller
wyatt miller 2 maanden geleden
Please it will be cool when you do
Old Tireman
Old Tireman 2 maanden geleden
I bet Doug Larson could hook you up with a really nice floor cleaner.
Leonard Younger
Leonard Younger 2 maanden geleden
Do you Dougo from Larson farms will let you borrow the floor cleaner machine 😃
Baron Clime
Baron Clime 2 maanden geleden
Remember fellas, if brute force isn't working, you aren't using enough! On another note, got my bandaged Leg Arms shirt a month or whatever ago. Love it along with my other shirts. The fabric is great and the two sleeveless ones are my go to work shirts. They don't have any holes yet but are pretty stained to my wife's dismay lol. You guys are great and are an inspiration. Love to all of you and your crew and band of misfits.
Kevin Watkinson
Kevin Watkinson 2 maanden geleden
Love these shop work, building, upgrading videos. So great to see interesting products, how they work, and seeing them installed.
Nick Kercheval
Nick Kercheval 2 maanden geleden
Lotta work. Always helps to have someone that’s done the job before. Should have reliable planters for a long time now for less $!
Bobcat Smith
Bobcat Smith 2 maanden geleden
I'm surprised that those aren't made out of plastic. Love the video's keep up the good work and god bless and stay safe.
darren lord
darren lord 2 maanden geleden
O man the snows a nightmaire for u
Scott Sorby
Scott Sorby 2 maanden geleden
That was 3 words I do not like to see on your videos - To Be Continued 🤣🤣 Great video guys, be safe 👍
Andrew smith
Andrew smith 2 maanden geleden
You should try fluid film to help with rust prevention and to help with fixing the rust
B thornton
B thornton 2 maanden geleden
old wd9?
Daniel M
Daniel M 2 maanden geleden
Honestly I feel so blessed and fortunate for the life I have here in Canada it’s under appreciated hardworking intelligent people like you that keeps our country’s working and successful. Thank you!
wcneuman 2 maanden geleden
thanks for the heads up about closed caption i did not know that be safe out there wcn
Mike Buck
Mike Buck 2 maanden geleden
To bad you couldn't of sandblasted those cart and used spray on bed liner that stuff work great around fert
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 2 maanden geleden
I keep telling you guys you need exhaust fans in those buildings. They are definitely no longer to code. Before you say there is no code in the country, this Nation has been on the International Building Code for decades. That means everywhere.
Bill Whitman
Bill Whitman 2 maanden geleden
Scott, please be careful how much stress you put on your "healing" arm, as opposed to healed. Give it time and it should heal stronger than original. I know too many farmers, including myself, who pushed too hard, too soon, only to have residual issues that didn't need to be.
Neil Fairless
Neil Fairless 2 maanden geleden
Great space to work in. Must make all the difference.
Pete James
Pete James 2 maanden geleden
Nick love the video bomb hahaha
Douglass Schaub
Douglass Schaub 2 maanden geleden
Very cool 😎 thanks for bringing us all along!! I am guessing this is a trilogy!!
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 2 maanden geleden
Considering these implements are designed to put these chemicals thro them, there's really no excuse for them to end up in this condition so soon.
Indiana Hoosier
Indiana Hoosier 2 maanden geleden
I miss our 7140.
max power
max power 2 maanden geleden
Small world! We just got a couple pallets of stuff from Red E this week. Think the air carts are a PITA, try one hooked to a notill disk drill.
UncleManuel 2 maanden geleden
And I'm sitting here still thinking what the heck "stainless steel kids" are... 🤪😁
Randy B
Randy B 2 maanden geleden
Take it outside, work it over good with the pressure washer, bring it back in, thaw it out, dry it off, coat with rust reformer or POR15, then paint it.
Chris Bottoms
Chris Bottoms 2 maanden geleden
Y'alls dad is a working dude wow he can out work most men i hope im able do work if I get his age wow incredible keep it up papa welker.. YOUR A ROCKSTAR!!!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
Just trying make sure the boys keep on the farm. 😁
Obama Big Ears
Obama Big Ears 2 maanden geleden
The guy with glasses looks like the fabricator guy from American Hot Rod
Obama Big Ears
Obama Big Ears 2 maanden geleden
Please give Cole the Cornstar some advice how to produce interesting videos, instead the of loud, non-interesting, self promoting garbage he has been putting out for the past 12 months or so.
Robert Palmore
Robert Palmore 2 maanden geleden
What did they do before they had all the conveniences? They farmed a hell of a lot less acreage. You know if you ran out of room to raise the tank you could let the air out of the tires. ;o)
Mark Hayhurst
Mark Hayhurst 2 maanden geleden
Chris Toffler
Chris Toffler 2 maanden geleden
These projects in the shop are some of the best types of movies you make Nick.
Farmer Kid
Farmer Kid 2 maanden geleden
The dislikes are Prius owners
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 2 maanden geleden
Pops is really a reservoir of knowledge
Jean Louis Binchet
Jean Louis Binchet 2 maanden geleden
WAOUH, QUEL CHANTIER IMPRESSIONNANT, cela représente énormément de travail
Frenchie French
Frenchie French 2 maanden geleden
Stainless steel is corrosion resistant but it is not corrosion free, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years every thing was made of S.S and we had a lot of problem caused by corrosion. Every year we had to take all our equipment apart to send it to be passivated(?) which increased the rust resistance.
James McKay
James McKay 2 maanden geleden
You are Super Smart BUT, your delivery while excellent would be much better if you would TALK SLOWER.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 2 maanden geleden
Hard part is talking slow bores most viewers, we live in a fast paced society and if I can take a 30 min video and make it 20 by talking faster, more will watch longer which in turn helps my channel with NLposts algorithms. Unless people get longer attention spans this won't change. Most channels on NLposts jump cut and speak fast to keep the video pace moving. We've been doing this for 9 years, you have to adapt or be left behind.
Dylan 2 maanden geleden
I sincerely recommend #Zugutech on iG
Dylan 2 maanden geleden
I sincerely recommend the service of *zugutech* on instagram. He is the best hacker when it comes to retrieving your disabled FB, IG or gmail account 💯
Ruben Braekman
Ruben Braekman 2 maanden geleden
Man those air drills are pretty awesome! God bless!
Brent Fulk
Brent Fulk 2 maanden geleden
Can you move to rumble or similar site? YT selective censorship is unacceptable.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
looking at it.
thomas leonard
thomas leonard 2 maanden geleden
What about Bob?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 2 maanden geleden
I was wondering that also?......................
57 RED ROOSTER 2 maanden geleden
People may laugh at your hat but from experience I can say it's saved me twice
Gail Roon
Gail Roon 2 maanden geleden
Hope its a quality grade stainless, didn't want to say food grade but it makes a difference
tomd 2 maanden geleden
Is no one in the USA worried about covid? It’s so easy to wear a mask when working, it’s just second nature at this stage..... would love to see people on you tube setting the example....
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 2 maanden geleden
Hideeyho welker farms - Topic Fertilizers Corrosive - Do you wash out the air cart speaders after use ? me thinking a cheap soap liquid/Bicarb soda Mix and a wash/rinse out . acid - also some bicarb soda as used in swimming pools to reduce acid .
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 2 maanden geleden
i got sacked from an Office Job once - why ? standing around the coffee machine drinking loads coffee the Boss i got let you go Me - fair enuff UNO i dont even work here 😂 aussie Joke Joyce
willi wildenhain
willi wildenhain 2 maanden geleden
* CO detector goes of, warning of imminent danger * Hollywood:"I guess we can just disable it"
Bob Paterson
Bob Paterson 2 maanden geleden
To get a job doin this kind o work u definitely need to be a jigsaw wizard 1000 pieces 😂😂
bapst albert
bapst albert 2 maanden geleden
from schwizerland belle video très bonnes explications
Vincent Ouwehand
Vincent Ouwehand 2 maanden geleden
Talk about the perfect ad for simply safe. A natural occurrence with honest impressed reception by the simply safe owner. No actor could do better. Sell that footage :)
TEXAN1845 2 maanden geleden
Great job y’all
George Underwood
George Underwood 2 maanden geleden
Your just the best farmer ever
George Underwood
George Underwood 2 maanden geleden
You make me smile
George Underwood
George Underwood 2 maanden geleden
He is
George Underwood
George Underwood 2 maanden geleden
Welkers life is the exact same way I want to live
Carol McCorry
Carol McCorry 2 maanden geleden
Love the enthusiasm in the shop, makes the day have a little, sparkle
Bruce Kepley
Bruce Kepley 2 maanden geleden
Bunch of stuff I've never seen before. Thanks.
ghoian 2 maanden geleden
I live literally 10 minutes away from what was originally Flexicoil. I had many family and friends that made a living manufacturing farm equipment for Flexicoil. I did take a tour of the facility but was able to find employment elsewhere after high school. Now many years later they are known as CNH or Case New Holland
Roger Holloway
Roger Holloway 2 maanden geleden
Unless these things are misused or abused, isn't that corrosion one of the things engineers should have foreseen? I'd be upset beyond words myself. Fifteen years of age seems fairly new to many of us. Good luck going forward!
Troy boy 0622 Theiste
Troy boy 0622 Theiste 2 maanden geleden
That is major undertaking. But I now how important it is.
Lucas J
Lucas J 2 maanden geleden
Boom truck rocks. 🚙
Wb Forsure
Wb Forsure 2 maanden geleden
I always say that if engineers who design things would have to work on them in the real world they'd do a lot better job engineering things.
Chris Adams
Chris Adams 2 maanden geleden
Now y’all know y’all only worked like 10 mins total for the camera lol, RedE did all the work
Red E
Red E 2 maanden geleden
you guys did a great job! We need to see more Torch Wrench!
David Lucas
David Lucas 2 maanden geleden
Awesome work guys
Kevin H
Kevin H 2 maanden geleden
Love the hard hat Nick. 👍🏼
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