Plant the ENTIRE farm? Oh boy...

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21 dag geleden

It's going to be a mountain of work for a mountain of acres. Let's hope it pays off, let's get this prep work done so we can pound out those acres!
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Angela Linderbaum
Angela Linderbaum Dag geleden
For top notch service and lights, get ahold of Kenny at He has lights that will fit the Magnum properly, with good quality and prices.
Benjamin Matte
Benjamin Matte 2 dagen geleden
Robert, you and I have the same sexy silver hair lol
Thomas Eliasson
Thomas Eliasson 4 dagen geleden
That reeses joke was hilarious! :D
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats 7 dagen geleden
Where r your gloves
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 8 dagen geleden
Yeah Nick!
Nolan HEUCHERT 8 dagen geleden
God nick has no idea how to drive a rig. Quit grinding gears on the poor thing. Stick to auto
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 9 dagen geleden
Always love watching this channel god bless
Jeff Yarter
Jeff Yarter 10 dagen geleden
Love to come and help, have a small Dairy. Would like to play with the big boys.
Franco Mtz
Franco Mtz 11 dagen geleden
Those cases had really cheap wheels I welded and reinforced a lot of them.
iBelieve 11 dagen geleden
Landon Fishburn
Landon Fishburn 11 dagen geleden
You should put duals on the back of the 7140. You should also see if there is a kinze grain cart that it could pull during harvest
Allen Mason
Allen Mason 12 dagen geleden
Reese's not sorry
Tuan Le
Tuan Le 12 dagen geleden
The jazzy idea neurally blind because brain promisingly clip vice a incompetent cheque. goofy, grubby gruesome church
Tyson Fidek
Tyson Fidek 13 dagen geleden
Hey, take your old worn out air seeder hose and cut it down the centre on one side. then when you get a hole in a hose you just take your 5-8in patch hose and slide it over, no tape required. thats what we did when we ran 24hrs on the drills cause who wants to change a hose at 3am lol!
Adrian Beckey
Adrian Beckey 13 dagen geleden
Fantastic workshop you lads have
John Ellings
John Ellings 13 dagen geleden
E DieselDad
E DieselDad 13 dagen geleden
What did the building ever do to you? 😜
TRH 14 dagen geleden
It was nice to see Nick actually cleaning the shop.. @ 6:45 👍🏻
Roger Meacham
Roger Meacham 14 dagen geleden
Fence to fence planting sounds like playing a drought defense hand?
claus frennessen
claus frennessen 14 dagen geleden
Ups!! Lol. Fan Sweden 🇸🇪
Involvolus 14 dagen geleden
If FS 2019 Had something like repairshop where you could select new parts and the type that replaces the old/worn out ones
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy 14 dagen geleden
_straight pipe the buds_ _strsight pipe the buds_ _straight pipe the buds_
Mats B
Mats B 14 dagen geleden
That calles extra ventilation... Greetings from sweden
Lukas von Daheim
Lukas von Daheim 15 dagen geleden
The box full of hydraulic fittings reminded me to the one time while mowing I suddenly had a fitting flying at me. The mower picked it up but nobody knows how it got into the gras...
edward toner
edward toner 15 dagen geleden
Time for the Hard facing Arc welding Rods .
Guy Daubenspeck
Guy Daubenspeck 15 dagen geleden
Glad to see you quoting prices on the parts you're putting into this stuff I farm in a much smaller scale Western PA and I'm a member of our county farm bureau board and we always talk about how the 2% of us that feed the other 90% 98% I should say have little or no voice to inform that other 98%. What it cost us to feed them and the monetary is only part of it the other is see emotional and the physical the thing of it is we can't quit if we quit who's going to do it I really enjoy your videos that's coming from a fellow farmer halfway across the country from you wish you the best have a safe spring
Vider 83
Vider 83 15 dagen geleden
What animals does feed barley get fed too?
Vider 83
Vider 83 15 dagen geleden
Grind'em till ya find'em.
singby pass
singby pass 16 dagen geleden
120 bucks for a piece of cast metal?
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 16 dagen geleden
I know right, but it does have large chunks of tungsten so that might be a reason for the cost
Allan Harris
Allan Harris 16 dagen geleden
Just how meany nails would you guys have on your kind of acreage and what would the odds of “nailing” one. Keep up the good work guys.
David Hardin
David Hardin 16 dagen geleden
I wouldn't bet on it remember who's the president right now
Patrick Bachman
Patrick Bachman 16 dagen geleden
Hey Leg Arms....ya pulled a Douggo!
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage 16 dagen geleden
Great Welker Vlog, Getting prepared for planting, fixing the boots and hydraulic hoses, thanks for sharing
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 16 dagen geleden
Thank you!
Somers Farm
Somers Farm 16 dagen geleden
Scott don't feel bad, I once put the loader bucket thru the shop door, although I was just 7 or 8 years old at the time, and had to stand up in the seat to push on both the clutch and brake, when my foot slipped off the brake and the bucket went thru the shop door,lol. I was so scared that I wouldnt be allowed to drive the tractors anymore, and tried to get my older brother to take the blame, which he wouldn't, because they trusted me more at that age to do field work than they did him at 16 yrs old, lol. But my Grampa wasn't mad and said crap happens, and then said take the tractor to the back of the woods where we were fixing fence.
William Bryce
William Bryce 16 dagen geleden
Every time I watch Im sad, because I really miss Montana, the Highline, and Cutbank. I can feel the wind and smell it. awesom area the best state.
Two Acres and a Mule
Two Acres and a Mule 16 dagen geleden
It's just a little hole.
Anthony Klein
Anthony Klein 16 dagen geleden
I would really like to encourage you to pickup some mounts for your vehicles, I just cannot imagine FILMING while driving, is any less dangerous than texting and driving.
Mike L
Mike L 16 dagen geleden
This episode should be called “pure determination”.
drgnfr20 16 dagen geleden
Please chime in on right to repair. Since you guys fix and own most of your stuff. How it makes you feel that manufacturers like JD are lobbying against right to repair. There are several youtube videos on the matter. There are also some hearings with lobbyists from equipment manufacturers on Lois Rossmann's channel. Thanks
in motion
in motion 17 dagen geleden
Them them older cases
omegawolf81 17 dagen geleden
Don't feel bad Leg Arm's....there are plenty of us that have been in that same position before. I know I got a giggle out of your "shop remodeling" but only because I have done something very similar with a forklift and a garage door and track. Just a bit of fixin and it'll be right as rain. I would say Nick was distracting you by yellin "Reese's!" while you were trying to concentrate though...HAHAHAHA!!!
Todd Golling
Todd Golling 17 dagen geleden
What was the square washer that you put in at 9:54?
Rasmus Kjaer
Rasmus Kjaer 17 dagen geleden
I understand you are gonna grow barley i got a lot of years experence in growing barley if you want a good yeld then i will sugest to wait starting to seed it in to you are finished seeding wheat becourse barley dont like to be seeded i cold ground we always see a bad germination when it is sown to early barley also likes some tillage so running a disc in front of the seeder is gonna give a better germination where wheat is more forgiving
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 17 dagen geleden
Thanks for the advice, we have heard the same thing, going to wait till the end of wheat to plant barley. 👌
Colton Blumhagen
Colton Blumhagen 17 dagen geleden
At the end I swore it was going to hit te fan
Anne O'Reilly
Anne O'Reilly 17 dagen geleden
Nice mix. Glad your taking care of that arm, LegArms.
DIY Guy 17 dagen geleden
Hang in there LegArms. I compound fractured my ulnar years back. Took awhile before I could use it fully or even do dips when working out. Heck it to this day over 10 years later can feel sore during bad weather. The work is something I envy. But Nick has that fancy gym you can use for strength training.
Baron Clime
Baron Clime 17 dagen geleden
It may be worth looking into getting some hardfacing welding wire and building up the wear points on those openers and boots. It works wonders on other equipment and I've done a few things here and there on farm equipment with it that it was worth doing.
shop shop
shop shop 17 dagen geleden
In the same way that car companies sell wiring harness, do manufactures sell complete hose kits?
eric dalman
eric dalman 18 dagen geleden
good call on seeding Barley this year. Up here in Canada. It a way better price then Wheat but you got Storage for it.
Robert Xavier Betancourt Junior
Robert Xavier Betancourt Junior 18 dagen geleden
Suggestion: Aerican Modelers Association could use the pool as a fly site for electric amphibious RC planes. Also agriculture grant for water retention. I FLY AMA Facebook
Joel Gratton
Joel Gratton 18 dagen geleden
holy gears grinding hahaha
Avemtec 18 dagen geleden
New name for legarms... 'the one armed bandit'
stumpy2816 18 dagen geleden
Do so enjoy watching you fellers work in that fantastic shop. Yep Nick hoping you all have a great year also. 👍👍
AL Viney
AL Viney 18 dagen geleden
Good people, good family, good mechanics, good fabricators, good on you !!!!
CSR Livestock
CSR Livestock 18 dagen geleden
From Down Under. We do a lot of Blade ploughing, where a Cat D11 pulls what we call a blade plough. That wing shaper foot you showed, the plough is that shape and weighs around 20 tonne. The cutting edges, like the edge on a grader blade but a lot bigger, wear down and have to be replaced. To lengthen the life of the cutting edges we have a process of dropping chips of tungsten into weld as you reface the edges. Depending on the soil types you can increase the life span many times. Thanks for you vids.
chiefgecko 18 dagen geleden ... anyone know if the photo near the end of this article is on Welker's property?
Kenney 303
Kenney 303 18 dagen geleden
with the hoses wearing out on the bend I got my exhaust shop to make up some 90 degree elbows that weren't too sharp, they worked treat btw
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 18 dagen geleden
That is a great idea!
Jason Branson
Jason Branson 18 dagen geleden
Couple of sheets of iron will fix the shop, but if you bent the auger that’d takes heaps or fixing. You bent the right bit Legarms
Joseph Hoak
Joseph Hoak 18 dagen geleden
Its nicks fault
twothreebravo 18 dagen geleden
mrfordfairmont 18 dagen geleden
dam it leg arms!! grind them till you find them!!!!!
Boyd The Goofball
Boyd The Goofball 18 dagen geleden
How things are different. 40 years ago my family’s dairy farm was about 500 acres of which about 1/3rd was rented. Milking about 175 cows at a time and our tractors were: IH 3388, IH 986, IH 826 Hydro Demonstrator IH 656 low profile Farmall 460 wide front Farmal Super C. The 3388 was only 130hp which is now a small HP tractor on large farms.
Robin Greer
Robin Greer 18 dagen geleden
Shouldn't Leg Arms be changed to Legs Arm?
Carl Borrowman
Carl Borrowman 18 dagen geleden
Haha stay in bed won’t ever f### up !
pick to stone
pick to stone 18 dagen geleden
I like doing tires if you got all the right tools it's easygoing
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch 18 dagen geleden
Nice driving Ricky rudd
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 18 dagen geleden
I thought the relationship was going well, when out of nowhere she sends me a John Deere letter.
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul 16 dagen geleden
AncientSalt 18 dagen geleden
Those Big Buds arent tractors, theyre Air Traffic Control Towers on wheels.
AncientSalt 18 dagen geleden
Those Big Buds arent tractors, theyre Air Traffic Control Towers on wheels.
William 19 dagen geleden
As a fellow axielflow owner. Axielflows struggle to get all the grain from barley especially when its super hot, they harvest it better when conditions are slightly tougher
Ron Lowenstein
Ron Lowenstein 19 dagen geleden
the two boys and there dad, are a good working team! all seems to help!!
Paul Munton
Paul Munton 19 dagen geleden
I loved to watch your early casts but it's my opinion I don't enjoy your stuff anymore because it's not about farming it's just filling NLposts with anything
TitanFilms 19 dagen geleden
Does the heat work in any of your grain trucks?
Jarrett Fullerton
Jarrett Fullerton 19 dagen geleden
Man.. this family is the definition of humble, modest, hardworking farmers. Whenever I'm having a bad day or discouraged in my work, I come back to these guys and feel better. Thanks for sharing your lives with us Welkers! Love from central Alberta!
NK S 19 dagen geleden
I always wondered where the boys got their sense of humor. Mystery solved...
Jarrett Fullerton
Jarrett Fullerton 19 dagen geleden
Is it just me, or does it appear that that section of the shop wall has been repaired before? Looks like a patched piece to me when I paused it...
SKIDOO RULZ 19 dagen geleden
If you can't find them grind them. Grinding them makes them smooth and easy to find.
braydenpresber 19 dagen geleden
Jesus, welding without gloves. That’s bloody hard on the skin
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 19 dagen geleden
Swimming pool :) Years ago in the early 80's Father had a business selling and delivering potatoes, he got a potato washing plant on tax, it was actually an inground swimming pool ;)
Keith Chase
Keith Chase 19 dagen geleden
what happened to the lake house?
racerdad 19 dagen geleden
If I can be half as tough and a quarter funny as the old man Welker I’ll be in good shape💪🏻
Edward Carberry
Edward Carberry 19 dagen geleden
No, don't do long term damage. Do you remember where they go?
Cameron McConnachie
Cameron McConnachie 19 dagen geleden
“I was just about the stop”, the famous last words in farming. Just like “one more round before the rainstorm hits”
Christian Jönsson
Christian Jönsson 17 dagen geleden
Said yesterday to the boss, just one more round then I'm done... Ended in a mess...
Michael Cline
Michael Cline 19 dagen geleden
That bud just BARELY fit in that garage door!!! I thought the fan was a goner for sure!!
offroaderdays 19 dagen geleden
Apparently a lot of people corrected leg arms on the proper verbiage. Lol oh and hitting the side of the shop I probably would have done the same thing. It's nice knowing I'm still human. Thanks for keeping it real Welkers. Plant on....
Tracy Eaves
Tracy Eaves 19 dagen geleden
Good luck with the big buds and I hope y’all have a great crops this year god bless y’all amen
Elias Hultgren
Elias Hultgren 19 dagen geleden
Also getting ready to plant here in Minnesota. Its a lot of work!
Cullen Podolan
Cullen Podolan 19 dagen geleden
oh no leg arms is turning in to dogo on larsan farms
Tommy Buccos
Tommy Buccos 19 dagen geleden
Don't worry about the barn wall just remember for sure things in life taxes,death,and s**t will happen
Michael Neuman
Michael Neuman 19 dagen geleden
You guys have lots of tools which is key! I guess when you are that remote and can't just run tot he parts store you have to be prepared.
danny verleye
danny verleye 19 dagen geleden
vous allez faire du whisky, de la bière ?
Chris D.
Chris D. 19 dagen geleden
I'm not a farmer but I'm glad you do these videos to show everyone just how involved and expensive farming is. God bless you guys!!!
Jesse James
Jesse James 19 dagen geleden
When I owned part of the Farm with my dad and his twin brothers. It would take us 2 weeks to plant the entire fields of corn and wheat. That's starting at 6 a.m. until it's dark out. We would have each tractor running corn and another on wheat. I am helping a good friends of mine plant wheat and corn. Kids are helping dunno what my dad and Uncle's are going to do. They only own 1,000.00 acres. I sold my share of acres to another neighbor. And there happy cause they get to plant more corn. I am going to help them. Kids are happy they get to help. But sad I sold my share of the Farm. My uncle's brought my share at the price I was asking. And deposited the funds into my account before I signed. Hands are wiped clean free from that farm. U guys going to get help again?
Philip Kimber
Philip Kimber 19 dagen geleden
interesting you are growing feed barley this year. There is global shortage of protein? Do you guys ever grow seed crops? That's what makes money for us here in UK
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 14 dagen geleden
Barley has a higher potential ROI than wheat this spring. But that could change.
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 19 dagen geleden
Thanks guy's....God has Blessed us all....l am 80 years old....Been thru war and such....But still here so far...!!!!!!!
Joseph 19 dagen geleden
High time you fire leg arms!
Austin Dobbs
Austin Dobbs 19 dagen geleden
7:39 oh your fine , I thought it was going to be worse . Slap some new paint on it and maybe a few swings of the ole hammer and your good.
Jordan Behlen
Jordan Behlen 19 dagen geleden
I have cleaned out a few old shops full of eaton fittings.... sure would send them next time i stumble on them in the barn.
Jordan Behlen
Jordan Behlen 19 dagen geleden
Lord i would love to see y’all have a massive bumper. Im praying for it. Love the vids as always. Thank you.
ButchB1000 19 dagen geleden
I'm starting to think LegArms is accident prone :-o
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