I just can't keep up!
21 uur geleden
Is it GO TIME?!
21 uur geleden
#SHORTS Plant 2021 has begun!
🔴LIVE! Shop Work! And Seeding?
Belly of the Beast
7 dagen geleden
Plant the ENTIRE farm? Oh boy...
The Fleet Awakens
21 dag geleden
Why we'll NEVER fire Leg Arms
Big MODS to the NEW Cleaner!
Joban_Batth1 13 uur geleden
How many acres do u own???
I am gru.
I am gru. 16 uur geleden
The map is big. But it’s small. Lol.
TDM 19 uur geleden
great video how many pounds per acre do you plant
Tom Farr
Tom Farr 21 uur geleden
Either was bad knock knock
Tylers Rural
Tylers Rural 22 uur geleden
what do you have in that truck😂🍗🍕🌞⛄️🌧
Andrew Shaw
Andrew Shaw Dag geleden
Was that a shot at MF about getting paid for using WD40?
iBelieve Dag geleden
mry82 Dag geleden
"A triangle is the strongest shape." Tell that to the guy that invented the arch! No sympathy! Just kidding, glad you are okay, and oh yeah, it depends! physics.stackexchange.com/questions/176140/are-circles-stronger-than-triangles
CALI Anderson
CALI Anderson Dag geleden
How much you selling that Honda for
slamet bawon
slamet bawon Dag geleden
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Bobby Pool
Bobby Pool Dag geleden
I like watching shop work.
Jippe Wielenga
Jippe Wielenga Dag geleden
Great idea!! I learned a lot. I think there are many people with such questions.
Uproot Farming
Uproot Farming Dag geleden
I wonder how long it took him to get where he is on youtube because ngl I really wish I was their on my homestead channel
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Dag geleden
Started in 2011 but most growth was the past 5 years.
Jeff Paggett
Jeff Paggett Dag geleden
Just a few rocks in that field.
3 Д
3 Д Dag geleden
Вот как НЕ надо ЕХАТЬ за самогоном
Ирг Ривьера
Ирг Ривьера Dag geleden
Сраный трактор
Gianni Di Francesco
Gianni Di Francesco Dag geleden
Yes rocket bins.
Kacey Naish
Kacey Naish Dag geleden
Keep up the hard work
Анатолий Екимов
Анатолий Екимов Dag geleden
хах в какой то глине что то ростят))) полюбому еще гмо))
Nathan Geisam
Nathan Geisam Dag geleden
Did you get the snow on Monday and Tuesday
Mister Hipster
Mister Hipster Dag geleden
Lazy guy I am, would have lag bolted to the wooden deck.
lobbyrobby Dag geleden
I've heard bad things about the pro1200. Have any of you guys had experience with them?
Donald Lukehart
Donald Lukehart Dag geleden
If only they had a large tire machine lol
matt phillips
matt phillips Dag geleden
want to see the ground you ripped last fall to see how well it mellowed out over winter
Lonnie Maynard
Lonnie Maynard Dag geleden
My dog will only go out between my feet also.
Angela Linderbaum
Angela Linderbaum Dag geleden
For top notch service and lights, get ahold of Kenny at Larsenlights.com. He has lights that will fit the Magnum properly, with good quality and prices.
hofer0915 Dag geleden
Don’t live far from you Nick! 170 miles straight east... got one big question.. I believe I noticed last year... Why don’t you guys use a seed treatment on your yellow peas?
Alper Karadoğan
Alper Karadoğan Dag geleden
Where is that place? Its too much flat
Matthew Monahan
Matthew Monahan Dag geleden
Love your Old Abe statue next to your computer.
Richard G
Richard G Dag geleden
Why do you plant peas when the ground and temp is still cold?
Welker Farms
Welker Farms Dag geleden
That is the beauty of peas, they don't mind the cold! So we can get a few thousand acres done before the ground is ready for wheat. And if you get peas in super early they will mature earlier and utilize the cooler spring/summer and rains to make higher yields. It is definitely a unique crop.
kp welderup
kp welderup Dag geleden
We have 2 of the tracked units at work, they both have bent booms on them just from normal dirt work, also the jcb you can't see if you are using forks at truck bed level.
Arthur Jennings
Arthur Jennings Dag geleden
Cinderella, Cinderella, day and night it's Cinderella, they keep me running 'round in circles and I'm gettin very dizzy, Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella ...
AL SPEERS Dag geleden
Freeking Wow,wow wow,Great work Welker boys as usual ,tip freeking top guys great video as usual, that big I H is a thing of mechanical beauty, noce rebuild and great video
Kenny Spry
Kenny Spry Dag geleden
I'm surprised that You didn't have to use Spacers between the Tank Support Bracket and the Trailer wear the Bolts go through to keep the Tank Brackets from Flexing or Bending also the Bolts from doing the same thing Awesome Video
Massimo Pecile
Massimo Pecile Dag geleden
Use grease on that shaft next time
Matt C
Matt C Dag geleden
Leg Arms hook Dr Demo Ranch up with your fire nozzle from your Bud sprayer. He's in need of your assistance
Terrry Burgett
Terrry Burgett Dag geleden
Mister Robert how old are your Big Buds
Nova Specter
Nova Specter Dag geleden
You keep that work up they might hire you around the farm
Terrry Burgett
Terrry Burgett Dag geleden
Everyone talks about how good of a fabricator leg arm is but your not bad your self Nick
gunga din
gunga din 2 dagen geleden
Killer work schedule.
Lucas Erickson
Lucas Erickson 2 dagen geleden
How is leg arms arm doing?
Viktor Tegelberg
Viktor Tegelberg 2 dagen geleden
Is it not meant to weld brackets on the trailer and then thread the stud bolt through and then secure the stud bolt with pins? 🧐
Pete James
Pete James 2 dagen geleden
Super job Nick cant wait to see working a talent man on what you do awsome job
Nikolai Townsend
Nikolai Townsend 2 dagen geleden
Legarms, you have the cutest kids!
DSM 247
DSM 247 2 dagen geleden
Have you ever sprayed/tried humic acid on any of the farmland?
Farma Hedvika Slatinky
Farma Hedvika Slatinky 2 dagen geleden
Ahoj chlapi ! Nejvyšší čas vyrazit do polí ! Přeji sezonu ještě lepší, než ta minulá .Zdraví Farma Hedvika Slatinky.
Hans de lange
Hans de lange 2 dagen geleden
Is it not a option to put a third tank on that trailer. Or do you need the room for other supplies
Doug Chapman
Doug Chapman 2 dagen geleden
You had all winter to get prepped ? Slacker 😂
Jonathen Sackman
Jonathen Sackman 2 dagen geleden
LSW's for the Magnum maybe?
Farmer Kid
Farmer Kid 2 dagen geleden
You should re-create one of your old videos
Payton Cobb
Payton Cobb 2 dagen geleden
Right north of you in Saskatchewan we’ve got 3 feet of snow on the ground still!
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw 2 dagen geleden
Great choice
Jason Hastings
Jason Hastings 2 dagen geleden
Did you ever make a spacer for the bags?
Jason Hastings
Jason Hastings 2 dagen geleden
Dude!!!!!!!!!!! Im 40yrs old and that wire spring thingy has to be the best thing since sliced bread!!!!
DarGaming379 2 dagen geleden
4:39 4:40 4:42 What is up with the rear axle when turning? I can see that set of duals move in and out depending on the direction of the turn
Alex Eve
Alex Eve 2 dagen geleden
I thought you guys were going to use the Minneapolis on an augur this year.