TIRElessly Changing BIG BUD Tractor Tires...again

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16 dagen geleden

Big jobs require big machines with big tires... And there is always a day when those big tires need changed!
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Donald Lukehart
Donald Lukehart Dag geleden
If only they had a large tire machine lol
Sincerely yours,
Sincerely yours, 2 dagen geleden
A lifetime of learning, one video at a time!
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
MN. STEEL - Andrew K. 6 dagen geleden
Contact a tire supplier shop that sells everything related to tires and order a 5 gallon can of "SKID". I used to use it on my service truck and in the shop when I worked in the commercial tire industry
Drylander Drylander
Drylander Drylander 6 dagen geleden
Put tracks on that big bud then you’ll have something!!!
Richard G
Richard G 6 dagen geleden
I’ll bet that’s not how they do it at the tire shop.
Kevin Amstutz
Kevin Amstutz 6 dagen geleden
Try wrapping a wide cargo strap around the middle of the tire to squeeze the beads out.
Anne O'Reilly
Anne O'Reilly 7 dagen geleden
That gym work is paying off, Nick!
TJM Simulation
TJM Simulation 8 dagen geleden
well this certainly would've come in handy today had I known those side by sides can yank those tyres!
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 8 dagen geleden
Fun changing tires.
twinred 9 dagen geleden
Red E Ag comes through again! What a great partnership you have together! God Bless
Jerry Fife
Jerry Fife 9 dagen geleden
Looking forward to seeing planting season take off, you all be safe and God Bless
Curtis Bryce
Curtis Bryce 9 dagen geleden
Rooooooof NOT Ruf. Bloody yanks.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 9 dagen geleden
Good stuff god bless
cs go
cs go 10 dagen geleden
Agro Fan @UCLIY1kHZhRwHbDv_E3wr8Dw
Jason Babcock
Jason Babcock 10 dagen geleden
How many chains can a guy use at the same time anyway?
Luapnhaoj 11 dagen geleden
o yes you wake up at half 6 im the mirbing and see welker farms just streamed
Franco Mtz
Franco Mtz 12 dagen geleden
I love your shop
Franco Mtz
Franco Mtz 12 dagen geleden
Why not even all out new or used? It only makes sense.
shop shop
shop shop 12 dagen geleden
What do you do with 4 giant old used up rubber tires?
Digtwo 12 dagen geleden
Screw that I'd pay to have em done.
Gloria Papak
Gloria Papak 12 dagen geleden
Welker farms your map is awesome in fs17
Michael Rowe
Michael Rowe 12 dagen geleden
good job
Davd Hynes
Davd Hynes 12 dagen geleden
Amy Bly
Amy Bly 13 dagen geleden
Praying all goes well thank you for sharing
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 13 dagen geleden
Thoes tires look 10x better then anything we have put ON a machine on the farm!
justin schmicker
justin schmicker 13 dagen geleden
I know it probably isn't orthodox but at the shop we used a hot plate and some hytrans to heat the bearings up and then drop them on. That's what we do not saying you have to but it works for us.
Jackson Logghe
Jackson Logghe 13 dagen geleden
What is the music called because it is very cool?
Paulette Norton
Paulette Norton 13 dagen geleden
3:51 Yea I have getting paid via 𝗣𝗔𝗬𝗡𝗘𝗧𝗝𝗢𝗕.𝗖𝗢𝗠 $500 in a month is reachable ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
iBelieve 13 dagen geleden
Glad to see legarms healed and doing good. Just said a prayer to the good Lord thanking Him that legarms is doing well
iBelieve 14 dagen geleden
Kathleen M
Kathleen M 14 dagen geleden
Great job!
Pat Pulis
Pat Pulis 14 dagen geleden
I guess the real question is: Did you fix the break warning light. I'm pretty sure you don't want to go through that mess again.
su tom
su tom 14 dagen geleden
Here is a tip for the chains: Measure the length of them and then spray paint them and put a chart on the wall with the approx. size and what color it is....Group them within something like 2 - 5 feet of each one being one color....Saves tons of time to grab and go...…….
adrianspeeder 14 dagen geleden
Rings off for safety.
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 14 dagen geleden
It should read tielessly changing TYRES as that is the correct spelling for a TYRE
krinkov545 14 dagen geleden
Live dangerously! Seat tire beads with liberal amounts of either!
German A
German A 14 dagen geleden
Is amazing the work you all do
Trevor Ashbaugh
Trevor Ashbaugh 14 dagen geleden
You should Collab with @RainfallProjects on YT to create your heavy duty jack stands. Check out his channel, he has made some really cool stuff and is located up your way!
Dude Mediocre
Dude Mediocre 14 dagen geleden
Dude Nick is so lucky to have Leg Arms! Because when he cleans he doesn’t stop!
gunga din
gunga din 14 dagen geleden
Three guys go into the Thunder Dome Tire Changing Pit. Successful day, three guys walk out with 10 finger each and their heads still on Let me guess, you spin balance those Big Brute tires on the county road at 20 mph? Yep, farm tractor changing shop. Head chopper snapped flying cable takes out whole shop crew. Drill press takes a shot too. Gator gives its guts to the cause.
Agonist 14 dagen geleden
those tires don't even look that bad, whats the tell tale sign it's time to change them?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 14 dagen geleden
They are starting to crack inside, which pinches the tube.
deutz gut
deutz gut 14 dagen geleden
einfach super
Jason G
Jason G 14 dagen geleden
Have you guys figured out how to get those BigBuds to run on wind and solar yet? Also I have to say. You guys are every mechanics nightmare using that anti seize. No matter how careful you are it ends up on everything.
Clyde Acor
Clyde Acor 14 dagen geleden
You know when a farmer hit the big time when a tractor gets new tires and the tires taken off are good enough for one of the other tractors. This farm boy would've probably kept those tires in the shed and kept running those tires for another 5 seasons lol.... 😉
TonkaTruckF350 14 dagen geleden
Seems like Mr. Welker never gets tired, no matter what the job.
elitetwo1 14 dagen geleden
Sure is nice to see a family all working together.
TryAdaptLearn 14 dagen geleden
Awesome work on those huge tires.
Kurt Leese
Kurt Leese 14 dagen geleden
With all of those new bearings and brakes on the “Big Bud”, don’t forget to replace/install a better “Brake on” warning light and maybe a buzzer.
Jim McLean
Jim McLean 14 dagen geleden
Another great video guys Scott Nick and Robert you guys know what you're doing it seems like you got to shop that stands out from everybody else's got all the tools to do whatever job at hand there is to do God bless
Brad Pogue
Brad Pogue 14 dagen geleden
I bet it feels good to have the tires back on the big brute. You guys keep up the good work and good luck getting into the fields
Miriam Bertram
Miriam Bertram 14 dagen geleden
So.. Legarms channels Cole the cornstar
andrew sarles
andrew sarles 15 dagen geleden
You just gave me a 15 minute reminder on how big ag tires suck to work on! I have one to do this spring!
twothreebravo 15 dagen geleden
I just had the same issue yesterday with getting a tire to set the bead on a little 8" lawn tractor rim. We're not too different you and I. LOL
Don V.D.Borgh
Don V.D.Borgh 15 dagen geleden
Those tires are much to large to be called shoes, I'd say boots be more like it! 🤣👍👍
Étienne Bernier
Étienne Bernier 15 dagen geleden
Hey Nick ,put a sheet metal on the ground and after just put oil on it ! Your tire would slide very easy !!
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott 15 dagen geleden
Great video. The rush for the upcoming planting season is on!
Adam Guthrie
Adam Guthrie 15 dagen geleden
You guys need a work glove sponsor. 👊
waterskiingfool 15 dagen geleden
Great job changing those tires out on your own
sorina verde
sorina verde 15 dagen geleden
Nick clean up the shop!!!
Donovan Butler
Donovan Butler 15 dagen geleden
I remember doing those when I was a service truck tire. Sucks to do them but a helluva work out. Good times. Be safe y'all.
Dahlmasen 15 dagen geleden
CC said: Good Year Thight and Tired😂
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin 15 dagen geleden
When are you building a shop like the larson's😂😂
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 14 dagen geleden
When the crop and price stars line up.............. It will be heavenly.
Fenland Rob
Fenland Rob 15 dagen geleden
Great to see you all working a long side each other as a family! You make it look so easy with the fast forward and time lapse. Great to see the bud and the sprayer getting ready for work. Rob from the 🇬🇧
Tom Bombardil
Tom Bombardil 15 dagen geleden
13:38 'no idea what it's called..... BUT it's part of it' I laughed so hard at this. Great job you welkers as always.
Moisés Carvalho
Moisés Carvalho 15 dagen geleden
os americanos conseguem fazer sucata, outros americanos usam a sucata, outros americanos salvam a sucata. americanos votam em sucata.
John Lemmey
John Lemmey 15 dagen geleden
Hope you filled those planetary with oil. A good tip is to change the planetary oil every time you do the motor oil. Oil is cheep planetary are not.
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson 15 dagen geleden
IT'S ALL NICK FOLT all the time every time lol
Cody M
Cody M 15 dagen geleden
Great work next time get your self a ame (# 11060) dual bead breaker (aka agri scissors) that go between the dual and apply pressure to pop the inner bead off just beacreful they kick out once in a while and they hurt God bless and keep up the awesome work
Roger Holloway
Roger Holloway 15 dagen geleden
You guys need to show Wes Pandy (One Lonely Farmer) how the tires come off and reinstall without using ether spray and igniting it. Eventually you'll receive a citation for saving his or his son Tim's life.
Ralph Kelly
Ralph Kelly 15 dagen geleden
Scott it’s great to see you back to full health after the draw bar Incedent. I know. It’s still healing but. Still great to see you all back. I can’t believe. That you let your dad take a fall for the team. 😂. Nick. Mr millennium would be proud of you with your dirty hands. Doing the Tyers. On the bud. God bless one and all
DAVID PAYNE 15 dagen geleden
i was a tyre fitter not easy, can be hard work.
Jeremy Cole
Jeremy Cole 15 dagen geleden
If I look at the rear tires on my little Kubota, I already feel tired and now watching you change four Big Bud tires I am incredibly insufficient.
Jonathan Hudek
Jonathan Hudek 15 dagen geleden
Not sure how you have more followers than Nelson farms. I enjoy their videos a lot more but thank you for all your hard work and keeping America fed
Cordell Lush
Cordell Lush 15 dagen geleden
Why does the brute have industrial tires up front? wouldn't big, deep tread AG tires be better?
Cordell Lush
Cordell Lush 14 dagen geleden
@Robert Welker that makes sense
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 14 dagen geleden
We didn't want the front lugs to tear up the crop when turning.
Jason Poirier
Jason Poirier 15 dagen geleden
Hey Nick I am looking in a drone I don’t know much about them which one is the best or the one that you have
Dallas Scott
Dallas Scott 15 dagen geleden
Corn star just put some big tires on too,,but he isn't born n raised n montana, luv the vids, Billings mt,
Kunki Sunki
Kunki Sunki 15 dagen geleden
It's Heavy, It's Big. You need proper workout if you are going to enter this workshop. You must be eating Goood there!
David Lucas
David Lucas 15 dagen geleden
Love your videos Nick thanks for all you guys do
thetribber 15 dagen geleden
Great video! Happy Easter to the Welker families!
Britt White
Britt White 15 dagen geleden
Do y’all put water in the tires of any of your tractors?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 14 dagen geleden
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 15 dagen geleden
Be Careful Bob. We can’t afford too have you down. We need the brains of the operation, got plenty of brawn with the celebrities. Haha
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 15 dagen geleden
Thanks...God Blessssssss !
Conner Walden
Conner Walden 15 dagen geleden
Spray some carb and choke cleaner on it and light it on fire
damonkey 321
damonkey 321 15 dagen geleden
0:56 I heard that almost slip out Scott😂😂😂
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor 15 dagen geleden
Just think - you can sell those old tires to the cross-fit folks...
John Doe
John Doe 15 dagen geleden
Hey Nick, quick question Why don’t you seed with the series 1 anymore?
Darion Chimko
Darion Chimko 15 dagen geleden
Are all the tires on that kta matching or are they still all different
Darion Chimko
Darion Chimko 12 dagen geleden
@Robert Welker oh ok makes sence
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 14 dagen geleden
The inside are different but newer.
Stanley Baker
Stanley Baker 15 dagen geleden
Do you ever think about giving up farming 🚜 🤔?
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson 15 dagen geleden
Thanks for your video and your time to show us what you are doing. Appreciate that. Leg Arms your rearranging the chains and other items on the wall is excellent. Easy to find what you need now. Good going. You are getting closer to having your equipment ready for spring work. I know the tire work is not easy. Been there done that. You got them exchanged so that is what counts and the wheel bearing work finally done. Almost ready to go. You are a good team and family to get it all done. Good job. God bless you all. Take care all. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
david wagner
david wagner 15 dagen geleden
Maybe you have been asked this but how old are each of your Big Buds?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 14 dagen geleden
Series 1 1971, 2 1978, 3 1979
David Schlecht
David Schlecht 15 dagen geleden
Guys getting the machinery ready to go is sort of like baseball spring training, getting ready to hit a home run getting the ground ready to plant and roll!
Britt Blanton
Britt Blanton 15 dagen geleden
Thanks for the great video guys. Hey Bob be careful taking one for the team you are like myself no SRING CHICKEN 😂. Take care guys and stay safe, hope you guys have a Blessed Easter Weekend.👍
Brian Schorzman
Brian Schorzman 15 dagen geleden
A trick that I learned when putting wheel on a piece of equipment such as the brute is put a thin sheet of steel on the floor. Put the wheel on it and it will slide easier than when you were struggling on the concrete. Happy seeding this spring!
SA Farmer
SA Farmer 15 dagen geleden
I don't see the use of changing those. Not much more thread on the other ones
MaxCruise73 15 dagen geleden
To help the beads seat on a large tubeless tire, wrap with an chain and chain fall around the circumference. Tighten the chain fall. This will help move the tire beads outward so the beads contact the bead seat of the rim. As you know, remove the valve core and hit with air. Works vast majority of the time.
Anthony L
Anthony L 15 dagen geleden
Not sure if it's been said, but to help seat the beads on the tires, try a ratchet strap around the diameter of the tire and crank it down as tight as you can get it.
Icaman0719 Sogge
Icaman0719 Sogge 15 dagen geleden
Commend you family for working so well together I so appreciate your videos. Thanks for sharing
Darrell Dorn
Darrell Dorn 15 dagen geleden
My grandfather used to build fishing equipment out of stainless scrap from Diablo Canyon. Great stainless, hard to weld.
Scarface 39
Scarface 39 15 dagen geleden
Barry Foran
Barry Foran 15 dagen geleden
Love what you do. Your family is awesome. Wish you would wear protective gloves more often, in the shop and with all chemicals and during your rebuilds/fixes. I don't like seeing greasy hands, it so easy to put on some protection and long term your hands will love you. One more thought, if you work with your hands and want to wear a wedding ring, buy a silicone substitute for the workshop. Might save a finger.....
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