It's FABRICATION DAY! Mixing Old with NEW

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Welker Farms

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We're getting closer to firing up this custom cleaner thanks to some old parts Grandpa kept and a new auger thanks to AGI. Still a work in progress and likely will see future improvements once we try it out. This has been a fun little project, can't wait to save money cleaning pea seed for 2021!
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Charles A. Bennett
Charles A. Bennett Maand geleden
Seems like it would be a lot easier to have the guy with seed cleaning rig come to do the job. He has done the job for decades.
Craig Clemson
Craig Clemson Maand geleden
@Ryan Cobbley k
David Lucas
David Lucas Maand geleden
No cost other than electric to pay for and your own time .
Allan Perry
Allan Perry Maand geleden
Well done Welkers , money saved in the long run 🏃‍♂️ 👏 👍
Cullen Miller
Cullen Miller Maand geleden
So it will always be broken when you need it after the neighbors got done with it. 🤣🤣
Andy Kolb
Andy Kolb Maand geleden
@Welker Farms Farmers are the best inventors, innovators, and engineers. I would prefer to hire a farmer for an engineering job than a engineering school grad.
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 8 dagen geleden
YAY one step closer.
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 13 dagen geleden
2 chains would be easy auger locater
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 27 dagen geleden
Great video catch you guys next time. God bless
Michael McBride
Michael McBride Maand geleden
You guys need to looking into a mini ductor for losing rust bolts.
fullers1966 Maand geleden
I keep subscribing it dropping the subscribe I thought here all winter you just took time off
James Kloft
James Kloft Maand geleden
from what i have see with your cleaner welding on the screen is a no no it changes how the screen works and you should have splice the screen together were the cover went down the screen. I also see that you will need a VFD on the main motor it is running to fast. you will need a VFD on your fan or put in a damper to control the air flow. You will also need to be able to level your cleaner so it is not lining on one side more the the either side. Just some quick and easy things to help make your cleaning much easier. put i like what you are doing it will work put it's not a true cleaner. a true cleaner would work much better but they are not cheap equipment.
Rob Plays Games
Rob Plays Games Maand geleden
Free 90 Free...Best price ever! ROFL
zacneli Maand geleden
Seed cleaner is easy.... Fabrication of a machine is awesome!!
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker Maand geleden
Thanks...God Bless u'all's
Keith Cambidge
Keith Cambidge Maand geleden
Nice job 👍🏻
Chris D.
Chris D. Maand geleden
There is nothing like Good Old Farm fabrication
Pushpush Lambert
Pushpush Lambert Maand geleden
Just saying but for your motor adding VSC you just need an old style “Variac” to control the voltage . Controlling the frequency on a single phase is not needed ... just a thought ....
Hopewell Farmer
Hopewell Farmer Maand geleden
Just get a slideing gate damper to adjust your airflow for the fan or a slide gate somewhere on the intake side of the system they are cheap and work very well its just a vibrating dust collector system on wheels
Christopher Houston
Christopher Houston Maand geleden
You guys should look at lenze drives. The ac tech will work great, you can input 110v and it will output 3ph. I use them all the time.
57 RED ROOSTER Maand geleden
Music sounded like I was watching a Starsky and Hutch show from the 70's
kudewald Maand geleden
I like your ground clamp vice grip combo.
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer Maand geleden
It's a dirty job, but someone has to eat the chips. ;-) Nothing like the ingenuity of the American farmer. My dad could build anything from nothing. I didn't get that gene. God Bless!
4020 john deere
4020 john deere Maand geleden
Your dad could be a big time movie star
Daniel Poore
Daniel Poore Maand geleden
Awesome! Happy to hear that little tidbit at the end about farming more land than ever, no matter how you cut it thats fantastic news!
Tony Ackerman
Tony Ackerman Maand geleden
Big Bud Bob Pun Score == 2 ! Rock on Bob!
James Cox
James Cox Maand geleden
Hello from Ontario, Canada! Love your videos! Keep up the great work!
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Thank you!
Andreas Parussis
Andreas Parussis Maand geleden
to match the welding on point with the Drop at 6:13 was really really nice
Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson Maand geleden
Fanning mill?
Chonko Farms
Chonko Farms Maand geleden
would you guys sell thoughts hemp screens?
Chonko Farms
Chonko Farms Maand geleden
@Robert Welker ok
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
We aren't using them so we might.
iBelieve Maand geleden
Art Henry
Art Henry Maand geleden
REALLY enjoyed this one. THIS shows the REAL reason farmers are still in business and I am not having to buy from China!! The innovations here are inspiring. I know, you guys do this all the time, but getting to see it in action is great!! This was darn smart!! It will be even better before you quit tinkering with it. (if you EVER do) I marveled at the hands on genius of building a better machine, custom fit to YOUR needs. Way to go!! The pea cleaner man can go clean peas some where else!! Gotta be some pride in cleaning your own peas!! (I'll stop here) Seriously, I did find this wonderful!!
Man is full of farming simulator
Man is full of farming simulator Maand geleden
I have been watching you guys for nearly 9 years
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Wow, you have been with us a long time. Hope you don't need theropy ; )
stumpy2816 Maand geleden
Mark Blackwood
Mark Blackwood Maand geleden
On vFD’s there is a difference in “centrifugal” and “Material” loads. Ie: Centrifugals are often used in my industry for centrifugal fans which as you go slower reduce torque and amperage as a load by 1/3 as you slow. VFD’s for this application are rated at about 1/2 the amps of a static load. If you have one or more motors in on a conveyer the conveyer needs to run wether it’s loaded or not, static load at start is high when conveyer is loaded. VFD needs to be higher amp designed for static loads to carry the entire load from 3hz to 60hz. Probably identical VFD same voltage but double the amp rating. May physically be larger to handle the load. Simple information for concept but if you check with supplier. They will need anticipated load with auger full and running 2 to 3 hz. Based on that, amperage power can be calculated and choose VFD. Fundamentally VFD’s are amperage machines. They are often rated in HP but a 1/2 HP VFD will work fine on a 1 HP fan but you will need a 1 horse power VFD of identical for an auger or conveyer
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Thanks for the info...... Now to digest it 👍
Bobby Fechner
Bobby Fechner Maand geleden
18.41 no it not for you it’s for leg arms 😂🤣😂
Bobby Fechner
Bobby Fechner Maand geleden
Buddy Martin
Buddy Martin Maand geleden
If its like a 2-3 hp motor, you can use a single phase controller, a bridge rectifier, and a run capacitor to even out the waves and avoid a lot of the cost/complexity of a VFD
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Good to know
Phelim Doyle
Phelim Doyle Maand geleden
Love your videos you make things really interesting
Eric Boudle
Eric Boudle Maand geleden
I would have drilled into the pully lock setting screw into the shaft of the motor. Put in the set screw with a little Loctite. Just my thoughts, what ever works works... !!!
russ snively
russ snively Maand geleden
If you are going to run that auger on single phase power then you need to get a vfd twice the size.
Charles Tallardy
Charles Tallardy Maand geleden
Please put a 3 wire cord on that old motor so you don't electrocute somebody.
Toby Miller
Toby Miller Maand geleden
That is as good a job of Welker riggin as I have seen. thank you
knowltek Maand geleden
That VFD looks like one for a DC motor..Js
ginggur17 Maand geleden
Top ‘grade’ production as always guys. (Did ya see what I did there, no ‘riddle’ intended lol). Couldn’t resist. 👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏🙏
Jim McLean
Jim McLean Maand geleden
Save some work for Scott to do
Clark Hamlin
Clark Hamlin Maand geleden
More mouths to feed more acres to plant. That’s what farmings about. Getter done.
Jon Solomon
Jon Solomon Maand geleden
Could you use like a dimmer switch or something similar to adjust speed on motor? There’s bound to be something that is cheep and easy to mount. Just a thought!
Quetico Moe
Quetico Moe Maand geleden
Nick you'll need to consider renaming the channel Welker Farms and Engineering! LOL! You guys are such amazing innovators! Great content!
Matthew Zimmer
Matthew Zimmer Maand geleden
Where has LegArms been?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Visiting in laws
thomas leonard
thomas leonard Maand geleden
Put some slots on the arm, in and out to adjust height! Or a collar! - lol
Charles A. Bennett
Charles A. Bennett Maand geleden
Did you hear about the farmer girl who wanted to break up with her boyfriend? She sent him a John Deere letter !!!!
Corey Chockley
Corey Chockley Maand geleden
Sound like a bunch of QUACKS who knows..
Lynn Rosaasen
Lynn Rosaasen Maand geleden
You guys are so resourceful and innovative. Living a long ways from towns, shops has let you be very creative. This all cuts cost and a sense of accomplishment God bless these great men with continued creative abilities! Blessings from east central Alberta!
Michael Baumgardner
Michael Baumgardner Maand geleden
You need a digital VFD
flyingmerkel Maand geleden
did you forget to turn on the gas, those welds looked dirty just wondering lol
Allen Davenport
Allen Davenport Maand geleden
Have you looked into a spiral mill? It takes the splits and small rocks out.
Boxer Mayhem
Boxer Mayhem Maand geleden
We have a full time guy that just makes VFD recommendations for proper size and application pm me for contact info the service is free
Rick Woodvine.
Rick Woodvine. Maand geleden
Free 90 Free, that's a good one. Love your videos.
Jim Dieseldawg
Jim Dieseldawg Maand geleden
“In nineteen-eighty-blah, a crack fabrication team was sent to a Deere farm for a crime they did not commit. They promptly escaped from that maximum-green facility to the Montana underground and survive as farmers of fortune. If you have a problem, and nobody else can help, and IF you can FIND them, maybe YOU can hire... The Welkers” 👍🤟🏼
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
You can call me Bob.... James Bob. Double 0 67 👍
harvey snarf
harvey snarf Maand geleden
I think you guys need more toys so you go the mecum auction site on the computer and feast you eyes on the tractors coming up for sale in davenport IA on march 25 and 27! lots of neat stuff for you to play with love your videos jerry in new brunswick canada eh?
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage Maand geleden
Great Fabrication Day, Vlog, thanks for sharing
Dave Schultz
Dave Schultz Maand geleden
Look at Automation direct for a drive to run your motor. I use them all the time. Works great
Farm Country LLC
Farm Country LLC Maand geleden
Just a thought, but you guys are probably already ahead me. How about using a set of step pulleys to drive the feed auger? I see the 3 phase freek drive is not working, easy to jump a belt on say a 5 step pulley set up. Also seen a comment on sucking debris thru that fan. How about a dust collector fan for sawdust. I've had one in our wood shop for years, just a cheapy, but still runs and runs. Keep on farm'n ! Regards from Wisconsin
Dilly Dilly
Dilly Dilly Maand geleden
I hope you paint it red and stick a welker fab logo on it
Paul C. Sachse Jr.
Paul C. Sachse Jr. Maand geleden
Groovy music, I feel like I’m watching a Starsky and Hutch episode........
JOLOBOY116 Maand geleden
Hey guys, it might be a good idea to grow hemp on that grond that you deep cultivated with the big bud and that case chisel, i'm from europe and my dad uses is to make the ground better!
Nick Kercheval
Nick Kercheval Maand geleden
Y’all are pretty slick. The cleaner is a no brainer addition to your efficiency and bottom line.
Davd Hynes
Davd Hynes Maand geleden
👍👍😀 My wallet didn’t go to cleaners, classic Welker’s frugalness.
Dan Whiteford
Dan Whiteford Maand geleden
You might need to introduce some sort of choke on that fan so that it is not too aggressive but are the blades curved at all? If forward curved you could quickly burn out the motor.
Cullen Podolan
Cullen Podolan Maand geleden
so what is the yellow auger for when you have the fan
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
We needed to move the screened unwanted material away but collected.
Bruce Kepley
Bruce Kepley Maand geleden
Whatever you decide about your VFD, your idea for using VFD is solid. Even if it costs far more for a drive independent of the motor, you will save far more over the '5 -70 year life span' just by the difference of energy consumed. The lateral rotating arm appears to render support in wimpiness?
Eric Kona Peper
Eric Kona Peper Maand geleden
God Bless you guys Nick I’m happy to see this project moving!😏🖖🏼❤️🇺🇸
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Maand geleden
Either or.... lots of work and Legarms almost healed up and trying to get some strength back. I hope it goes well NIck as the new guy at the helm of our government appears sorta lost and making a lot of bad decisions towards what the dollar is worth
Steven Start
Steven Start Maand geleden
Put a petrol motor on it. They have a throttle for a variable speed.
Fenland Rob
Fenland Rob Maand geleden
Great video again you both seem to work well together, the cleaner looks to be taking shape. Looking forward to seeing the next video. Rob from the 🇬🇧
Gary Berg
Gary Berg Maand geleden
I enjoy watching you and your dad fabricating different tools that are used on the farm. Even Leg Arms does a decent job too, when he's around. It's also good to see that your able to recycle some of the things that have been sitting around for 50 years.
mrbunny8050 Maand geleden
You installed about everything except for a nitrous oxide tank.
mrbunny8050 Maand geleden
Bob is the MacGyver of farm engineering.
Kaden H. F.
Kaden H. F. Maand geleden
in the offseason, they should open a fab shop
Kaden H. F.
Kaden H. F. Maand geleden
that dog has got to be living its best life 🙂
Guido Marchini
Guido Marchini Maand geleden
Yeah.... But where is LegArms?........
Craig Forsberg
Craig Forsberg Maand geleden
Love it . This is what farming is about, making what you need. Good onya boys.
Liam Alferness
Liam Alferness Maand geleden
Starting to look like spring every
Claetus Woodroofe
Claetus Woodroofe Maand geleden
We often put grain back through the combine to get it clean for seed but obviously on a smaller scale than you guys
Roger Holloway
Roger Holloway Maand geleden
Farmers: Americas original engineers
Lionel The Toy Poodle
Lionel The Toy Poodle Maand geleden
Woof woof! Nice sharing. Thanks for the video.
Miles Holt
Miles Holt Maand geleden
Where is that slacker Leg Arms????
TexasGTO Maand geleden
I don't if y'all know this but Ryobi released a new impact part of their new line of tools. It's the p262 and it has a max torque of 600ft lbs. 4 speed with auto stop.
Somers Farm
Somers Farm Maand geleden
If my Dad was still alive he would be impressed with your fabricating and welding. My Dad could fabricate and build anything, he was who everyone in our area came too, from other farmers in our area to factories needing something welded, fabricating or building. He started out on our farm with welding and fabricating stuff, but he quickly outgrew our farm shop and built a welding shop across the field from our farm, so the barnlot wasn't filled with other peoples stuff they wanted fixed or fabricating, lol. I wish now, I would have paid more attention and learned how to weld and fabricate, but I was more interested in being in the hog barn if we weren't in the field, instead of in dads welding shop, so outside of just being able to lay a bead if something needs tacked weld together, I cant do much in way of welding and fabricating, not thinking Dad wouldn't be around to fix things that I have break. I really wish now I had taken time to learn from my Dad how to weld better and fabricate things I need.
Somers Farm
Somers Farm Maand geleden
@Robert Welker thanks, maybe when I was younger, I would have been able to weld halfway descent. But now I dont have steady enough hands to really weld anything, due to chronic pain from having ankylosing spondylitis. You and your sons have a amazing gift from God with how talented y'all our with fabricating and being able to fix anything mechanical wise. My brother is the mechanic in our family. I can do minor repairs, and can fix about anything on a combine, unless it has to do with the engine, or any engine for that matter,lol. I just really enjoy watching y'all and seeing how farming in Montanna is quite different from here in the Midwest, where all we raise is corn and soybeans, along with a little bit of wheat. I love the wide open spaces, and the huge fields, those are the kind of fields I love running a combine in.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Don't sell your self too short. I'm sure there's you dad's talent with you.
Jesse James
Jesse James Maand geleden
When Mr Walker said where's Legarms my oldest son was mocking my dad and Uncle. Where's Jesse where's MacGyver at I want him here NOW! My wife was like that's so freaking true. I said yeah it's true. We are leaving the farm life for good. It's just to much stress living here. My siblings don't want nothing to do with the farm at all cause of my dad and Uncle (his brother) cause they always want me fixing things or building thing's. And I never get a break from the farm. Last weekend it was a huge fallout between me and my dad and one of his brother's. It got into a fistfight. It needed to happen my wife was like that's what he (Uncle) needed to receive. My dad was not happy at all. I looked at him and said we are done. Dad was like nah ur sticking around. I said nope that's the last draw. We own a house in the city that belonged to my wife's late family member. And we moved our stuff in it this past week. The kids are very happy. They hated my dad and Uncle's. Uncle's kids don't want nothing to do with farm life. I was like hey ur kids don't want nothing to do with the farm at all. But u demand my kids to do work for u all the time. Words was exchanged and fist fight after. Mom knew it was about to happen. She's happy cause the kids gets to see there friends and play sports at school. I got a job with a very good friend of mine driving trucks in the area. I had friends go get what farm equipment that's mine. And I sold it to them. Dad was like not happy at all cause he didn't want me to leave cause of uncle. I told him I told u dad and u dad was like not hearing what I said. I told him we been thinking about leaving last year. Cause we had to arvest corn and wheat off the fields. I told both dad and mom. We (me and my wife and kid's) was going to see friends of ours outta state. And uncles and u dad said we will get the fields taking care of. Nope no vacation time to see friends of ours. I told my wife that I am thinking of leaving farm life. And she agreed on that so did the kids. The oldest 2 had to quit football to help us in the field's. There happy playing baseball and also basketball. Wife was like are u happy when I was sitting on the front porch watching vehicles go by i said yeah. And said I have not had a cigarette in days. She was like no wonder i never smell the smoke on ur clothes. I always have smoked outside. And I am stress free wife and friends of ours and my kids said ur not stress talking. My dad asked if I would continue helping I said if u and Uncle both of them needs help then both uncles can help.
Jesse James
Jesse James Maand geleden
@Robert Welker thank you. It's been rough since the middle of last year. My wife and me been planning to take the kids in the 5th wheel camper and go camping for a week with friends of mine outta state. Both dad and Uncle's was like go have fun. Nope not until the day we was about to leave. Dad says you aint going u gotta get wheat and corn outta the field's. I was like dam can't believe that he did that again. Wife was like not happy at all neither was our kids. They helped driving tractors while me and the oldest son did the combines. And we got done with that and dad was like gone with uncles on trips. That made me and my wife very upset. Other things was building up to the fight. And that day my youngest son had his best friend over who has a hard time hearing. What my uncle said and did had me out from under the truck in a split second. And I just grabbed him and said it's not his fault he can't hear u. And uncle replied what he said again I turned and just punched him so hard like he went flying back to the corner. My wife and mom and dad appeared and my dad was like what's the bleep is going on. Uncle lied I said what he kept saying about sons friend. Dad was like nag nag nag nag. I told the boy and my son to head to the house. And I told my dad that's it we are leaving. Mom ran to there house dad left with uncle. Other uncle said I ain't going to say he ended up in the er. Me and my wife aint racists. We got our stuff outta the house. And in my wife's late Grandmas house. We brought new furniture and beds and bedroom sets for us and the kids. The boy that has a hard time hearing his mom was like thank u. The boy told my son he's sorry for what happened. I sat him on my tailgate with my son his friend. And I sat across from him in a lawn chair and explained what lead to the huge brawl. I said it's not ur fault. My wife said we aint racists and we don't tolerate that. And it's not ur fault ur deaf in one ear and have to use a hearing aid (the battery for his hearing aid went dead when Uncle said something to him) the boy smiled and said thank you for kicking there asses. He asked would we still work on the farm and my wife and me said no we just need to get away. And that Jesse has a better job offered and plus names of our kids can play sport's. And plus u and youngest son can always hang out with each other. I had the other kids gather up and they told sons friend why they hated both uncles and grandpa (my dad) he was like wow. I said we will still help other neighbors that are really good friends of ours with there crops. There not happy at all with what happened. And are really happy we left. And all of them even sons friend said that I never smoked since we moved here. I kneeled in front of him and said it was a stressful work environment. Here and where I work at aint a stressful work environment and living envirement. And one of the kids was like mom what's for dinner. I said load up we are going out to eat Chinese. My family members are not very happy at all with what happened. My mom is staying with her sister and her husband. Been busy yesterday and today taking my name off things. The kids was like are we still going on the trip soon. I said yes in 2 weeks. They was happy we are going.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
sad to hear the struggles you face. But it's not unique.
Allan Perry
Allan Perry Maand geleden
Love to see these father and son projects . 👍🇨🇦👍🌞
Gerald Shaum
Gerald Shaum Maand geleden
Hey guys, I really enjoy your videos, especially these refabing ones, I live about 60 miles south of you, I would really be interested in those pea screenings if you're interested in selling them, how can I get in contact with you privately?
Debbie Lamb
Debbie Lamb Maand geleden
Just got my impact drill and drill cordless, now for all my raised beds... Gonna be a great year for welkers god bless you all...🙏🙏🙏💕the build looks great 👍😉
Logan Jeter
Logan Jeter Maand geleden
Are you going to paint all of your work of art so it dont rust
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
We'll give it a coat.
Dengezik100 Maand geleden
Nice job! But by all respect that hole weekens that square tube on the worst place. By all that vibration there is a good chance that sooner or later it will brake. Wouldn't it been better to weld a smaller tube to the side of the square tube to put that bolt in?
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
You're probably right, but fortunately the Auger is light and half the weight is on the hopper side. But still agreed, would. Have been super easy to weld a small pipe to the side... Oops 😂
David Lucas
David Lucas Maand geleden
Love the videos nick
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Thank you!
David Schlecht
David Schlecht Maand geleden
The best laid plans as they say, but I know the Welker mill rights will figure it all out. Till the next time!🇱🇷👍
Dyno Mow
Dyno Mow Maand geleden
Nice ! I did chuckle a little when I looked at your C clamps on the wall.... like most I know.... the little swivel on most is gone! Good video, Blessings!
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Those pesky things never stay on haha!
BeardMan Timber & Grass JMisch
BeardMan Timber & Grass JMisch Maand geleden
Watching you guys modify equipment like the grain cleaning machine is always fun to watch. I remember when we were kids cleaning rye seed with a Clipper B2 we still have that machine even though we do not farm anymore. Keep up the good work and be safe.
G Unter
G Unter Maand geleden
☹️ searched for weeks now and still can't find my favorite dry salted peas. It's like last year with toilet paper . If you fellas can make some I'm willing to pay $10 a pound.
Bradley Schaefer
Bradley Schaefer Maand geleden
And everyone thinks farming is just driving around in circles lol, Great job!
Jeremy Maand geleden
I need one of those plasma cutters. So cool.
woodster300 Maand geleden
Nick , Thanks for the idea of using needle nose vise grips to extend the ground on the plasma cutter.
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Maand geleden
Great video Welkers
Dig Nation21
Dig Nation21 Maand geleden
Great video fellas
Ron Grace
Ron Grace Maand geleden
Do your self a favor please put on safety glasses when you drill or grind you don't want metal in your eyes and drill bits will break
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Slowly getting better at remembering but always good to be reminded ☺
Matthew Forrey
Matthew Forrey Maand geleden
Hen working with VFD drives. Make sure you are working within the limits of the VFD. Some times it is better to go a size bigger.
Matthew Forrey
Matthew Forrey Maand geleden
@Welker Farms , as the mechanic who fixes everything in family business, I love the fabrication and reuse you all show. Wish I had some of the fabrication skills you have. God bless and keep on praying for our nation!
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
You're right, the one we bought was 2 Amp lower in rating than the motor. We'll fix that in the next go around. Thanks!
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