🔴LIVE! Shop Work! And Seeding?

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12 dagen geleden

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Bobby Pool
Bobby Pool Dag geleden
I like watching shop work.
Sincerely yours,
Sincerely yours, 2 dagen geleden
Wish I’d watched it livestream. That would have been interesting.
Anne O'Reilly
Anne O'Reilly 5 dagen geleden
Your winter video content has been just fine - for die hard fans! God Bless.
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner 6 dagen geleden
Would you expect Coby to be anywhere else ! He is your Dads partner in crime! Im surprised your Dad can go anywhere without him.
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner 6 dagen geleden
You need some old glories on the trucks
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner 6 dagen geleden
Nick you can get mag drills secondhand on ebay and gumtree. Not alway but quite often as to make it worthwhile to watch out for. You might be able to get them on craigslist to.
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner 6 dagen geleden
ITS not hard mig welding. Its basically same technique involved as stick. Its just a matter of getting wire speed and temp settings right
JayBernie Schoep
JayBernie Schoep 6 dagen geleden
Lol Scott and your dad do a better job welding.
JayBernie Schoep
JayBernie Schoep 6 dagen geleden
Always clean windows and get wipers working
Uppsalahazze Markstedt
Uppsalahazze Markstedt 7 dagen geleden
Go to neighboring part to you in Canada and show us, Nick! Can be fun to hear the chating and bragging over the border! :D
Ray Dowling
Ray Dowling 7 dagen geleden
everything's a hammer.
karl randow
karl randow 8 dagen geleden
Weld ears with holes drilled for right height for pins go through ear through tank athe through another ear
Grandpa Cocky
Grandpa Cocky 8 dagen geleden
Sound quality is poor
kenneth shew
kenneth shew 8 dagen geleden
if you cut a piece of flat stock slide it into your gap you fill it up and use less wire and better looking weld
Dale Nichols
Dale Nichols 9 dagen geleden
Thanks Nick . Glad finally got to watch. Busy on our farm as well.
Kenneth Jacobs
Kenneth Jacobs 9 dagen geleden
Do you guys Own all your land or rent most of it?
Joshua Hockley
Joshua Hockley 9 dagen geleden
I hope we dont have to wait 6 months for another live stream. I like this format as here is what we do not just the interesting stuff. For some reason my player couldnt show the live chat which i like to follow along with.
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 9 dagen geleden
Would it be easier if you moved the tank over a little bit more so you can get to the other side and weld that bar in and then center your tank just saying
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 9 dagen geleden
Your doing a pretty good job of welding
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 9 dagen geleden
If the gap gets to wide put a piece of steel in it and then weld it just some pointers
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 9 dagen geleden
I have welded for thirty years retired now
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 9 dagen geleden
By the I have welded with both mig and stick unless you have big cracks our need a hot weld the mig will work perfect
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 9 dagen geleden
The best way to weld is to tack down your part and then you can go like mad that Way if for some reason you need to change anything you only have to grind off the tack
Ron Grace
Ron Grace 9 dagen geleden
Ware or your safety glasses
Jim Jensen
Jim Jensen 9 dagen geleden
do I need a welding helmet ?? ha ha
Jim Jensen
Jim Jensen 9 dagen geleden
yes, comment as you work, good job !!!
David Mast
David Mast 9 dagen geleden
Like John Perry said, your videos are never boring. I like what you do in educating the out side world.
boer brabant
boer brabant 10 dagen geleden
1:30:00 trow a old bolt in that gap and weld both sides.
stumpjumper 2140
stumpjumper 2140 10 dagen geleden
Thank you Nick for the live stream good job as always God bless 😎😬👍
Todd Millard
Todd Millard 10 dagen geleden
Good old 855 Cummins... drove many of those old gutless Fords lol Cats, Cummins, and a screaming Detroit
bob loomis
bob loomis 10 dagen geleden
Why do you never tell what setting you use to weld each product? Then we can learn what to set for each job. Enjoy your site learn a lot from you.
Carter Link
Carter Link 10 dagen geleden
I like all content . I enjoy shop work as much as field work .
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco 10 dagen geleden
Busy on the farm like every other seeding time. keep up the good work.
William Carter
William Carter 10 dagen geleden
Only you have to worry about your weld and keep up the good work and and say hi to wife and kids!!
Lily Welch-New
Lily Welch-New 10 dagen geleden
God bless!
Lily Welch-New
Lily Welch-New 10 dagen geleden
Can't wait to see the finished product.
Lily Welch-New
Lily Welch-New 10 dagen geleden
Interesting until you stick us on the outside of the truck. Wind in the mic and dirt road up close is not interesting. Sorry don't mean to be rude, just saying. Cab ride was better.
FireMedic371 10 dagen geleden
I like these live streams! You should do more. I’d also love to see a blooper reel.
Jim McLean
Jim McLean 10 dagen geleden
Great job drilling and working on the water trailer nick a man of many hats ... Welder,seed hauler,etc .
Jim McLean
Jim McLean 10 dagen geleden
Them are peas your drilling correct
Jim McLean
Jim McLean 10 dagen geleden
Do you know what that black box on dash is nick ??
Tim Kuehn
Tim Kuehn 10 dagen geleden
WRT people moving to Montana - it'll be interesting to see how well they deal with the long distances and the winter. :)
Mac Dawg
Mac Dawg 10 dagen geleden
I didn't see it live but I loved it.. Thanks!
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 10 dagen geleden
48:56 Nick all you viewers got ride in the back Them the rules 😂 cough cough a few fell off hes not stopping . 57:17 were here Nick huh u still there .
john perry
john perry 10 dagen geleden
I'll say one thing your videos are never boring, they're always interesting and very entertaining
Tom Varley
Tom Varley 10 dagen geleden
Did you remember to say tank you for them
Duane Erickson
Duane Erickson 10 dagen geleden
Love those Ford Tandem's
Pat Putnam
Pat Putnam 10 dagen geleden
Wow, didn't get notified about this til now. Oddly enough, about the thumb thing, driving long haul, i do something similar. Keep my hand as flat as i can on the wheel sometimes fingers get a muscle twitch and lock against my hand. My left thumb and right ring finger both do it. Lol
MarvUSA 10 dagen geleden
Beans............bah.....where's the barley. Thanks for sharing.
Jim Newell
Jim Newell 10 dagen geleden
Some could have been edited . . .
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 10 dagen geleden
Did you give up flying. I thought in one of the first video of yours you gave your mother a ride.
Jarvis' auto & fabrication
Jarvis' auto & fabrication 11 dagen geleden
Next time you go to ur lake house in kalispell, maybe we can go get a coffee together. I live in kalispell and have been a MT resident my whole life. I watch all ur videos and would like to meet sometime. God bless and hard work feels good in the long run, great job nick.
Frank Capaci jr
Frank Capaci jr 11 dagen geleden
That bad boy sounds great 👍
Mark Klim
Mark Klim 11 dagen geleden
Why not Lincoln welders they’re red!
Raymond Mindrup
Raymond Mindrup 11 dagen geleden
Hey saw you at the great falls home depot I said hey but great stream love watching every time
Chris Schreier
Chris Schreier 11 dagen geleden
Are you guys going to show the gift sent to you a few weeks ago? Can’t wUr to see it. Love you guys k up the hard work.
Mike Scott
Mike Scott 11 dagen geleden
More work and less talk
Ol 'Nam Grunt
Ol 'Nam Grunt 11 dagen geleden
Thanks for inviting me along on your day ,GOD,BLESS.
Varrig's Channel
Varrig's Channel 11 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for the live stream! A working live stream turned out great! I hope it didn't slow you down too much. Take care and God bless!
Oliver77 11 dagen geleden
I bought a mag base drill from these guys. lostcreekmachine.com/product/milwaukee-mag-base-drill/
jeff clark
jeff clark 11 dagen geleden
No hands 🙌 not like your going to hit a tree!!😂😂
O’Neal Farms
O’Neal Farms 11 dagen geleden
Setting here in the house fighting covid I was ahead until this happen got to fix my tractor before planting corn love how you guys have a great game plan
DM Enterprises
DM Enterprises 11 dagen geleden
Couldn’t agree with you more towards the end!!!! Pa was a great state but Philly and Pittsburgh is ruining the rest of the state. Hopefully I’ll be out of here in a few years
Sawyer Statz
Sawyer Statz 11 dagen geleden
Love your live streams
Russell Milliken
Russell Milliken 11 dagen geleden
hi ! from westren pa
William Nesbitt
William Nesbitt 11 dagen geleden
Work Work that’s what farmers do love the videos
Combine Tractor
Combine Tractor 11 dagen geleden
Love the vids nick!!
Macentropist 11 dagen geleden
Now get busy!
Macentropist 11 dagen geleden
Hollywood, you get more done in an hour, than most do in two days!
Olaf Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt 11 dagen geleden
Thanks a lot for uploading the stream!😊👍🏻
Alan Wilcox
Alan Wilcox 11 dagen geleden
Hey Nick: This video seems a lot like you talking to yourself..... And you answer your questions too. 😂 Captain Al from Tampa😎
jay johana
jay johana 11 dagen geleden
Hi Nick , What was the brand of those shop lights. I need some for my shop
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 11 dagen geleden
Kerstone lights, look up northwest lighting systems in MN, they are dealers and will figure out what you need for your shop size. Good people!
gerald sundberg
gerald sundberg 11 dagen geleden
It's nice to see your progress . Yes algae can be a problem. That is why I don't use drip irrigation in our gardens. It was a constant job unplugging emitters.
Christopher j Doyle
Christopher j Doyle 11 dagen geleden
Hello from Ireland 🇮🇪 snowing here all day
Crushing Vanessa3
Crushing Vanessa3 11 dagen geleden
Is it strange to be interested in farming but not conservative politically? Seems those two go hand in hand.
Del Butler
Del Butler 10 dagen geleden
Nick is very Conservative.....but he is smart enough to keep politics off of the channel.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 11 dagen geleden
No not at all, remember ice cream comes in all flavors and every one loves ice cream, both conservatives and liberals! But traditionally most ag leans more conservative. I believe this is because we are constantly in the crosshairs of government regulations and taxes. Even though government has big farm programs and pays well at times, they are a huge headache. Hope this helps.
Ralph Kelly
Ralph Kelly 11 dagen geleden
Hope you had a fantastic Easter guys. Great to. See another. Live stream.
Mark Hayhurst
Mark Hayhurst 11 dagen geleden
Spiritual water! Thank you for the "live stream." Talk about overflowing hearts!
Rob Gough
Rob Gough 11 dagen geleden
Good morning from the uk
Ticdaniel 11 dagen geleden
This winter i watch almost all your livestreams. Its great 👍👍 live in sweden so i always miss them at middle of night. Keep it up boys. Thanks for your time 😄😄 //Daniel
Ticdaniel 11 dagen geleden
@Johnny Holmgren especially when there's no headsup 😎😎
Johnny Holmgren
Johnny Holmgren 11 dagen geleden
Same here! Almost impossible to catch a livestream. 🇸🇪
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage 11 dagen geleden
Great Case IH vlog, thanks for sharing
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 11 dagen geleden
What's a chutiya
Mary Pickett
Mary Pickett 11 dagen geleden
You so tired that you got grocery bags under your eyes
David Lucas
David Lucas 11 dagen geleden
Lots going on there Nick
Damon Coates
Damon Coates 11 dagen geleden
I was working during the live, but watched when I came home. Great videos and enjoy live for sure. You all work hard for sure. Very inspiring for many.
Michael Carlson
Michael Carlson 11 dagen geleden
Sorry Nick going live just cost you two hours of lost work. You didn’t get nothing done. Thanks for sharing. Gotta go. Watching The Passion of the Christ.
Lees Farms
Lees Farms 11 dagen geleden
Finally!! Not a 12min quicky.
pieter sipma
pieter sipma 10 dagen geleden
@Daniel Hahn i see what you did there XD
Daniel Hahn
Daniel Hahn 11 dagen geleden
well since there are two big and black ... tanks ... for spraying hard ... involved (okay sorry there were too many opportunities for bad jokes)
David Lucas
David Lucas 11 dagen geleden
Black screen
Mark Parkinson
Mark Parkinson 11 dagen geleden
Hey Nick what new gear did you put in the Buds. I just remembered you saying something about it
Larry Hager
Larry Hager 11 dagen geleden
you fire leg arms my dad was a rail road bridge guy in the 75s with my uncle and cousin showed them this all 3 said why not stick weld
Gert Maree
Gert Maree 11 dagen geleden
moning gerrit from SA
boer brabant
boer brabant 11 dagen geleden
Can't wait for more.
Lance Wickum
Lance Wickum 11 dagen geleden
I have a $300 mag drill that works you can borrow anytime. I hardly ever use it.
Agonist 11 dagen geleden
Do you guys pay yourselves a salary or hourly? Is there good money in farming these days? Seems like the costs are so high, are you able to hire workers to help or do you only do that during certain times of the year?
Daniel Krüger
Daniel Krüger 11 dagen geleden
As i have seen they hire some friends to help out when its too much to do... and typical in farming you have a weeeery low hour salary... you get whats left... here in norway most farmers need to work an extra job to get a living.. hope you get an answer from nick😊 guess they have a extra income through case and this channel worth the extra time it takes!!
Bruce Rae
Bruce Rae 11 dagen geleden
Haven’t you got that finished yet ?.
max Schmaltz
max Schmaltz 11 dagen geleden
Great stream nick
Watson Charles
Watson Charles 11 dagen geleden
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Kent Hansen
Kent Hansen 10 dagen geleden
Are they 3000 gal. tanks
Burnt Combine Cleanup 😁
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