#SHORTS Plant 2021 has begun!

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DaddyM 6 dagen geleden
stay safe and God bless Welkers
You Don't Need To Know
You Don't Need To Know 7 dagen geleden
we haven't even got the planter out of the shed yet here in western nebraksa
hessuhopo100 7 dagen geleden
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 8 dagen geleden
m j
m j 9 dagen geleden
Whats up with the amateur portrait video?
Logan Sznerch
Logan Sznerch 10 dagen geleden
lets ggggggggoooooooooo
s healy
s healy 10 dagen geleden
What grain type do you seed first, second, third etc.
Paul Koen
Paul Koen 10 dagen geleden
You guys started planting we started combining.Blessings from South Africa 🇿🇦 for a blessed season.
Mark Leadbeater
Mark Leadbeater 10 dagen geleden
Wow! Superb camera work and if I may say, your video editing is coming along in leaps and bounds. Best upload yet! Lols
James Rolfe
James Rolfe 10 dagen geleden
Well i hope all your preparation pays off best of. Luck and gods blessing and speed thx again for all u do
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 10 dagen geleden
Proverbs Ch. 11 vs 24 and 26
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms
Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms 10 dagen geleden
I’m jealous! We should start tillage this weekend.
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage 10 dagen geleden
Great Big Bub #short
C Mike C
C Mike C 10 dagen geleden
I Wanna know how that red e is working!
Eric E
Eric E 10 dagen geleden
#Shorts -It's right there in the title folks, and also have a look at the video length before you click. This is NLpostss response to that TikTok garbage, don't blame the Welker folks for doing what the platform dictates...
OH WHY ME 10 dagen geleden
We are starting tomorrow here in NE Montana🙂
Lisa Serdachny
Lisa Serdachny 10 dagen geleden
You guys should look at getting better trailer next year.Thing about those supper Bs that would change your farm for harvest
Rock_Boy 238
Rock_Boy 238 10 dagen geleden
Well take me hunting kill me and bring me back to life
Courtland Brown
Courtland Brown 10 dagen geleden
How deep are you seeding are you lucky enough to hit moisture at 1 inch. I'm a little worried here in south east Saskatchewan pretty dry.
Spoker Gaming
Spoker Gaming 10 dagen geleden
David Lucas
David Lucas 10 dagen geleden
The bud at work exciting see the dirt turning
mikemerrill175 10 dagen geleden
This is when you pray that the winter repairs hold up
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck 10 dagen geleden
And the fun me began
William Geiser
William Geiser 10 dagen geleden
Wheat, peas or oats?
Cameron Weidert
Cameron Weidert 10 dagen geleden
Great for you guys we finished our seeding a month ago
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Hope the Buds don't get replaced a quarter through the season by new tractors.
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 10 dagen geleden
Barbara Stedillie
Barbara Stedillie 10 dagen geleden
I DO NOT LIKE THESE SHORTS!!! Just because they’re there, doesn’t mean they must be used...who the heck came up with this nonsensical idea anyway???
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 10 dagen geleden
l don't like them at all....lt's just stupid....!
Bowhunters 10 dagen geleden
Next time rotate the phone sideways!
Alex Tremonti
Alex Tremonti 10 dagen geleden
I hate these short videos was excited for a new video....
Mark Ebel
Mark Ebel 10 dagen geleden
you guys have moisture??? i am sure you have counted your blessings
Clint Hochrein
Clint Hochrein 10 dagen geleden
Wow! What a set up!
Karl Kolmer
Karl Kolmer 10 dagen geleden
So good to see the beginning again.
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Uppsalahazze Markstedt 10 dagen geleden
I saw a Canadian video [nlposts.info/past/p5-TnJzMa4Ojymg/video ] about planting special grass to reclaim saline grounds with a lot of weeds as kochia. Is there anything that can do the same on alkaline ground, Robert?
jw '46
jw '46 10 dagen geleden
I hate those long skinny vids. Just don't do it, if that's all there is.
Anthony Banda
Anthony Banda 10 dagen geleden
What a tease ! Nice to see you guys planting. Have a safe and productive planting season!
iBelieve 10 dagen geleden
Mallory Drew
Mallory Drew 10 dagen geleden
you started planting on the 5/4/2021 right
Pistol Farms
Pistol Farms 10 dagen geleden
Scarface 39
Scarface 39 10 dagen geleden
I’m assuming spring wheat?👍🇺🇸
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 10 dagen geleden
22 secs that'll do that'll do :) the Live video b4 this - 30k veiwers Everyone hanging on the rear of truck cam - the comments were a 😂 some fell off some lost there marbles . some just got on asked why r we watching a Dusty truck wheel 1/2hr L8tr
Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis 11 dagen geleden
Sarge 11 dagen geleden
How can you plant already? Are you out of frost season already?
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen 11 dagen geleden
Great video Welkers good luck seeding and spraying
Zachary Vollmer
Zachary Vollmer 11 dagen geleden
Time for a better live stream in 5he 600/50 bude
Kevin Buckner
Kevin Buckner 11 dagen geleden
How many acres this year?
George VictorLast
George VictorLast 11 dagen geleden
Hope you didn't get to tired editing this.
Ruutocka 11 dagen geleden
you should build a box and put a camera in it set up on a Time lapse to capture your crops growing through the summer. Then right before harvest begins post it in a video. Would love to see that
Hazgebu 10 dagen geleden
they already have a video like that that's a few years old iirc
Jaysen Wilson
Jaysen Wilson 10 dagen geleden
Good 💡
Aiden Palmer
Aiden Palmer 10 dagen geleden
ZIMM HOLLOW FARM 10 dagen geleden
Good idea Ruutocka
ZIMM HOLLOW FARM 10 dagen geleden
Please do this
David Miller
David Miller 11 dagen geleden
Nick, your such a tease! lol
Dean Zinter
Dean Zinter 11 dagen geleden
So GOD made a farmer.... nlposts.info/past/joSqxbOpl3uCnHk/video
Rodney Wroten
Rodney Wroten 11 dagen geleden
Dfk429S9fo3 11 dagen geleden
I notice that on some rigs the seeder is in front of the tank. You guys have it in behind. Is that just a preference, or particular to the equipment you are using?
robert lowit
robert lowit 11 dagen geleden
Lane Martin
Lane Martin 11 dagen geleden
Let’s goooo
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson 11 dagen geleden
Thanks for the short clip. You are on the go time. Love the sound of the big bud working on the prairie-great. Trust you will have a good spring and great season that gives you all high production. Thanks again. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
Pat Putnam
Pat Putnam 11 dagen geleden
Get it legarms lol
Charles B
Charles B 11 dagen geleden
Nick, how are you applying the inoculant as I got the impression you are using all three tanks for seed and you made a comment yesterday in the live about hauling out inoculant to the field and could see the peas in the truck were clean so not pre inoculated. You might have to show that in a video coming up and that will probably also explain if your face is covered in dirt ! LOL.
Jeffrey Houston
Jeffrey Houston 11 dagen geleden
I hate shorts.
Combine Tractor
Combine Tractor 11 dagen geleden
Good for you guys!!! I am going to start in the next few weeks
Britt Blanton
Britt Blanton 11 dagen geleden
Awesome Guys 👍
Jurian Lambregtse
Jurian Lambregtse 11 dagen geleden
Owwwwwww yeah 😎😎🤘🤘
Mike Barbacovi
Mike Barbacovi 11 dagen geleden
Huge long time fan. Hope you have a positive and bountiful 2021 farming season. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Chief 3
Chief 3 11 dagen geleden
Yes it has begun
Andy Yost
Andy Yost 11 dagen geleden
Farmer Kid
Farmer Kid 11 dagen geleden
Could we have another Q and A with stories
Stayten H
Stayten H 11 dagen geleden
Yess! Planting season 2021! Lets goo🙌😃↘️💞"I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him. This is the same mighty power" "that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms." - ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:19-20‬ NLT
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 11 dagen geleden
The sound of that old iron on the fields out in the distance... oh yes
Josh's Adventures
Josh's Adventures 11 dagen geleden
jkrueger1957 11 dagen geleden
Spring wheat or what are you planting ?
S. Pursell
S. Pursell 11 dagen geleden
I hate these short films or stories or whatever NLposts calls them. But glad to see you shinning up those Shanks Welker men.
jimmy warner
jimmy warner 11 dagen geleden
How’s she ride with the new shoes
Big Al
Big Al 11 dagen geleden
Come on MAN , give me a break
Paulman50 11 dagen geleden
Sorry, but these shorts don't do anything for me.
Tom Bloor
Tom Bloor 11 dagen geleden
It did not take long for the cameraman to fall asleep
Bartram Dilks
Bartram Dilks 11 dagen geleden
Short???? Forget short, Long!!! lol. Lord Bless
German A
German A 11 dagen geleden
If need help I will be happy to work. No need payment I love help
Mark Leadbeater
Mark Leadbeater 10 dagen geleden
That sounds like modern day slavery my friend, never under value yourself & don't let others under value you either. Having said that, I do need my garden digging over, you busy tomorrow?
firefighterLTP 11 dagen geleden
I very much dislike the shorts, I wish I could get alerts for videos and not for the shorts
firefighterLTP 11 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms I like the content, but one time I got an alert, planned to watch the video in a while, got the kid lunch and we sat down to watch while it was playing....and then it was a short. Haha
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 11 dagen geleden
I agree, I think this is the last one I will do until NLposts let's a channel turn off push notifications for shorts posts
Randall Harmsen
Randall Harmsen 11 dagen geleden
Doin’ it! Go time. Have a safe planting y’all!
Brayden Tom
Brayden Tom 11 dagen geleden
Great live last night!
Olaf Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt 11 dagen geleden
🎵"Get this planting started!"🎵 😉👍🏻
Theresia Wallin
Theresia Wallin 11 dagen geleden
ginggur17 11 dagen geleden
‘Spotted the Bud on a Plain’ again guys. Looking smart. 👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸
Steve Michaels
Steve Michaels 11 dagen geleden
Giddy Up !
Birconu Gaming
Birconu Gaming 11 dagen geleden
Nice 👌😀
Nerd Garage
Nerd Garage 11 dagen geleden
Man if you keep making videos that long we wont be able to keep up with everything.
Carl Falt
Carl Falt 11 dagen geleden
You may as well put the crop in the ground because if you get a good April/early May snowstorm you should have enough moisture and extra natural nitrogen to get the crop started.
Ben Barreiro
Ben Barreiro 11 dagen geleden
Here we go
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford 11 dagen geleden
You can't just tease us with 22 seconds!
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford 9 dagen geleden
@Eric E it was nothing more than a little sarcastic humor...✌
Dirk McStride
Dirk McStride 10 dagen geleden
That's what my wife says
Eric E
Eric E 10 dagen geleden
#Shorts, It's there in the title folks.
PAB 10 dagen geleden
Yes he can and he did lol.
Galaxy A7
Galaxy A7 11 dagen geleden
Yeah its silly
Lukas M
Lukas M 11 dagen geleden
Northern US (with usually lots of snow) : Planting Germany: Muitiple Inches of Snow (not jusst in the mountains)
max Schmaltz
max Schmaltz 11 dagen geleden
have a safe and healthy growing season god bless.
David Key
David Key 11 dagen geleden
Crushing Vanessa3
Crushing Vanessa3 11 dagen geleden
The sound of a tractor working on the prairie is something you can't forget.
Stuart Roland
Stuart Roland 11 dagen geleden
I know spring is here ,the Welkers are putting seed in the ground .👍👍😊😊✌
billy Minihan
billy Minihan 11 dagen geleden
Wishing you a safe bountiful harvest.
Joe Carlson
Joe Carlson 11 dagen geleden
21 seconds and the farm is planted, Oh that was 1/100th acre and you have 10,000 acres left.
AJ Deere T680
AJ Deere T680 11 dagen geleden
Another year another year! Time flies!
Mark Toney
Mark Toney 11 dagen geleden
What a beast!
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 11 dagen geleden
Just do it !
Glory Ridge Farmstead
Glory Ridge Farmstead 11 dagen geleden
Nice!!! We haven’t started yet. Granted, we are in Wisconsin so...
Dana Chappell
Dana Chappell 11 dagen geleden
We all know that's a teaser, where's the actual video now??? I think we can handle 10 minutes of actual planting.. or at least someone trying to chase Big Bud through the field while it's planting. lol!!! Pitter patter, git at 'er!!!
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