The Fleet Awakens

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Welker Farms

23 dagen geleden

It's that time, spring planting is coming fast and our machinery needs to be serviced and prepped to handle the thousands of acres they will cover. AWAKE THE BUDS!
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Richard Radawetz
Richard Radawetz 23 dagen geleden
Make sure the Reese’s are all the way in😀😃😄
Sharofiddin Muminov
Sharofiddin Muminov 6 dagen geleden
@Welker Farms салом
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 13 dagen geleden
Love the white chocolate races
random user
random user 16 dagen geleden
@Pelessaria its gone for now
Pelessaria 16 dagen geleden
Imagine havin snow haha
random user
random user 18 dagen geleden
@Mark Arnott no I dont
Lucas Erickson
Lucas Erickson 2 dagen geleden
How is leg arms arm doing?
Mike Wulfert
Mike Wulfert 2 dagen geleden
Why are the discharge tubes of the combine harvesters folded out? This is something i want to know?
Tom Harper
Tom Harper 3 dagen geleden
Nick farming aside you are absolutely JACKED! 😂
dairy_farm antix
dairy_farm antix 7 dagen geleden
You guys need a belt bailer to roll ya bags up nice and easy that's how we do it in NZ
HARLAN HODGE 11 dagen geleden
Old school working without gloves, they make good mechanics gloves Also I’m retired now but in my work career I have known 4 guys that’s lost fingers because of Wedding rings, my guys said wife won’t let them take ring off, I talked to workman’s comp Had guys sign waver If they lost finger due to ring it wasn’t covered wife’s made guys take Off rings, amazing power woman have
J 12 dagen geleden
Nothing diner than the sound of a Big Bud.
Tuan Le
Tuan Le 12 dagen geleden
The curly night nationally hop because monday adventitiously back save a dependent organization. guttural H habitual, magenta pound
Superintendent 1586
Superintendent 1586 13 dagen geleden
Must be SPRING!!! BUDS ARE COMING OUT!! Great video! Be safe gentleman!
Bearded Skadoosh
Bearded Skadoosh 13 dagen geleden
Crack the bleeder on air tanks of the brute. When you come back to it in the morning the tanks will be empty. Youll have to wait for pressure but ull hit that yellow diamond every time.
Travis Roth
Travis Roth 13 dagen geleden
When I come through Shelby can I stop by the farm to say hello?😜
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 13 dagen geleden
The advantage of relining brakes more surface area vs one that are ribeted 🐸 on they stopped mostly because of the asbestos
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 13 dagen geleden
You guys need a skyhook to lift/support those difficult things
Lee W
Lee W 15 dagen geleden
I finally figured it out! Nick talks to the camera like it's a friend and they are having a conversation and that's what I like about these videos. Come to think of it that's the same thing with fast ag and the millennial dude. Videos that feel instructional are more tedious for me..except for leg arms and that Canadian mechanic guy..."here we go"
Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery 15 dagen geleden
Those big buds are so awesome great Video love those big old girls 👍
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards 15 dagen geleden
The John Deere brings back some great memories from the 80's growing up on a Georgia farm. One of JD's best tractor of its era.
mark mullins
mark mullins 15 dagen geleden
What about the front brakes from what my father said the front brakes are your parking brakes on a semi don't know about a tractor
Trent Burton
Trent Burton 17 dagen geleden
yes yes i
DIY Guy 17 dagen geleden
Seeing that old Deere pull the drill seeder really gives perspective to how the size of equipment has changed. Another great vid, I’ve never seen the 435 before! I worked late online and wound down with these vids, thanks again fellas!
Terry Stephens
Terry Stephens 17 dagen geleden
Great job guys 😃👌👌👏👏👏👏❤️
george davidson
george davidson 17 dagen geleden
I thought you got a new sprayer last year
Kaden Watt
Kaden Watt 18 dagen geleden
(Video intro) *A-10 WARTHOG NOISES*
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 18 dagen geleden
Best sound ever 😁
Oscar Grandle
Oscar Grandle 18 dagen geleden
You can turn those drums...!
Donovan Butler
Donovan Butler 18 dagen geleden
Fun times lol.
rockinhonda 18 dagen geleden
iBelieve 18 dagen geleden
Bo Hunt
Bo Hunt 19 dagen geleden
As far as the air lines on the truck, I busted those plastic ones every year it seemed when it got cold out. Apparently it gets a bit nippy up by you guys as well. I cannot recommend the rubber air lines enough. A bit higher priced initially, but I didn't have to replace them nearly as often.
GabyKatut Plays
GabyKatut Plays 19 dagen geleden
That tractor is going 50 miles per hour? You serious? I can*t believe it. 🙄🙄🙄😱😱😱 17:45
Josh Crawley
Josh Crawley 19 dagen geleden
Blowing compressed air in the air filters ruins them
Rick W
Rick W 19 dagen geleden
All you need Now is a Big Bert-tha hhehehe uh hem ok not PC lol
Rebel7469 19 dagen geleden
Love the big bud wheel honey.
aa999xyz 19 dagen geleden
Permatex® Ultra Black® for your sealants?
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry 19 dagen geleden
I HIGHLY SUGGEST you put some SOLID TIMBER BLOCKING in the appropriate spots as having a hydraulic jack on a jack stand certainly IS NOT THE SAFEST PRACTICE.
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry 19 dagen geleden
Commented too soon. Concrete blocks a good safe idea.
Cheopis 19 dagen geleden
I have never heard of replacing brake drums due to oil exposure. Brake pads, definitely, but drums are all solid metal. A bit of fine sandpaper and brake cleaner and they should be fine.
Alexander Klein
Alexander Klein 12 dagen geleden
Pretty much what I was going to say. The friction material on brake shoes and pads (clutches too) is porous so it will absorb any oil that it's exposed to for any length of time which will make them nearly worthless when it comes to stopping power. The discs or drums are solid metal, a good bit of brake clean and a clean rag will sort them out. If you want to go the extra mile and have the tooling for it (and there's enough meat spare on the drum/disc) a little machining can help extend the life of your pads/shoes.
robert seguin
robert seguin 19 dagen geleden
you all could sell the old ones
Midwestdoug36 19 dagen geleden
Wow, cool transition at 7:58! Nice!,👍🏻👏🏻
JJF videos
JJF videos 19 dagen geleden
Like the new planter tractor
wbball15 19 dagen geleden
Rubber hose is always superior to plastic.
paul ettari
paul ettari 20 dagen geleden
what's the latest in leg Arms' broken arm? All back to normal, getting there etc?
gearwrench1 Davis
gearwrench1 Davis 20 dagen geleden
You guys gotta try "permatex the right stuff" best gasket maker and sets up super fast. It won't let you down.
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 20 dagen geleden
Hey that is what I used! We use it on almost all gasket projects.
Roy Parker
Roy Parker 20 dagen geleden
i worked for main dealers in the uk and we never had workshops as good as you got there
Cavalry Trucking
Cavalry Trucking 20 dagen geleden
Is there a crank case breather filter on that engine? Ever been changed?
allenjanoch 20 dagen geleden
How long where they sitting i can tell they don't like the cold at all
Euclid Fanatic
Euclid Fanatic 20 dagen geleden
Hey Nick @SouthSaskFarmer, you need a Big Bud LOL.
Gail Roon
Gail Roon 20 dagen geleden
Could call it big butte
Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber 20 dagen geleden
Awesome Video!!
Dale Walker
Dale Walker 20 dagen geleden
Always throw away the plastic blue and red curley air lines. Always! Even if new. Always use rubber air hoses. After 30 years of practice this is the best management practice for my truck.
Brad Klingensmith
Brad Klingensmith 20 dagen geleden
Ahh, legs arms could have held that assembly with 1 hand and the drain pan with the other.
Mel Bell
Mel Bell 20 dagen geleden
I Love the Big Buds. Welker Farms has the best & unique "tonka-like" tractors.
Clinton Emmert
Clinton Emmert 20 dagen geleden
Best thing I’ve seen over my 30 years of cleaning oil, & Grease is Dawn dishwashing liquid. This works great.
SKIDOO RULZ 20 dagen geleden
Get rid of those cheesy plastic air lines and go to rubber.
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 20 dagen geleden
So that air seeder isn’t a direct drill ?
Sam Goodman
Sam Goodman 21 dag geleden
@welker farms. U guys should take those tiny brakes and drums of and convert it to a 4707q brake and drum they are mutch wider than those and have more brake force. And they are really common on trucks and trailers so u can get them at just about everywhere.
Donald Triumph
Donald Triumph 21 dag geleden
I just don’t get it.. I’m sure you guys have done the maths but keeping vintage machines going must be a Labour of love 💕it can’t be profitable.
Donald Triumph
Donald Triumph 20 dagen geleden
@Gregory I think millions is a bit optimistic, large enough I believe a tracked machine would give more traction and driver comfort thus allowing operators to work more hours. Running gear if that the case then I get it. But parts are rare or made to order thus in busy times your machine will stand still. They never ever breakdown whilst sat in the shed. Just my opinion not knocking Wellker farms in any way.
Gregory 20 dagen geleden
Replacement tractors would be in the millions and probably not large enough to pull what they have. Also not as heavy duty. The running gear on the big buds is mining equipment.
puirYorick 21 dag geleden
I searched around for an illustration of something you should be able to rig up yourselves as a safer tractor & heavy truck support. I don't know if YT will allow the link to stay but: I don't know the company and it's not near you so I only use the image to get across what I imagined would be a simple DIY setup. The trouble with naked concrete blocks like you used here is that when they fail in compression it instantly leaves zero residual support. Frankly I'm surprised that some American manufacturer hasn't volunteered to partner with you guys on overall shop safety as yet.
Caleb James Delisle
Caleb James Delisle 21 dag geleden
That air jack balanced on top of the jack stand is making me nervous :S
Stephen Otto
Stephen Otto 21 dag geleden
brake Shoes not pads pads go with rotors you have shoes and drums on your equipment there
AJ Deere T680
AJ Deere T680 21 dag geleden
Another year, another year, they seem to fly by so fast!
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 21 dag geleden
So I need to buy my dad 5 air hoses. 1 for his house where there's a air compressor 2 for the farm cause my spare hose blew, and 2 at his lake house. Oml 😑 why have air compressors everywhere and no good hoses dad 😑😑😑😠
p3th3t1c 21 dag geleden
not sure if your lathe has the swing clearance but chuck those drums up in them and give them a cut, best way to have a smooth surface for mating in new brake shoes with out replacing the drums
Phil Hosier
Phil Hosier 21 dag geleden
Gregory 20 dagen geleden
Broken arm....
Chrissy Francis8
Chrissy Francis8 21 dag geleden
Hey, I know a guy that could clean those drums up, make them look like new.
Eger Viktor
Eger Viktor 21 dag geleden
Guten Tag.
Chrissy Francis8
Chrissy Francis8 21 dag geleden
@NickWelker is it just me, or are farm equipment prices gauged just like Prescriptions, gas & ANYTHING the Federal government(i.e., Pelosi’s $10k CODEL liquor tab)& Pentagon(anyone ever find the “missing 10 Trillion” exposed on 9/10/01?)buys?
Horizon Fence
Horizon Fence 21 dag geleden
I never knew Reese’s peanut butter cups made parts for trucks and tractors
Jim Maxson
Jim Maxson 21 dag geleden
Next time you have to change those airlines, get rid of plastic garbage. Go with regular rubber airline, they last you a lot longer and they don't get brittle in cold weather. I no longer use the plastic stuff on my truck.
Jesse Stoltzfus
Jesse Stoltzfus 21 dag geleden
Rubber air lines will be your best friend! No more brittle air lines snapping in cold weather!
John Douglas Dawson
John Douglas Dawson 21 dag geleden
Great video, Come on get moving and get them all tuned up Spring is just round the corner.
Blake Rasmussen
Blake Rasmussen 21 dag geleden
Your skid steer should have a bypass plug by the window washer hose and wiper wires. So you can take the door off when you need to get out with the boom up.
Christopher Kelley
Christopher Kelley 21 dag geleden
Hey dear brother I know you’re wise and smart and everything but I’ll please always remember to check the brakes and all that before you takeoff because like you said your brake light out on the dash didn’t work let you know that your brakes were on it’s a lot of money I know when you guys work really hard and I appreciate it because I eat what you guys make in everything and I’ve always had respect for gardeners and a planners and things and I love y’all God bless just to keep your head open
Mark Sinn
Mark Sinn 21 dag geleden
You can have all the new stuff but nothing will ever be as awesome as the fleet of Buds!!
Caboosz{NOR} 21 dag geleden
is it just me or is one of the rear tires on the Brute worn more on the inside than the other?
Dahlmasen 21 dag geleden
How is Scott’s arm doing?
Aston Mcleod
Aston Mcleod 21 dag geleden
The big bid brake repair, you got to have additional axle support.
Farmer Bill
Farmer Bill 21 dag geleden
I'm not a safety nut but a bottle jack on top of a jackstand? What could possibly go wrong with that? Best regards from Indiana.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 21 dag geleden
Bug buds, ROLL OUT!!!!!!!!!!
Bryan 21 dag geleden
I don't know about you guys, but I see prepping for spring planting and I get excited. Granted my farming experience is limited to a backyard garden I used to do as a kid with my dad, and playing farming simulator on xbox, but the two times of the year I get the most excited for is planting and harvest. I'm looking forward to the planting videos! And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground; Mark 4:26
Joe Fredette
Joe Fredette 21 dag geleden
You mentioned in a previous video this was going to be the most acres farmed in one year for your operation. Are you not doing any chem fallow this year?
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 21 dag geleden
What's up
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 21 dag geleden
Bryan 21 dag geleden
3:15, careful there, Bob, you just might get on a roll there.
Gerald Roth
Gerald Roth 21 dag geleden
You guys make awesome videos. Thanks for sharing
david didur
david didur 21 dag geleden
you guys are awesome!
Mathew Walworth
Mathew Walworth 21 dag geleden
I went through Shelby the other day I just got a quick question. On I-15 just outside of Shelby is that a prison with the fencing in the barbed wire on the top?
Wollsie 21 dag geleden
7:56 I physically recoiled at the transition. It was too clean.
brittfarms2018 21 dag geleden
I would recommend the rubber airlines...I have them on my semi and they are nice..they done get kinked,or wound up and they don't dry rot...I never liked the curled plastic lines..I think you would like the rubber lines
1936case 21 dag geleden
Those milwaukee impacts are awesome tools! We use them at work to take tires off of our road grader and our roller
Martin Rodriguez
Martin Rodriguez 21 dag geleden
I know you guys love the IH truck but for me, it would be a Pete with a cat all day long Just sayin
Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen 21 dag geleden
Why don’t you buy rubber air lines? More money but they don’t get brittle and break at a bad time!!
boer brabant
boer brabant 21 dag geleden
Wow best vid of the year allready so much (BUD) action
Farmnorway 21 dag geleden
How much did a Big Bud cost brand new?
Welker Farms
Welker Farms 21 dag geleden
I believe around $160,000, which in 1979 would be about $300,000 in today's money.
TheEpicDragonCat 21 dag geleden
Welker farms branching out! I hope you get a lot of barley, and not barely any barley XDD!!
Aston Mcleod
Aston Mcleod 21 dag geleden
Leg arms, should you have more supporting the truck not just the jack?
Geeves8612 22 dagen geleden
Sweet sweet Diesel music. The Big Buds are a thing of beauty!
LaShaye Pehrson
LaShaye Pehrson 22 dagen geleden
Pierre Perrin
Pierre Perrin 22 dagen geleden
is it a milwawkee 3/4 or 1/2 impact wrench ?
andban92 22 dagen geleden
19:50 Tell Scott to start to pump his biceps again cause you might take over his nick.
Olaf Schmidt
Olaf Schmidt 22 dagen geleden
Get up! Get up! Get busy! 😉 Thanx a lot for the video! 😊👍🏻
1decks 22 dagen geleden
Wouldn’t it be easy to put a sign in the cab of the big bud to remind people to make sure that the parking brake is off. Just saying.
Devin Edwards
Devin Edwards 22 dagen geleden
Could you like please NOT work on that thing while its on a jack? Please?
Plant the ENTIRE farm? Oh boy...
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