Equipping our Farm Shop with 560,000 Lumens - 7X More Light!

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You never realize how bad something is until you upgrade. We do a tremendous amount of work in our shop and whether we are turning wrenches or filming, poor lighting was an issue. Cameras do not like dark, it is difficult to capture quality video without sufficient light. It was time to upgrade.
Need your shop lit? Northwest Lighting Systems has a solution. They've been in business since 1991: nwlightingmn.com/
We used Keystone High Bay Fixtures: keystonetech.com/all-products/led-high-bay/
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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ryfish5 8 dagen geleden
10:59 Did Leg Arms shrink or is that dude huge?
kenneth shew
kenneth shew 8 dagen geleden
sorry for your family's loss
Chuck Willcox
Chuck Willcox 17 dagen geleden
New lights are nice, glad I did mine last year.
Timber Tramp
Timber Tramp 20 dagen geleden
I’ll be callin nw lighting. I need a flush mount that can be wired into a box and hung directly beneath
J Essary Farms
J Essary Farms 22 dagen geleden
Should have made a loft above for storage.
michael true
michael true 22 dagen geleden
I've been using keystone leds for 3 years or so when I converted everything over and they are awesome!
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 26 dagen geleden
Scott sorry about your farther in law. But look on the bright side (the shops roof) at least you can see what your doing. So no excuse if the measurements are wrong.
Mason Weiss
Mason Weiss 27 dagen geleden
Can you bring us some hunting vlogs in the near future
C W 27 dagen geleden
Now you need some Big Ass Fans.
denny marquart
denny marquart Maand geleden
Lighting should work for many years
Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest
Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest Maand geleden
Farmers have more skills than 1000 average city dwellers combined.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley Maand geleden
Wow now that’s lit up nice, and god bless to all of your families
Conner Thorburn
Conner Thorburn Maand geleden
Hi there we have a case 210 puma and I was just wondering have you had any experience with this tractor as we are having a few problems with it dropping in tk nitrile and tacking off down a hill when feeding out grass silage. I really love the videos that you mack thanks.
Brandon Wunderlich
Brandon Wunderlich Maand geleden
Sorry for your loss
Roger Horton
Roger Horton Maand geleden
Your horse shoes are up side down, put the opening up to catch the luck. Thanks,,,PS sorry for your loss.
s imperous
s imperous Maand geleden
I’ve replaced 2 complete installs of leds in 2 shops in 5 years. Leds have a nasty habit of dying completely, without warning. So plan on buying several extra if you’re installing leds.
William Gilroy
William Gilroy Maand geleden
Foot candles.
Curtis Thompson
Curtis Thompson Maand geleden
We just got new LED’s to replace the old halogens in our potato packing warehouse. It changes everything, best upgrade money can buy
tim stroh
tim stroh Maand geleden
Hay Scott sorry to hear about your loss=== our prayers are with you!!! keep your family strong!!
Joe Vreeland
Joe Vreeland Maand geleden
LEDs strobe and using them over rotating machines - lathes, drill presses, etc., can make you think they are standing still. US Navy forbids strobing lighting to be used off one generator so the whole compartment lighting on a single cyclic feed won't make the workspace dangerous. The answer? There are RF Driven LEDs to be strategically installed will kill the strobing effect. You only need a couple in critical areas to break the strobing. Be careful.
fullers1966 Maand geleden
What's all that light now you will have to start wearing makeup to get rid of the shine hahaha
iPANZERSCHRECKu Maand geleden
who shrunk legarms? or was he standing in a hole
fredthefree Maand geleden
Love to you and your family, losing a family member is never easy.
Quad Vloggs
Quad Vloggs Maand geleden
I'm extremely sorry to hear about your father man I absolutely hate when people lose family members hopefully you can find peace
Jason G
Jason G Maand geleden
You mention antelope. Ive never harvested one because I have always heard they taste horrible. Then some guys say it is better then whitetail. Which is it. Good or bad. Are there tricks to avoid a bad tasting one?
Jason G
Jason G Maand geleden
@Robert Welker Im in western SD. Lots of sage brush and bad water. Thinking I will stick with my Whitetails. Thanks Mr. Welker.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
The antelope around here is less game'y. No sage brush
Travis Clapper
Travis Clapper Maand geleden
Miss you being in the show mister.
Travis Clapper
Travis Clapper Maand geleden
Sorry for your loss leg arms, my condolences, that sucks. At least he's in a better place.
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail Maand geleden
Just catching up, a couple days late. Legarms, I am sorry to hear about your and your family’s loss. I lost my dad passed in 2003 to cancer. I have always said that the ones that leave us early become the welcoming party for the next to go. There are many good folks up there greeting those who leave us.
22video11 Maand geleden
Sorry for your loss Scott, God bless you and your family
Cedric Broussard
Cedric Broussard Maand geleden
It made a big difference awesome!!!
Will B
Will B Maand geleden
Sincere condolences to you and the wife for the loss. He certainly gave it a good fight. Not exactly a happy ending, but it was as good as it could get in the circumstance. Great that you all got that time.
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor Maand geleden
Now you need a high velocity exhaust fan to suck out those noxious diesel fumes. Now you will see all the dirt.
Nathan Gurney
Nathan Gurney Maand geleden
I'm sorry to hear that
Slim Jim in MN
Slim Jim in MN Maand geleden
Fyi: plural of foot candle is foot candles ie: 150 foot candles.
Jim's LandScape LLC # 1
Jim's LandScape LLC # 1 Maand geleden
Sorry to hear about ur loss but hes in a better place god 🙏❤ bless you and your family
Morgan Sedge
Morgan Sedge Maand geleden
Yeah Nick out here we use lumens the power that a led chucks out (instead of candles) and we use kleins for the led color. Example 4000k is natural white and 6000k is bright white slightly bluish....
Daniel Bremner
Daniel Bremner Maand geleden
Thank you for the enlightening video!
Denny Perry
Denny Perry Maand geleden
Sorry for your loss
Kirt Hedquist
Kirt Hedquist Maand geleden
Legarms needs to learn the finger snap! And the #millernialfarmer needs some of those lights, it would make him look brighter
J A P R Maand geleden
American units keep surprising me... Feet candles lmao reliable unit
Hals Bakkan
Hals Bakkan Maand geleden
Im from Denmark living in northern Norway in the midnight sun in the summer. I worked hard for 7,5 years on my education to be an electrician engineer. It's an "easy" education ecomically, because it's allways easy to earn 500 bucks when you need it, because is was an electrician first :-) I am one of the very few with long educations with 35+ years of experience is 90% in the field and the rest of time teaching youngsters how to use a tool and why. There is a hairfine difference between good light and good light with armatures placed nicely for the same price!! As a customer you walk in the shop in good lighting....... and 2 misplaced lamps destroys perfect. Not a problem but when you see it. you will notice for many years. In the 4 man company i work with we notice details all the time since we are proud to be electricians regardless of our education. And if you want safety: Do it the european way! But you don't give shit til it hurts. I know that!
Octane Tech
Octane Tech Maand geleden
Sorry to hear of your loss leg arms best wishes to you and family. at 8:04 you can really notice the difference in the lights tho
Damon Coates
Damon Coates Maand geleden
So bright you can see color in your eyes better. Those lights are amazing.
Zeke ‘n’ Streak
Zeke ‘n’ Streak Maand geleden
My condolences to you & the fam Scott.
Phil Hosier
Phil Hosier Maand geleden
Condolences from Phil & Cindy from AZ. to Leg Arms & family.
Phil Hosier
Phil Hosier Maand geleden
The overhead doors inside the building looking pretty grungy ! Powerwash, paint of refinish them for a better looking shop !
Jared Carmichael
Jared Carmichael Maand geleden
First and foremost, my condolences Leg Arms. I actually live outside of Buffalo and I hope you had some time to visit Letchworth State Park which is a bit different than the landscape in Montana.
Robert Palmore
Robert Palmore Maand geleden
"lighting is key" is that where the term "key light" comes from? You think that's a disaster? I'm in the middle of moving and trying to fix things and make bullets for friends and family, that gets to be a disaster. I'm making some LED light panels. They aren't as nice as keystone's but a lot less expensive. Painted plywood, LED strip stuck to it with double sided tape and the power supply attached to the back. Would the same over kill lighting be good for the mill? Maybe just cantilever off your frame? Worked in a machine shop that had lighting like your shop had or worse and damned it was hard to see what you were doing.
John Kreun
John Kreun Maand geleden
Just started to watch your channel Love you work and keep it up John Australia
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Thanks John. Glad to have you with us 👍
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Maand geleden
Nice upgrade but its not 560,000 lumens and each of those light units are NOT 28,000lumens each.
46Rambo Maand geleden
God Bless LegArms, we missed you, really really really missed you............................................and for running wiring, hoses, all manner of shop stuff, Unistrut
Paulman50 Maand geleden
Ha, exactly the same lathe as mine, couldn't see the model number though.
Terry Arnold
Terry Arnold Maand geleden
Nice job guys, looking good. Now I'm going to have to relight my garage!
Mark Hayhurst
Mark Hayhurst Maand geleden
...and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes
Bill Rice
Bill Rice Maand geleden
Paint the floors white aircraft hangers do it all the time get your money's worth out of the light
Kevin J
Kevin J Maand geleden
Nick will need to take 5 minutes for "makeup" The better lighting will show the wrinkles! 😀
Linden Hawthorn
Linden Hawthorn Maand geleden
Be interesting how much the electric bill goes up. Hopefully, the meter doesn't start smoking out on the pole🤪
Glen Anderson
Glen Anderson Maand geleden
Good to add more light. You boys aren't getting any younger.
Dyno Mow
Dyno Mow Maand geleden
Blessings and prayers for your family in your loss, and, the lighting looks great. I now know how much I need more lighting in the shop!
PAYNE KILLER got deleted
PAYNE KILLER got deleted Maand geleden
Love them Sponsors Baybee! My boss needs to Sponsor me!
Steve Boling
Steve Boling Maand geleden
Leg Arms, sorry for your loss. Glad you guys got to spend the time with him.
Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis Maand geleden
Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks Maand geleden
What was the gray grain drill that you didn’t talk about in the equipment tour video that was beside the grain dryer and prayers for leg arms family 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Robert Welker
Robert Welker Maand geleden
Oh, that was a chemical glandular applicator used 50 tears ago
Brandon Shirley
Brandon Shirley Maand geleden
Awww so sorry about to hear about ur lost in the family bud it's hard very hard I lost my grandma from brain cancer. Cancer sucks
J C Maand geleden
Sorry to say but Keystone lighting is some of the cheapest lighting you can buy. Hope it will last for you.
Big E
Big E Maand geleden
Well now, Scott will see all the dirt, trash Nick didn’t get up lol. Like the lights 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Tom Lamborn
Tom Lamborn Maand geleden
Sorry to hear about your father-in-law!
David Maand geleden
Good lighting is a must, it makes all the difference in the world
Hawky Maand geleden
Now you have to update your Farming Simulator 19 map, too. We want more light in the shop, too. 😁😉 Nice Video again. Greetings from Germany. Hawky.
Cody Van Dieren
Cody Van Dieren Maand geleden
The new lights provide more energy savings than the previous ones?
Chip Burns
Chip Burns Maand geleden
LED lighting is point-source light which means it can and will damage your retina. Have fun
Jeff Kizer
Jeff Kizer Maand geleden
Prayers to you Scott and your wife , and her family !
B C Maand geleden
We use sunlight in our shop. It's free.
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott Maand geleden
Maybe cost more setting up in general but solar & 12vlt Led lights . 💡 * Even just using the 12vlt step downs for Leds 1st up be a saving 30% savings overtime just looked up in Google -> T8 Fluorescent Led tubes 4000-6000k lunmens cheep
Charles Kawski
Charles Kawski Maand geleden
I rebuild industrial sized lathes and mills for a living and the way you just moved those two turned my stomach.
Mod Squad
Mod Squad Maand geleden
Sorry to hear about your father in-law
Mod Squad
Mod Squad Maand geleden
We can see the dirt on your floor. Mop it 1x every 3 years? Lol jk to bright
Henry Adams
Henry Adams Maand geleden
God bless your and your family, you have had a very bad year
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch Maand geleden
Now time to put a fancy acrylic floor in the shop
Maine Man
Maine Man Maand geleden
That's a lot of ads.
Jay C
Jay C Maand geleden
Happy to see you back Leg Arms, sorry for your family loss......!!! I was getting bored Nick and BoBs rambling.......😜😂!!! All seriousness yer videos are a learning process..... thank you!!
scott wilhelme
scott wilhelme Maand geleden
Looked at adding those lights to my two car garage shop. I think I would be blind in a day! Sorry about the family’s loss.
Aaron Wilton
Aaron Wilton Maand geleden
When the lighting guys were done leg arms looked like a little kid beside that guy
Robert Applegate
Robert Applegate Maand geleden
Eternal rest grant unto your father in law leg arms.
are you a farming sim 19 gamer
are you a farming sim 19 gamer Maand geleden
im sorry for the loss leg arms xoxo
ginggur17 Maand geleden
Condolences to you and your family Leg Arms 🙏. Stunning upgrade Nick 👍. More expense Robert 🙂. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸
Golf bravo Whiskey
Golf bravo Whiskey Maand geleden
At 10:55. We need a tour of those horns in the back ground.
Jerry Taylor
Jerry Taylor Maand geleden
Sorry to hear about in laws. What was his name, I live and farm in the Buffalo area!!
Patrick Morgan
Patrick Morgan Maand geleden
Sad news but it sounds like he put up a good fight. May he Rest In Peace.
Kevin Coop
Kevin Coop Maand geleden
Just so you know. The plural of a footcandle is footcandles. I hope they did not sell you 5000 or 6000 kelvin lights. They are high in blue light. Blue light damages your eyes if you spend a lot of time in it. Do internet search “eye damage from blue light”. If they did sell you those, always wear amber safety glasses. They block blue light! In the lathe area, if you can, turn one light upside down so it does not have the cave effect. Respectfully, Kevin
Kostas Kotoulas
Kostas Kotoulas Maand geleden
My condolences Scott. My momma battled cancer for seven years so I know this war.
Vern Burke
Vern Burke Maand geleden
The Greater North American Legarms, back in his natural habitat :)
N1RKW Maand geleden
10:20 - Your floor is now brighter than your ceiling used to be.
hibiki54 Maand geleden
You guys need a bigger engine lathe and mill.
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Maand geleden
Welkers can now see the mess much better now :D
Terry Gorgichuk
Terry Gorgichuk Maand geleden
Good Morning: Fellows I hope you have checked out the Human Lumens (factor) . It is known that the wrong type of Lumens in an enclosed building can be harmful to human health. Hopefully you used LED lighting. As with a fellow that I know, after two years of working in the shop with his new lighting, his wife found him doing the chicken on the shop floor. Seizure caused by lighting. Just saying that I have seen this first hand.
Peter Reid
Peter Reid Maand geleden
Great to see you back Scott, sorry about your father in law seems he had long battle with his illness
UncleManuel Maand geleden
"We will light you up!" I slowly have the feeling every company guy that does stuff on the Welker farm gets a crash course in puns... 😁😁😁🤪
Bryant Fry
Bryant Fry Maand geleden
If you get some used kitchen cabinets, you could hide some of that clutter, and get more organized.
Bryant Fry
Bryant Fry Maand geleden
I was fortunate to get some led lights at the scrap yard. They were 24v, which is the same as my solar power, and they were very bright. I also got some LED strip lights, and they will work well In other areas, too.
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