The BAG BUTCHER | What A Muddy Mess

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Welker Farms

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It's time to get these grain bags emptied! Full of wheat and time to haul. Unfortunately the mud isn't cooperating but if work with the morning frost we'll get it done!
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
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zulu0219 Maand geleden
COVE Security much better system and customer service/monitoring is a lot better than Simplisafe.
agentcrm Maand geleden
@hollandduck79 It's US only, the door sensors transmit on the same frequency as a garage door opener and are unsecured (yikes) There's no battery backup and it works through your home internet.....
hollandduck79 Maand geleden
the Simplisafe system seems like a nice system for the home, but Simplisafe has no support here in the Netherlands
BossmanEight Maand geleden
Nope! Skipped right over. Don't watch advertisements.
agentcrm Maand geleden
Ah simplyscam. When you can't afford to fit an actual security system.
C Johnson
C Johnson 5 dagen geleden
The entire last minute and half I have to keep telling myself that this is a family channel, this is a family channel...
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 8 dagen geleden
What a show of a muddy mess.
ckg009 15 dagen geleden
Man do I love that 4520. The engine removal / swap is what got me attached to the channel.
Shadow Phoenix
Shadow Phoenix 17 dagen geleden
I wonder if he plays farming sim
Sam Furman
Sam Furman 18 dagen geleden
Great video Nick, looks like you had the power divider engaged on the trucks for the tandem axles in the mud? Never had to use that before but looks like it helped!
Carlo Alicer
Carlo Alicer 22 dagen geleden
aha a stick and an old tire, I remember that when I was a kid, good form of entertainment specially if there are races. Just shows that whatever country ure in kids have the same idea when it comes to old tires.
CaptainDuckman 23 dagen geleden
see if you can get some large steel plates from somewhere, like army surplus. Work wonders to prevent sinking in muddy spots when standing still a while. Army engineers use them to create temporary parking lots for events all the time. And a tractor can pull them forward as the bag moves.
Aaron Sanborn
Aaron Sanborn 24 dagen geleden
Lmfao not that stuck...brought the big dog the 844...LMFAO
Marshall outdoors
Marshall outdoors 24 dagen geleden
What was that you caught in the pipe by the railroad? I live in Indiana We don't have that animal or rodent.
Farmer John
Farmer John 24 dagen geleden
I never noticed the welker Virginia license plate. I’m from va too
Ivan Costamagna
Ivan Costamagna 24 dagen geleden
the extractor is an Argentine invention
Christopher Kelley
Christopher Kelley 25 dagen geleden
Would wee be able to watch the truck get filled please sir
G&E Farms Emery
G&E Farms Emery 25 dagen geleden
One time use per bag? What's a bag cost
Michael Lucht
Michael Lucht 25 dagen geleden
I hear your way behind in moisture so no cursing snow, or rain.
Dustin 25 dagen geleden
If a gmc doesn’t always have one running light out is it really a gmc? Lol
jans belerts
jans belerts 25 dagen geleden
you might want to change that area from dirt to concrete for better traction
jans belerts
jans belerts 25 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms double edged sword
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 25 dagen geleden
Would be great, just need $200,000 to do and then that land will never be a field again. But I do agree it would be nice!
Jennifer White
Jennifer White 26 dagen geleden
why i hate the bag's usage here don't matter what way you store your grain all are a pain in the butt best way i did find take to right to the elevators the best way i did find butt we're not that smart farmer is to greatly need to hold off for more money was it worth the wait yea leave you to figure that out for your self springtime need to beat the road bands too some of us don't have golden paved road hear like the rich American farmers as
phantom wolf 6.7 l
phantom wolf 6.7 l 26 dagen geleden
I thank you guys need more trucks
Karnes Motorsports
Karnes Motorsports 26 dagen geleden
How did your dad make out with his LLY and the gasoline incident? Did he have to replace any injectors?
David Messer
David Messer 26 dagen geleden
When you cut open that first bag, did you ever think that you might find a bag full of mice instead of grain? :) I've got a couple of questions if you don't mind... Q: How much do the bags cost? They've got to be less expensive than a grain bin with the equivalent storage. Where is the trade-off? Q: Are the bags recycled once you roll them up? Do you get some of your money back?
Mike Kahl
Mike Kahl 26 dagen geleden
Around here we empty bags late winter when snow is gone and ground is froze in morning, or put chains on, or use grain cart and tractor.
G. Phillip LeBeau
G. Phillip LeBeau 26 dagen geleden
Hey Nick, please get that sore on your nose checked with dermatologist. My wife had the same and found it was skin cancer. Thanks to my father warning her about it. Just wanted you to be healthy and safe. Keep you the good work on the Farm and NLposts!!!👍🏻
iBelieve 27 dagen geleden
Ryan Eick
Ryan Eick 27 dagen geleden
Seems like this would work best to use a grain cart to shuttle the grain from the bag up to trucks on higher dry ground... just thought I might offer up an idea! Love the content! Thank you🇺🇸🤠
Norrotaku 28 dagen geleden
will simply safe sell your data to the police like ring?
Gayle WATKINS 28 dagen geleden
Cooper is a busy and guy.😎
CurrentChoices 28 dagen geleden
How was quality in the bags at testing station?
Rick Pederson
Rick Pederson 28 dagen geleden
You seem to of had much less issues with it wet inside the bag than Mike Mitchell does, do you have betters slope or better bags
John Beauparlant
John Beauparlant 28 dagen geleden
Hey I think your carbon monoxide detector is to high. That gas is heavier than air and the detector is above your head
Branko Kezic
Branko Kezic 29 dagen geleden
with what percentage of moisture you put corn in bags
Toho Jedi
Toho Jedi 29 dagen geleden
@welker Farms I spotted a gorgeous old tractor there.
Brian Pritt
Brian Pritt 29 dagen geleden
With the greasy ground, wouldn't it be worth breaking out the grain wagon?
Brad Lanig
Brad Lanig 29 dagen geleden
Lay the old bags out and drive on them
Gavin Schultz
Gavin Schultz 29 dagen geleden
Nick how's the lake house have not seen or heard anything about it in a while, i miss seeing that beautiful place. the last i heard of it yall was building a dock and doing dirt work to the lake.
Brandon Shirley
Brandon Shirley 29 dagen geleden
U should put a flex pipe on the end of it so u can stay on the dry ground
Brandon Shirley
Brandon Shirley 29 dagen geleden
I think Mike Mitchell needs to take sum pointers off u cause his vids he has bunch of problems seems like and ur bags are neater his guys need sum pointers also
Aaron Sesula
Aaron Sesula 29 dagen geleden
We used those bags on are cabins retaining wall
Joe Coomes
Joe Coomes 29 dagen geleden
What Internet service do you all use in Montana
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
It's a local telephone fiber service
zach 2025r
zach 2025r 29 dagen geleden
James Hook
James Hook 29 dagen geleden
Is LegArms' arm all healed up? I see him using it.
biggles754 29 dagen geleden
Hey Hollywood, are you deliberately using a blue filter to make your eyes stand out like that? 19:00 💙
Thomas Patterson
Thomas Patterson 29 dagen geleden
Have you had any issues with deer or other animals making holes in your bags?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
No because Coby is the sheriff where the bags are.
Don Hoefert
Don Hoefert 29 dagen geleden
Spinning the tires that much may be expensive down the road
Ottawa's Freelance Photography
Ottawa's Freelance Photography 29 dagen geleden
Awesome footage I'm looking for a channel shout out Ottawa's freelance Photography
JayBernie Schoep
JayBernie Schoep 29 dagen geleden
Bob. you and the bys should lay down some of the shell stuff you have in the fields and pack it down for next year for a solid base. just a idea.
Cedric Broussard
Cedric Broussard 29 dagen geleden
Pat Putnam
Pat Putnam 29 dagen geleden
Uh-huh.... Not gonna get stuck again... Famous last words. Lol
Richard Eustice
Richard Eustice 29 dagen geleden
I'm surprised you boys don't hook up one of the Big Buds to your semi's, Don't even try and spin the eighteen wheeler wheels, send it with the BIG BUD!!
Leevi Penniman
Leevi Penniman 29 dagen geleden
You guys should get a peterbilt 359
Viktor Tegelberg
Viktor Tegelberg Maand geleden
Next time, maybe it's time to put the bags next to a proper road? 😂
Viktor Tegelberg
Viktor Tegelberg 29 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms buy me a ticket and I'll be right there 🇸🇪 ✈️ 🇺🇸 😂
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 29 dagen geleden
Come show us where a proper road is next to a field 😂 😁
Tom Cander
Tom Cander Maand geleden
For the life of me I don't understand why you don't have stone drives or lots...why fight the mud??!!!
Tom Cander
Tom Cander Maand geleden
@Welker Farms first of all you wouldn't have cover 10 acres so don't be dramatic and secondly, I do that for a living so I probably understand more than you, and lastly I didn't say you had to pave any of it!!
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Hear is a simple answer, pencil out what 10 acres of 4-6 inch thick gravel costs/pavement costs/concrete. Do the math and you'll understand.
Dan Finley
Dan Finley Maand geleden
Great to see ya got the grain moved god bless
The One
The One Maand geleden
What brand of earplugs do you have?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
Not sure the name.
Jonathan Schwarz
Jonathan Schwarz Maand geleden
Hello from Cleveland, OH. Since gravel is hard to come by out there. Try plywood or any kind of wood so your tires don't spin. I've had to do this many times as a landscaper. Our truck get stuck or our mowers get stuck. So we use plywood. If all else fails we pull the equipment out.
mick reynolds
mick reynolds Maand geleden
Hey Nick . Are those bags single use ??? seems like a waste of money if they are . I guess they are cheaper than a new bin .
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
They are a single use. about $.06 / bu
Austin Krinke
Austin Krinke Maand geleden
Use your grain cart.
Saratogan Maand geleden
Is the answer a grain cart pulled by one of those big Case tracked machines instead of the 18 wheelers?
Tina Chappell
Tina Chappell Maand geleden
Would it be counter productive to lay a rock bed down for the bags. I'm a truckdriver and could see where this might be helpful.
Tina Chappell
Tina Chappell Maand geleden
@Welker Farms Thanks
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Maand geleden
Great comment, it would be helpful but if you look closely those bags are in a field and the last thing we want is to add rocks to our fields. It's hard as bags are so big and the only place to put bags is in fields. Just boils down to a bad time to haul them out being spring thaw, but can't always have work line up with weather. Stay safe on the road!
Gerald Felch
Gerald Felch Maand geleden
Used ag bags under concrete or under driveway gravel on top Thanks guys NLposts farmers better than Tv
denny marquart
denny marquart Maand geleden
I thought you were going to pull out of pipe something black and white striped
46Rambo Maand geleden
prairie dogs? around here they carry bubonic plague fleas.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
Actually they are Richardson Ground Squirrels.
andban92 Maand geleden
I have watched few videos of Mike picking his bags. IT's crazy how much of his bags get damaged by wildlife and how much grain gets wet cause of these holes.
Trevor Bacelli
Trevor Bacelli Maand geleden
Great video Nick, those bags a really something ,the loading machine is really a piece fine Tech , OH I was wondering do you fellows know Mr Bob Quinn from Big Sandy Montana, I spoke to him several times about the Kamut Wheat that came from Egypt, also for Olec Safflower , I was wondering if he is still at Big Sandy Montana, once again great video, Regards Trevor.W.Bacelli. Biloela Qld Australia.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
Not sure but I would guess he is still there.
Maine Man
Maine Man Maand geleden
That was enough ads to be able to afford to give each one of your viewers a Welker Farms sticker.
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Maand geleden
All that water where you don't need it. When they find a way to recover water that is making mud from a field/driveway then the farmer won't have to work like a rented mule to fix all the bent metal and broken parts as no one escapes from this for very long. I have seen more torn driveshafts, transmissions, parts of the wheel assembly ruined from getting stuck. In the winter time, I would go out to the bone yard and pull all the bumpers and miscellaneous parts we would need and just cause they are old, didn't mean they couldn't be used till summer anyway. I had a driver come in one spring day and on his shoulder was a older and a bit narrower bumper, an old one, and he said; I have worked here for like five years and I have the nicest bumper in the fleet... I am taking it off till spring and save it from death.... I gave him a bonus that month.
S. Pursell
S. Pursell Maand geleden
You kinda looked like you were really pi$$ed around the 19:00 mark. Tempers must have been flying during the un sticking process. Lol
Trent Nelson
Trent Nelson Maand geleden
need some tire chains on those boys.
Otto Neidlinger
Otto Neidlinger Maand geleden
That extractor seems to so much easier to operate than the two that Mike Mitchell is using. Much less moving parts.
Still_ Truckin
Still_ Truckin Maand geleden
Ok so I’m worried about the fummins u haven’t used it just making sure she’s still going
Fenland Rob
Fenland Rob Maand geleden
Great seeing you guys again and all looking fit and healthy, nice to see all of your grain has gone from those bags now. Stay safe and happy. Rob from the 🇬🇧🚜
UncleManuel Maand geleden
Nick's truck was baggin' for traction! I'm seeing myself out, take care bye! 😁
Carsten Hirschfeld
Carsten Hirschfeld Maand geleden
Hello everybody, i love to watch your videos. The trucks look good, but European agricultural trucks would be better. They have better tires, all-wheel drive and consume less. Oh and please be more careful with the animals. greetings from Germany
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson Maand geleden
one word ⛓ chain's
Great Northwest
Great Northwest Maand geleden
So put snow chains on one truck then that one truck stays at the farm and is dedicated to loading trailers then the other 2 can pick up the full trailers on more solid ground. As for the landing legs get a stack of pallets for the empty trailers that fit below the landing gear then you only have to crank a short ways and use the skid steer to move the pallets as for a full trailer I don't know what you could use but I imagine they are heavy.
Roger Holloway
Roger Holloway Maand geleden
Are the bags reusable? I think there are several uses for something like that. They appear to be a sturdy bag.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
Single use.
Landy DeField
Landy DeField Maand geleden
I have always wondered if something like SlatTrax would help with the mud.
David Lucas
David Lucas Maand geleden
Glad you got your bags done Enjoy your trip
Dave Brittain
Dave Brittain Maand geleden
It would be good if you could put the bags along a gravel lane or something like that.
Boyd The Goofball
Boyd The Goofball Maand geleden
I saw the grain bags and thought it was a Mike Mitchell video.
KoJo2017 Maand geleden
I'm surprised you guys didn't already have the loader there with the yankum rope.
Lance Dever
Lance Dever Maand geleden
Looks like a little more stuck than you thought. Good job!
hollandduck79 Maand geleden
the Simplisafe system seems like a nice system for the home, but Simplisafe has no support here in the Netherlands
Jack Maand geleden
If you put the first bag right next to the road and each next one close, your trucks would always be on the road or the dry footprint of the previous bag.
Terry Lovins
Terry Lovins Maand geleden
Why not use grain cart to get the wheat to truck on solid ground
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
We don't have the cart. It was a demo for harvest.
stumpy2816 Maand geleden
Red E
Red E Maand geleden
Simplisafe was alerting you that 'Red E' WAS IN THE HOUSE! lol.
Barbara Stedillie
Barbara Stedillie Maand geleden
Leg Arms has the most amazing voice, and so good looking.And Nick has the bluest eyes, and also good looking, and your dad so sooo good looking! God has blessed your family in so many ways! I pray that your business will survive during these next 4 years with the crazies in charge...
Fast Ag Montana
Fast Ag Montana Maand geleden
Bags are sure a better option than ground piles. Ask me how I know....
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
If I did ask I would be just piling on...................... Ok............ I'll bag it.....................
Tejas Schneider
Tejas Schneider Maand geleden
For an idean for a video. Can you do a video on grain bin setups and there capacities. Just an idea for a video
OURv Maand geleden
NICK, If you were to hang some snow chains on your simi it will pull out of that mud NO PROBLEM. That's how the logging trucks do it. !
Extra Stock
Extra Stock Maand geleden
more big truck, love it
Big Dog
Big Dog Maand geleden
What are your plans for the 4520. Trade it off? While you're at it, better trade off the big loader.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
No plans yet for trading............yet.
Tyler Braaten
Tyler Braaten Maand geleden
I know you had the avalanche grain cart last fall maybe you had to give it back but unloading the bags into the cart and than loading the trucks in the yard would've kept you from getting stuck
Old Tireman
Old Tireman Maand geleden
Not really clear on how they get the empty bag off the extractor. Pretty simple on the extractor the Mitchells use. This one not so sure.
Dana Sheets
Dana Sheets Maand geleden
when will you be going to lake house ?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 29 dagen geleden
Just was there last week. Won't be back there til after seeding.
james mackie
james mackie Maand geleden
Great to Leg Arms back , How is the Arm Now , All the best from China
Esgreen Tractor
Esgreen Tractor Maand geleden
That international and demco looks so good together wonder if the trucks are jelus and the red truck loves to dance
Harvey Stephens
Harvey Stephens Maand geleden
Yankum rope and big loader would have allowed you to pull out Enjoyed
Dan Dannels
Dan Dannels Maand geleden
Be safe in my prayers the Godlyredneck
Why we'll NEVER fire Leg Arms
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