6.2L Dual Exhaust Upgrade | Performance WITHOUT cab noise

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Winter cold bring all sorts of challenges, especially weak batteries! It's all good, eventually we get engines started.
MPI Exhaust Technologies stopped by and setup our pickups with their killer dual exhaust kit. Both our 6.2l and 5.3l engines feel and sound much better. Can't wait to get some performance numbers after a long road trip! MPI makes a unique dual exhaust that adds performance without making noise in the cab.
Check out MPI exhaust kits here: www.mpiexhausttechnologies.com/
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Pete Allen
Pete Allen 3 dagen geleden
Ya know, free flowing exhaust is an important thing to most guys. just sayin'.
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 8 dagen geleden
What a upgrade. Hopefully Legarms doesn't notice.
Talonts 8 dagen geleden
Completely ignoring boundary layer issues, 2 2.5" are only 39% more than 1 3". WITH boundary layer issues, it's even less. Likely you got more benefit from the 2 mufflers over the stock one than the added pipe size. Then again, you don't want to go too large on NA, back-pressure matters there.
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 14 dagen geleden
yes ref electric cars nice warm garage ten miles down the road wheer stop cold battery we ll see what they come up with.
Todd King
Todd King 25 dagen geleden
Unless there is more to their "Pulse Chamber" that meets the eye, it looks like a Y fitting to me. And I wouldn't call an exhaust system with a Y pipe "True Dual Exhaust".
Ivan Gordon
Ivan Gordon Maand geleden
Word of wisdom, get that 6.2 amf turned off. I think that's what it's called
VEETWO RACING Maand geleden
100% agree about comment on battery power we use old hessian grain sacks/bags put over batteries & radiators help stop cold issues over night
For my pops old truck, the battery would drain over night. We couldn’t ever figure out how or why, but we would leave it on the charger over night, and we installed a block heater.
Cullen Podolan
Cullen Podolan Maand geleden
my buddy has a tesla and im always haveing to give him a ride to work they do super bad you drive for an hour and it is at 50% so nick do you guys all live on the same chunk of propotey
Trenchwarfare Gameplays
Trenchwarfare Gameplays Maand geleden
I love when my 12 valve cummins growls with dual straights music to my ears
Gerhard Blaszies
Gerhard Blaszies Maand geleden
We use to take an old hood off of a car and tie it to a truck and drag the kids around on that. Family still talks about that every year.
DIY Guy Maand geleden
Just saw these exhaust guys @Larson, seems to go a lot better/smoother on anything but a Ford, haha!
lima bead
lima bead Maand geleden
any one else asking why he has a redwings hat on
Miguel Den Boer
Miguel Den Boer Maand geleden
Electric cars suffer from the charger freezing to the car..... And the battery drains Quicker in the cold
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Maand geleden
Every time I tune in I hope to see that 747 in your fleet
Homie Gibiotch
Homie Gibiotch Maand geleden
Snow squeaking on your boots...I AM PROUD TO LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA !!! It is cold here when it gets below 40 !!!
Jim Jensen
Jim Jensen Maand geleden
Tesla's use power from the battery, to keep the battery warm, just like it uses same system to keep the battery cells cool.....and so it DOES cost your power and range, the colder it is....I would think they don't sell as many, in coldest areas ???
Glenn Gaul
Glenn Gaul Maand geleden
I just realized that Luke is a miniature replica of Nick
D6joe Maand geleden
Um, time for block heaters and full synthetic oil?
David Cardin
David Cardin Maand geleden
What did he say about the truck? Did he like it?
Dan Rose
Dan Rose Maand geleden
You know it's cold when the snow squeaks like that!
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan Maand geleden
Need starting fluid.... we call it laughing gas here in amarillo tx 👍👍😊.... works thou for diesel engine or gas engine's 😁👍👌
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson Maand geleden
Did you get the MPI idea from Chet or did Chet, Swede, and Dougo get the idea from you? :-)
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
More like MPI gave both us the idea 😉 it is a good exhaust system, I love the sound!
Jake Luff
Jake Luff Maand geleden
We had engine warmers, you plug your truck in after work, and it keeps it warm all night. Thought it was standard in the colder parts of the states.
Nathan Gustafson
Nathan Gustafson Maand geleden
Anyone else trying to read what his hoodie says?
Big salt Salt
Big salt Salt Maand geleden
Not good for the world
Kathleen M
Kathleen M Maand geleden
Braden Woods
Braden Woods Maand geleden
I was gunna say Nick, you just need new batteries and make sure no accessories are draining power when key is off. I live through -35F winters regularly and have never needed a boost or battery charge! Also I only run Toyotas so that helps :D
Martin Gale
Martin Gale Maand geleden
Nick, love watching your videos, it reminds me when I worked on a farm in UK , reference your flat battery, have you tried a strip solar panel battery charger?? It goes on the dash board all the time and trickal charge if left in sunlight. I had one for my van and it reduced the amount of time to get help in the morning
Dahlmasen Maand geleden
Does american vehicles drain unusual amounts of battery while not running or does american batteries just suck🤔 I don’t know anyone that have as much problems with batteries here in Sweden in the winter as all Americans I watch on NLposts🤔
John Reynolds
John Reynolds Maand geleden
your truck sounds like my dad 05 GMC
Rick Miller
Rick Miller Maand geleden
Nick said him and Leg Arms both need new houses because their families are growing, it's the long cold Montana winters.
Mitch Lecapoy
Mitch Lecapoy Maand geleden
Just park in the shop 🤷‍♂️lol problem solved!
Colin Kulasik
Colin Kulasik Maand geleden
For Leg Arms, they make a clamp that is a bolt on so you don't have to fart with drilling out the broke off manifold bolt, have it on my 04, works great
Mike L
Mike L Maand geleden
Amen on the attached garage dream nick. I got mine a few years back and never take it for granted on a cold winter morning.
Mark J. Cady Jr.
Mark J. Cady Jr. Maand geleden
Dan K
Dan K Maand geleden
Plug in the block heater
jw '46
jw '46 Maand geleden
Harrison Katzz
Harrison Katzz Maand geleden
Electric battery blanket and block heater what are you waiting for.
Ste Han
Ste Han Maand geleden
Where did you get the Detroit (Winged Wheelers) Redwings hat? Very cool!
john keets
john keets Maand geleden
Great video 📹love to see leghorn reactions to the new exhaust system
Maine Man
Maine Man Maand geleden
Should have fixed the manifold bolt issue while you were doing the rest of the exhaust.
ottingerkevin Maand geleden
What muffler did you use
Jose Rangel
Jose Rangel Maand geleden
You should have straight piped it but don’t get me wrong it still sounds good
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Maand geleden
What is the update on Scott's arm there has not been anything like photos or anything. it would be more wise to park all the cars in the shed out of the freezing weather so you don't have to deal with flat battery's all the time.
Danny Barnes
Danny Barnes Maand geleden
Great Red Wings hat! A Michigander!
Gail Roon
Gail Roon Maand geleden
Sry for the lack optimisuim our citys spoke but our country may suffer
Gail Roon
Gail Roon Maand geleden
Electric cars thats what Joe thinks we all should drive.. When 4 dollar gas comes to our town yeah go Joe u don't have a clue
Casidy R
Casidy R Maand geleden
Love the hat. Go Redwings.
Big E
Big E Maand geleden
I see you watch Larson Farms NLposts channel also, Brian’s Farming video’s, Cole The Cornstar. Will be doing this next lol 😂
Kerry Galway
Kerry Galway Maand geleden
So it is a real imitation dual exhaust
willierepair One
willierepair One Maand geleden
What did the sweatshirt say Liberalism I couldn't read the rest
casey5711 Maand geleden
Extension cord to some type of engine heater , when I was a kid had a dip stick heater . Installed in lower radiator hose ,
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Maand geleden
Truck exhaust sounds awesome Nick
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Maand geleden
Great video Nick
Stanley Johnston
Stanley Johnston Maand geleden
Why don't you have block heaters on your vehicles?
Anthony Banda
Anthony Banda Maand geleden
Those guys must be doing all the NLposts farmers cars exhaust work . Looks like Larsons started a wave ! Keep up the good work and stay safe!
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson Maand geleden
Thanks for the video. Nice pipes on you and your brothers pickup. Sounds really nice. Cold weather and batteries do not go together. Very hard on them. Thank you for your time. You all take care. God bless. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Maand geleden
You need a noco gb150
david blick
david blick Maand geleden
Trump won the election.
Sinecode Maand geleden
3:32 when My dad hear this moment, he only say "I think You didn't watch farm videos..." :D
Joshua brown
Joshua brown Maand geleden
Now get it to breath better and exhale, headers, air intake, mass air flow throttle body/sensor
Robert Inscoe
Robert Inscoe Maand geleden
Those MPI guys get around. They seem to do a good job.👍👍
Adrian Hutchin
Adrian Hutchin Maand geleden
Hehe Larsons mark two ..love it though exhuast guys are awesome wonde rif soem one in the UK does it kee pup th egood work and like the time you spent pullin gthe sledge with the kids great fun, be safe from the UK
Lindsay Slater
Lindsay Slater Maand geleden
In my area, there are quite a few Teslas. Model 3's, and one or two S's, and at least one X. I met a few of the owners at a meetup last winter, and they were all shocked (haha) by the fact that even in -45 (celsius, but at those temps, doesn't matter anymore) a Tesla will still run - just slightly reduced range, maybe 75% less than usual
Lindsay Slater
Lindsay Slater Maand geleden
I'm just a few hours north, but in Canada, and we saw the same cold snap a week or so ago, lowest temp we hit was about -55 with the windchill. Yikes
Ron Grace
Ron Grace Maand geleden
That sounds good
Ron Grace
Ron Grace Maand geleden
Now you got smart
Ron Grace
Ron Grace Maand geleden
Don't your ears get cold
Dan Dannels
Dan Dannels Maand geleden
Ford or Dodge. Lol
carl basbas
carl basbas Maand geleden
If Norway can pull off EVs I'm sure the US can with a little innovation :)
Jacob Hayward
Jacob Hayward Maand geleden
Use some Mobil 1 full synthetic it'll quiet down your wife's car.
Lamborghini gamer
Lamborghini gamer Maand geleden
Depending on the vehicle is actually not that bad with the Tesla its keeps its own battery warm and it will cool off the battery if it gets too hot
iBelieve Maand geleden
Aaron Benkert
Aaron Benkert Maand geleden
Nice Redwing hat. Hockey Town in Motown
Johnson Rocson
Johnson Rocson Maand geleden
I think the requirement for a cat basically makes true dual exhaust useless. true dual exhaust should be two separated pipes directly from the manifold all the way to the end. only an equalization pipe joining them along the length. -tym 😁😝
A6O Maand geleden
A fully charged battery will not freeze until -70F or so. Old batteries lose charge capacity and thus bring up the freezing point. A frozen battery will not take a charge. It's super dangerous to charge one as you can build up sulfuric acid and cause an explosion. Best practice is to warm them up. 100w battery blanket will do you just fine when it gets that cold.
Pat Putnam
Pat Putnam Maand geleden
Wanna slip a new exhaust manifold gasket and swap my turbo pedestal with a 2 piece diamond eye 3 inch down pipe on my first gen 7.3 L Powerstroke....i mean while your dirty? Lol jk
Ashton Cave
Ashton Cave Maand geleden
I was rolling through shelby yesterday i thought i seen the fummins but no stickers on the side haha
princedax Maand geleden
Too loud for me but to each their own the best truck I ever had was an old city truck 81 D150 3/4 ton it was so quiet you had to gun the motor to know it was running I miss that truck
Cory Savage
Cory Savage Maand geleden
When I saw 6.2L I was expecting an 80s Chevy with the ol 6.2 Detroit. Keep up the good work guys
Brian G. Lee
Brian G. Lee Maand geleden
Good to see you wearing a Redwings hat
Brian G. Lee
Brian G. Lee Maand geleden
Truck sounds good
scott wilhelme
scott wilhelme Maand geleden
Please remove your political sweatshirt before filming. Long time viewer and liberal Democrat from SD enjoys your videos but not so much political messaging, otherwise keep up the good work:)
scott wilhelme
scott wilhelme Maand geleden
@Welker Farms You are very kind, please farm on! And please rebuild something gigantic next winter.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Appreciate the kind suggestion, didn't mean to wear it on camera, just grabbed a sweatshirt and filmed and found out afterward it wasn't the right red one that I usually wear.
ginggur17 Maand geleden
Love that sound. 👍👍👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸
Robert Valentine
Robert Valentine Maand geleden
What about Bob, why didn't he get a new exhaust? And while you're at it why not the Mrs' Suburban? Don't you want her to have a cool exhaust too?
Lars Larson
Lars Larson Maand geleden
I think you put the rails for your gooseneck hitch in 90 degrees off They should go the same way as the frame rails.
Lars Larson
Lars Larson Maand geleden
@Welker Farms OK I was just going by the way mine was installed in my pickup.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
That's not what the instructions say.
Davd Hynes
Davd Hynes Maand geleden
Johan S
Johan S Maand geleden
I live in northern Sweden and my electric car is way better in the winter than my diesel truck. Never any starting problems and instant cabin heat. You loose some range in the cold weather but that’s not a big problem for me.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
That is good to hear!
Mike P
Mike P Maand geleden
See if you guys will quit messing around with the GM's and start buying Fords your vehicle problems will be solved... By the way the kids couldn't be cuter if they wanted to be.
Mike P
Mike P Maand geleden
I work for Ford for over 25 years not have one die on me yet I own three GMS in my life government motors of course, and was left on the side of the road three times fortunately I walked away from him without any hard feelings because they all brought me $25 from the junkman and I think I got the deal. Lol, oh yeah and Dodge being owned by Fiat lose lose fix it again Tony...
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
😂 Well I prefer to not have my truck Found On Road Dead! But then again mine is Government Motors...and Dodge is fiat...so no way to win 😁
Amanda Kennedy
Amanda Kennedy Maand geleden
Dont you have block heaters on your vehicles???? If the oil is warm the car will start even with a weak battery
Joe Yeoman
Joe Yeoman Maand geleden
MPI knows how to sell product
Christopher Mclaughlin
Christopher Mclaughlin Maand geleden
So as a technican. I cringed seeing the exhaust welded from the y pipe to the muffler. Def want a flange so if a transmission has to come out, don't have to take a Sawzall to it. Otherwise sounds great. Always look forward to the videos !
Farmin' with Chevy Trucks
Farmin' with Chevy Trucks Maand geleden
I agree, and the exhaust didn't sound much louder then factory.
Larry Stockwell
Larry Stockwell Maand geleden
Why does the flow arrow point forward at 8:42?
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
I see what you mean but that isn't actually an arrow, it is part of the logo ☺
Ken Bryant
Ken Bryant Maand geleden
Your kids are too cute. Great video.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
I love them dearly
Samuel Maand geleden
I was watching Classic Tractor Fever and could only think that y’all should try to get the Big Buds on the show.
Grant Bickley
Grant Bickley Maand geleden
You should go snowmobiling and make it a video
Eric Tempus
Eric Tempus Maand geleden
Mike Mitchell from Canada has a friend that has a Tesla, wonder if you could ask him how an electric car would do in COLD temperatures
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
He would know loving up there!
Richard Martin
Richard Martin Maand geleden
Sorry Larson farms, but GMC sounds better!
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
😂 👍 👌
A. Nonym
A. Nonym Maand geleden
2:10 E-Car in -15°C no Problemo My Twizy run like a champ in every weather.
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin Maand geleden
i put borla ( aka gm performance ) exhaust with gm performance cold air intake and a Diablo trinity 2 tuner on my truck ..huge difference , crazy top speed and yet still my best mpg is 28
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin Maand geleden
@Welker Farms it gets a touch floaty at those speeds thou lol
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin Maand geleden
@Welker Farms well im a Canadian... ive had mine doing 233 kms per hr. So around 145 mph ish
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
I'm very curious on mph too, throttle response and acceleration has greatly improved but mpg is still unknown as I haven't made a long trip with it yet.
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage Maand geleden
Great Vlog, thanks for sharing
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Thank you for watching!
Welker Farms
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